kindred hearts Friday Update June 21st 2019

Adi says i am not lying, Nisha is faking everything, kaka says Nisha is faking? its you who is faking. Kaka shows him photos of penthouse and says you are buying penthouse for her to throw her out of house? if Nisha didnt find these pictures then we wouldnt know what you were upto. Adi says i didnt buy this penthouse for myself, it was Nisha who wanted that penthouse, she asked me to buy it, she is lying it. Kaka says if you dont agree with it then i will show you more.

Kaka plays video in which Adi is saying to lawyer that everything will become after their wealth is divided and he gets his share. Kaki says what is this Adi? Adi says i was not talking about wealth share for myself, Nisha asked me to give her half of the wealth only then she will leave house, Nisha says why you are lying Adi? you told me that you want to take your wealth share and want to get separated from family, you even bought penthouse for yourself. Kaka says lawyer sent property division papers too, Adi says i didnt ask for it.

Nisha says why you are doing this Adi? our family lives together with so much love then why you want to get separated from them? Adi tries to argue but Kaki gets dizzy seeing all that and falls down. Adi says look at me Kaki, can you think i can do that? i cant even think about that, i am your son, will i do that with you? i am your son, read me that can i do that? Kaki says like every mother i thought that i know my son very well but today you proved my motherly love as a lie, you have made me lose faith in motherly love, in myself too.

I loved you more than my own son and you are asking to get separated from us? Adi shouts that i am not lying, Nisha is faking and lying like she does everytime, she is putting all blame on me. He says to kaka that Nisha deliberately ate sleeping pills to put blame on kaka and kaki. Adi says to Neha that Nisha made goons throw chemical mixed colors on you. Adi says to kaka that Nisha locked baba in car on road and left him on road, thank God Jhanvi found him. You know on Raj’s wedding day Nisha left baba near garbage can, this woman is a liar. Baba comes there and says Adi i know i cant memorize anything but that doesnt mean you can take advantage of me, Nisha never did anything bad with me, she never locked me anywhere, she never left me near any garbage can, infact she found me and brought me home, why you are putting false blames on her? Adi is shocked and hurt seeing Baba denying Adi’s words. Baba looks at Nisha who smirks at him.

Flashback shows Nisha coming to baba and says you got saved when you were able to get out of car but now be on my side because whom i want to hurt now from family will not be saved from me, baba gets scared that she might hurt other family member, flashback ends. Adi says only i know truth of this woman. Kaka slaps Adi across face and Nisha’s truth is that she broke her relation with her parents for us, she lives here like our daughter, she loves us like no one else, Adi you have told us your decision, now i will tell you my decision.

Kaka says to family that pack your bags, we are leaving, Nisha says where are you going? Kaka says dont stop us. Adi says to kaka that this is your house, you dotn go anywhere, if you are miffed with me then i will leave but you dont go anywhere, Adi begs to him and folds his hands pleading him to stop, Adi says to kaki that what you want will happen, he asks Raj to explain them, Raj says to kaka that let Adi explain. Kaka says i dont want to hear anything from Adi, you people always listen to me right? now listen to my decision. Kaka says to Adi that you wanted to divide wealth right? not division will happen for sure, Kaka points at kaki, Kaki cries and gives house keys to Nisha and says take care of this house and yourself, baba is tensed seeing her give house keys to Nisha.

Kaka takes baba from there, all family members go to pack luggage, Adi is nervous. Nisha smirks and says it was good plan to expose me but what did you get? hatred of family, Nisha says to Adi that i warned you so many time to not irritate me but you dont take my warnings seriously, lets see if your so called sincerity filled truth will win or my fake lie, she dangles house keys in Adi’s face, Adi is fuming in anger and helplessness, he clenches his fist.

Nisha says to Adi that lets see if your sincere truth is going to win or my fake lie, she dangles keys of house in face and leaves. Adi panics and sees Kaka leaving with family, Adi begs Kaka to not leave, kaka ignores him, Adi asks Raj to stop them but Raj ignores him too, all family members goes out of house with luggage, Adi cries and breakdowns. Nisha smirks and blows kiss towards Adi, Adi glares at her, Nisha shrugs, shows him house keys and leaves. Adi sees his empty house, family has left his house. Adi sees his and Nisha’s picture on staircase, he takes it off and throws it away in anger.

Adi comes in gazebo of house and falls on floor, he screams in pain and hits on floor, he cries. Otherside Nisha is laughing and showering money on her, lying on bed of money, mujhe
dedi saze plays as Adi cries.
In morning, Adi is sleeping on couch in office, he hears footsteps. He comes out of his cabin and sees Kaka and Raj leaving office. Adi stops kaka and folds his hands, he says please comeback home, you are miffed with me so i will leave house. Raj says listen to Adi once, kaka says you are taking his side? i used to be proud that brothers are always on one side but now you are taking his side to break this family? Jhanvi comes there and sees commotion.

Kaka says to Adi that you wanted wealth? you wanted property? you got it, Adi sits in his feet and says please comeback home, please believe me, Nisha is not like what she pretends like, from the time she has come in this house, she has been faking it, give me chance to bring her truth out, i bear her antics for many years as you chose her for me but what she did with baba last day, i couldnt bear that, kaka says enough, why you are lying just because you wanted to break relation with Nisha? you have got everything you wanted, i have given you wealth, property and house but you have lost your family, you would be alone now, kaka leaves. Adi cries and is in pain. Jhanvi sees all this.
Kaki wakes up from sleep and starts crying, Neha asks what happened? Kaki says i have seen bad dream about Adi, he has chosen wrong path but he is like my son, i am worried for him, what if anything happens to him? Neha says dont worry, dont take tension, Kaki says everything is destroyed, everything is falling apart, i have been separated from my son, she cries.
Jhanvi sees Adi standing in corner. Adi sees her and understands that she heard everything. Jhanvi comes to him and says i dont know what problem is but.. Adi says problem is that my family is breaking, i couldnt save my baba’s house, i have lost everything. Jhanvi says to Adi that you dont lose till you dont accept it, you love your family so much that you can give up anything for them and kaka can leave everything for his family, why you dont give up things which are making your family drift away from you? leave those things so that your family can be with you, Adi thinks about her suggestion and thanks her. Adi sees letter in her hand and asks what is this? she says nothing important, Adi leaves. Jhanvi looks at resignation letter in her hand.
Adi is driving his car and recalls Jhanvi’s words that if he gives up things which is making him lose his family then he wight get them back.
Otherside Jhanvi is sadly sitting in her garden. Maa says to Jhanvi that you didnt resign? Jhanvi says nothing is fine between Adi and his wife, i thought i would resign and would get rid of my feelings, when i think about my feelings, i feel so selfish, i know i have love for him in my heart but i have not forgotten my upbringing and values, i just want to help him and soothe his problems, Maa says what are you saying? Jhanvi says i wont become second woman in his life, i just know he has problems with his wife and i will help him out, i will take his pain away. Maa says you wont do it, its delusion, you have to stay away from Adi, its his family matter and you should remain away, this will hurt you only, you look strong but you are weak from inside and i wont let you do it, Jhanvi says i will do it, i am doing this as his friend, she takes resignation letter and tears it into pieces.

Nisha is drinking wine with her friends in hall of her house. She looks at Kaka and Kaki’s picture and says see what your good daughter in law is doing. She sees Kaki and Kaka’s picture on table and says they are not here so there picture should not be here too, she throws picture away on floor, Adi comes there and takes picture from floor, he glares at Nisha. He shouts who did this? Nisha says stop it, Adi says they are my kaka and kaki, its his house and you cant insult them like this, i wont allow it, you all get lost from here, Nisha says you are insulting them, they are my friends. Adi says insult? he raises hand on Nisha but doesnt slap her, he says what i want will happen now, he asks Nisha’s friends if they want to see more insult of Nisha? or leave? friends leave. Nisha asks what are you doing Adi? Adi says you kept threatening me using my family but now they are doing and i can to anything now. You know our problem is money so i have decided to donate all money to charity, Nisha is stunned and says what? Adi says i have brought lawyer with me, i have decided to charity all money, you know what? kaka has given all money to me, he has transferred all property in my name so i can do anything now with it, remember what you said? that you can use money, burn them and do anything with them once you get it right? now i will do justice, you have taken my everything for this money, you have taken my family away and i will do anything to bring them back and you will lose everything, now its upto you what you want to do. Adi calls Sameer and lawyer there and says lets start paperwork for charity while my wife takes her decision, Nisha says dont play tricks with me, you will lose, Adi says i dont care about losing or winning, i will do what i want. Adi says to Nisha that you have two choices, either bring my family back in this house or decide to live with me in some small house after doing charity of all money. Adi says to Nisha that you have till 9, take your decision till then otherwise i will charity money, you have already wasted 20minutes. Nisha leaves.
Nisha calls her mother and says go to shop near Kaka and Kaki’s new house and call me from there, go fast in half an hour, i will inform you about details later, she ends call and says now you will see Adi.
Adi is waiting for Nisha, Sameer says Nisha has done so many things to throw you family out of house so you think she will bring them back? Adi says she has to bring them back, now i just have to see what will do to bring them back.

Neha is serving dinner to kaka and kaki, Kaki says where is Raj? call him too and ask him to come home and have dinner with us, Neha says he has some work, he will come later. Neha serves food and suddenly stops serving, she freezes on spot looking at door, kaka asks what happened? where is your concentration? he turns to look at door too and is shocked to see scene.
Jhanvi shows her prayers to Maa and says i wrote all those prayers for Adi, i prayed for him all the time and now when i have chance to help then you asking me to move back? no i will not back out, i will help him, Maa says i never questioned your maturity but what you are doing right now is not mature, you will end up hurting, this is not right decision, you are wrong this time, Jhanvi looks on.