Kindred Hearts Friday Update 6 September, 2019


Kindred Hearts Friday Update 6 September, 2019

Arjun pushes Nisha, she falls down. Arjun suddenly gets dizzy and faints. Nisha sees him fell down to floor before he can hit her. Nisha comes to Arjun and sees him fainted, she calls out to him but he doesnt budge.
Doctor checks Kaki and says she is fine,he leaves. Kaki asks where is Arjun? Jia says she went to Nisha and talked to her, she calls Arjun but he is not picking up, Kaki says I am worried for him, Jia says he is smart in this birth, Kaki says I just know my Adi is with Nisha. Jia calls Babblu and asks if Arjun is with him? he says no, Jia ends call. Kaki says if Nisha knows that Arjun is Adi then she will do what she did first time, God save my Adi. Jia says I am going and will bring Arjun back. She leaves.

Doctor is checking Arjun. Arjun murmurs I wont repeat last birth’s mistake. Another doctor comes in. Nisha is there too in wardroom. Female doctor says he is blabbering about last birth. Nisha thinks if this Arjun was Adi in last birth? what if he tells them about my deeds of last birth? Female doctor says he is talking about last birth and it cant be useless talk, senior doctor says he just fainted, he is just blabbering without any solid ground. Doctor shows CT scan to Nisha and says he got shocked and had too much stress so he fainted, he can go in coma too, female doctor says nothing is damaged in his brain so he will be fine soon. Nisha nods and leaves.

Jia comes to Nisha’s house and doesnt find anyone there. She says where is Arjun? she recalls Kaki’s words that Nisha can harm Arjun again, she recalls Nisha killing Adi and says what if Nisha killed Arjun? no no..

Doctor leaves Arjun’s wardroom. Nisha is outside and thinks if Arjun is alive then Adi is alive and if Adi is alive then he wont let me live in peace, I wont get property then. She sees nurse and strikes with her, things fall from nurse’s hands, Nisha takes scissor and hides it, nurse takes other things and leaves. Nisha thinks if he Adi then he is useless, he wont get signs done on property papers, Adi’s place is in heaven not on earth, she smirks.

Nisha comes to Adi’s wardroom, Adi is lying on bed and unconscious.
Kaki and Chinni prays for Arjun and Jia’s safety. Nisha comes to Adi’s wardroom and is about to cut cords attached to machines but she hears noise and hides. Doctors come there and checks Arjun, senior doctor asks junior to keep checking him, they leave. Nisha comes out. Nurse comes there and says doctor is calling you. Nisha thinks that Arjun you became my enemy, I have to remove this blockage from my path now, she leaves.
Female doctor comes to Arjun and says you blabbered in fainted state but I believe it and I will find out truth behind it, you might feel pain but later my steps will benefit you.

Jia comes to Kaki and Chinni and says Arjun and Nisha are not at her home, what to do? Kaki says God will protect him.

Female doctor applies cords on Arjun’s head, and says lets find out who you were in last birth? Outside wardroom, Nisha thinks I will kill Arjun before he can tell doctors about his last birth. Nisha comes to Arjun’s room and finds female doctor, she hides from her and thinks what she is doing? Female doctor start machine on Arjun’s head and says you can hear me, I am your doctor friend, answer me questions, you enter in your past life.. Nisha thinks why she is behind Arjun’s past life? she will destroy my plan. Female doctor asks what he used to do in last life? Arjun says business, doctor asks what was your name? Arjun says Aditya Jindal, doctor asks who was in your family? Arjun recalls his wedding with Jhanvi and says Jhanvi.. he recalls their moments.. Nisha thinks what he spits out everything. Female doctor asks how he died? Arjun says mandir.. she asks what happened? Arjun says bullet.. Female says tell me more, who is Jhanvi? how you met her? Nisha is tensed hearing all that. Arjun breaths heavily.
Kaki, jia and Chinni prays for Arjun.
Arjun’s heartbeat increases. Senior doctor comes there and scolds female doctor, he says this is not lab experiment, female says if we can research on his past life then we can make his life better, doctor says how can he become fine with that? this is risky technique. Nisha hears all that and thinks this female doctor is useful for me.

Nisha sees female doctor checking Arjun. She thinks I will use this girl. She comes to female doctor and says I am impressed with your research, I want you to experiment on him,I will sponsor you but I want results what I want to be Dr. Priya. Priya says what you mean? Nisha says you can experiment on Arjun but results should be what I expect. Priya says we cant expect same results. Nisha says you can do any experiment on him, human have expectations, I want you to remove his memory, I want all memories gone from his mind, for that I will sponsor your research, I want you to fulfill them, deal? Priya smirks and says I accept your deal. She leaves. Nisha hugs Arjun and thinks now you will become Adi what I wanted to be.

Jia is on street and recalls how Arjun remembered everything,

Babblu says dont worry, we will find Arjun. Jia says I shouldnt have let Arjun go to Nisha. Babblu says dont worry, we will find him. Jia says you said Nisha’s driver your uncle? call him and ask. Babblu calls Nisha’s driver, driver says they are in hospital, Arjun fainted so Nisha brought him to hospital. Jia hears it and says I will leave.
Nisha sits on bed with Arjun and says I was afraid that you will get memory back and you will tell everything but good news is with this experiment, I will remove all your memories, he will do what Nisha says, he will listen to Nisha for everything, now I will make my Adi what I wanted. She hugs Adi and says Kaki is right, God has lateness but not darkness.
Jia is in car and says I hope Arjun is alright, dont know what Nisha must be doing with him.

Nisha makes unconscious Arjun sit on wheelchair, she dresses him in normal clothes and says when this experiment will start, you will start losing your memory. Nisha starts taking Arjun from his wardroom. She sees senior doctor standing in hallway and gets tensed. Priya busies senior doctor so Nisha slips away with Arjun. Priya says to senior doctor that I have work at home, can I go? he says okay, she thinks I dont want to be in this hospital. Priya starts leaving with Nisha and Arjun. Jia enters hospital. Nisha sees her and thinksif Jia sees me and Arjun then everything will be finished. Jia is not looking in Nisha’s direction. Nisha turns back and goes in corner. Priya says we have to leave. Nisha says we have to check danger too, she shows her Jia and says she is a journalist, she wants to cover Arjun’s story, she knows Arjun was Adi, she wants to sell that story and use my name to reach heights, my reputation is at stake, you will help me with this? Priya says you are sponsoring my research so I will help you. Priya says Nisha you leave from fire exit, I will leave with Arjun, you can meet me at parking area, Nisha says but? Priya says dont think too much, I will bring him. Nisha says okay and leaves. Priya takes off her coat,puts on Arjun’s wheelchair and starts leaving with Arjun
Jia asks Arjun’s wardroom from reception. Jia starts leaving to go wardroom. Priya passesby Jia with Arjun, her stethoscope falls on floor. Jia sees it and excuse me and says your stethoscope fell down. Priya thanks her, Jia doesnt see Arjun’s face and leaves. Priya leaves with Arjun.

Jia comes to Arjun’s room and doesnt find him there. Nurse says Arjun is missing, we are trying to find him. Jia thinks if Nisha got to know about me coming here? Jia calls driver and asks about Nisha, Driver says Nisha took car keys from me 10 minutes and left herself. Jia ends call and says Nisha must not have gone too far, she leaves.

Nisha and Priya brings unconscious Arjun to her house. Priya says I told you that I want a room where all medical equipment are there. Nisha says your room is ready as per your list, follow me. Nisha comes to a wall and removes her big wallphoto, behind is a door of lift. She shows it to Priya who smirks. They go in hidden lift.
Jia calls Chinni and says Arjun is not at hospital, I cant come home without him, Jia ends call. Driver calls Jia and says I came to Nisha’s house and found her car here, she is at home. Jia thanks him and ends call. She asks her driver to take her to Nisha’s house. Jia says I wont let anything happen to Arjun this time.

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