kindred heart Thursday Update 18th July 2019

In morning, Jhanvi comes to Baba. She is wearing nice colorful suit, Baba says someone is looking different today, you are looking really nice, you keep listening to me and keep making way, destination is not far away. Jhanvi asks what Adi.. likes in food.. I mean what you like in food? Baba says I like karela (bitter gourd) in food, Jhanvi thinks I cant make karela, she gulps. Baba laughs and says halwa puri, make that. Nisha hides behind door and hears them talking. She gets angry.

Jhanvi comes to Kaki and asks if I can cook in your kitchen? Kaki says sure, for whom you are cooking? Jhanvi says I want to make breakfast for kids, Neha says i am making breakfast for everyone, Jhanvi says let me make for kids, Kaki says okay go and cook. Baba comes to Kaki and says I have called breakfast from restaurant, dont make anything, Kaki nods and leaves. Nisha observes all this.

Jhanvi comes in kitchen and starts cooking. Baba comes there and asks what happened? Jhanvi says I dont know how to cook much, Baba says I will teach you, Jhanvi says thank you so much. Baba starts cooking with Jhanvi, she guides Jhanvi and she makes halwa first then they make puris. Baba says now you cook, I am leaving, he leaves. Adi comes in kitchen. Jhanvi is working in kitchen, her hands are filled with flour, she turns and strikes with Adi, her hands catch on Adi’s blazer and flour gets smeared all over his blazer, he looks at it and then at her. Jhanvi says i am so sorry, I will clean it, she tries to clean it, he says its okay, calm down, I will dry clean it, statue now. Jhanvi says its not my fault, Adi asks what she is doing in kitchen? Jhanvi says I was making food for kids, Adi says okay, I came to drink water, he takes jug and leaves.

Jhanvi comes out of kitchen, Baba says you have cooked food in this house for first time, serve food to God first. Jhanvi brings food in mandir and presents to Lord. Baba says I see daughter in law in you from now on, with the love with which you have cooked it, Adi will feel same love for you after eating it, Jhanvi touches his feet and takes his blessing. Nisha hears all this and fumes in anger.

Adi eats Jhanvi’s halwa puri and says to family that eat it, its very tasty, Baba says I agree. Neha says to Jhanvi that tell me recipe too, Baba thinks daughter in law of this house has cooked for first time here. Kaka says to Baba that dont order breakfast from restaurant now, food is really tasty Jhanvi. Nisha fumes in anger seeing all that.

At night, Jhanvi is at her home and recalls today’s moment, she smiles at that. Jhanvi is in her room. She reads Adi’s message “Jhanvi my feelings are changing for you, I feel you have same feelings for me, my feelings are more than just being your friend now I feel a lot for you, if you feel same then come and meet me at 1.” Jhanvi is confused. She says Adi have feelings for me too? Should I call him? or should
I go to meet him directly? He wants to meet me.

Jhanvi comes to Gazebo of Adi’s house, its decorated with lights and flowers. Adi comes there. Jhanvi is nicely dressed, they smile at each other, Janam Janam sath chalna yuhin plays. Adi opens champagne, he offers one glass to Jhanvi, they both drink it and lovingly smile at each other. Adi offers handkerchief to her, she holds it, they dance holding it, Adi waltz with her and twirls her around… it all turns out to Jhanvi’s dream, she laughs silly, she says Adi didnt come till now. She looks around Gazebo decorated.

Nisha comes there and says you were waiting for Adi? Jhanvi is confused to see her there. Nisha says Miss. Jhanvi Agarwal dont hide now, your truth has come out to me because for whom you have dressed and came running after seeing message, that messages were not sent by Adi but me, Adi is my husband and I am his wife, you are forgetting things like Baba, you have proved that you are middle class girl, you see handsome, rich and vulnerable boy and you run behind them like a bee chasing honey, you cant come inbetween me and Adi. Jhanvi says leave me. Nisha says why are you ashamed? you cant bear fingers pointing at your character? you are characterless, you know what? its my mistake, I should have thrown you out of Adi’s life before, I brought you in this house but thank God your truth has come out to me. Jhanvi says your thinking is cheap, yes I love Adi, true love, I didnt break your wedding, you broke it, there is no truth in your marriage, you have crossed all limits of this marriage. Nisha says why did come between me and Adi? Jhanvi says Adi has right to come out of this torturous wedding, he has right to live peaceful life, Nisha says really you are giving me this reason? you are a second woman in his life, Nisha says you are other woman in his life, you are nothing. Jhanvi says Adi was never yours, you never gave him what he deserved, you dont deserve him. Jhanvi says lets see who is going to win, my true love or you fake cheating ploys, she leaves. Nisha says no Adi cant be of someone else, Adi is mine and mine only.

Jhanvi is in her room, she says to Maa that Nisha got to know truth, she got to know my feelings for Adi, I am scared Maa, what if Nisha tells Adi everything and make Adi stay away from me? Maa says if you have stepped towards your love then dont move back, fight for it otherwise true love will lose to fake one, Jhanvi says you are right, my love is true and pure and nobody has right to question me.

At night, Adi comes in lounge. Adi sees heavy winds blowing and windows making noise, he goes to close them. Adi sees some silhouette behind window in Baba’s room and asks who is there? person runs away.


Jhanvi is working in kitchen, Nisha is glaring at her. Nisha brings out chemical that seems like acid, she is about to throw on her but door bell rings so she hides it. Raj goes to check on door, its inspector on door, all get tensed. Kaka says police here? Adi says someone entered in Baba’s room last night, I tried to catch that person but that person ranaway, that person came to hurt baba. Inspector asks if he has doubt on anyone? Adi says I have but I am not sure, inspector says I am keeping two constables at your house, they will provide security. Nisha is hiding acid bottle in her hand and its burning, she gets tensed. Adi says keep security tight, right Nisha? she nods and leaves. Kaka saus you didnt tell us about attack? Adi says I didnt want to worry you.

Adi is playing
with kids, Jhanvi comes there and plays with kids. Jhanvi gets call, she takes it and starts talking, she acts like she is happily talking to someone. Adi looks at her and keep smiling, she ends call. Jhanvi’s phone riongs again, she ignores it, Adi asks all okay? she says yes. Kids leave from there.
Kids come to Baba’s room and sees him calling Jhanvi constantly, he asks if they should call her here? he says no need.
Baba keeps calling Jhanvi, Adi asks who is it? she says no one, she turns away, her phone rings again, Adi tries to stealthily look at it, Jhanvi turns to take phone, she slips and falls in Adi’s arms, they share eyelock, Adi smiles at her, Jhanvi blushes and moves away, her saree gets stuck in Adi’s shirt, he tries to remove it but its stuck, Jhanvi moves closer and pulls it away, Adi is mesmerized by her. Kids come there and takes Jhanvi away, Adi tries to look in her phone but she comes there and takes it.

Jhanvi comes to Baba, Baba says Adi was worried about who is calling you? she nods, Baba says this means he cares and knows his right on you, he doesnt know that his love has right on you but he shows it indirectly, Jhanvi says but dont worry him too much now. Jhanvi turns to leave, Adi comes there and asks if she is leaving? Baba says she is going on dinner, Adi says really? she says yes, Adi asks with whom? Jhanvi says some friends and leave. Baba says to Adi that Jhanvi is behaving weirdly, you are her friend you should know whats up, you were her only friend till now, who is this new friend? Adi thinks and says I am coming. Adi comes to Jhanvi and says I will drop you, she says its not needed. Baba calls Jhanvi again to make Adi jealous. Adi says let me drop you, its going to rain, Jhanvi asks if he works in weather forecast organization? Adi says no I watch TV, lets go. Adi thinks that I will ask who she is going with in car, they leave. Nisha sees all this and says Jhanvi is trying to take my husband away so I will not spare her now, she got saved today but now I will not let her be saved. Nisha calls someone and gives some instructions that are muted.

Adi and Jhanvi are in car, Adi thinks how to ask who is calling her constantly, Jhanvi gets call again, Adi mutter damnit. Jhanvi takes call and says no.. no.. We will talk later, she ends call. Adi asks who was it? Jhanvi says it was Survi, Adi says it was Survi only, great. Adi asks Jhanvi where she is going for dinner? she says in Bandra, Adi says I am thinking that I should drop you there. Jhanvi says its not needed, my friends are coming, Adi nods but is not happy. Adi says call me when you reach home then, Jhanvi says I know you are worried about weather, I will be fine, I will take care of myself, Jhanvi gets call again, Adi snaps that tell that person you are coming, why so restless? Jhanvi says its Survi, She takes call.

Constable in Adi’s house, he is outside Baba’s room, he hears some noise and goes to check. Someone comes in Baba’s room and gives him injection while he is asleep, Baba tries to wake up but he falls unconscious.

Its raining heavily, Adi’s car breakdowns in middle of road. Jhanvi asks what happened? Adi says let me check. He says its not working, I will push car and you control steering wheel, she says I dont know it, Adi says just sit down, he makes her sit in car. Adi starts pushes car forward and asks Jhanvi to handle steering wheel, she says I dont know how, I cant do it, Adi holds Jhanvi’s hand on steering wheel and controls it while pushing broken car ahead. Jhanvi looks at him and gets lost in him,