kindred heart Saturday Update 20th July

Adi meets Jhanvi’s family and ask them to come inside, they go. Jhanvi says to Adi that I want to talk to you, Adi says we will talk later, come inside. Jhanvi nods and goes in party.
Kids bring cake for Adi, all smile. Adi says to family that on birthday, I want to share my decision with you all, I want to share my happiness with you all, after thinking, I realized, he looks at Jhanvi and says I never was able to stay away from you, I want to spend my life with you, I really love you, all are stunned. Jhanvi smiles and cant believe it. Adi takes Jhanvi’s hand, she smiles at him.. it all turns out to be Jhanvi’s dream and Adi has said all this to Nisha, Jhanvi is stunned as Adi confesses his love to Nisha, he hugs her. Survi sadly looks at her, Adi offers cake to
Jhanvi, Nisha says you must be happy that your friend is taking another chance with me and starting new life. Jhanvi eats cake in daze. Adi takes Nisha’s hand and dances with her happily, Nisha smirks at Jhanvi. baba asks Adi what is going on? Adi says me and Nisha have realized that we cant live without kids and I know Nisha loves me a lot, I am sure this time she is loyal, Nisha says if we are together then we dont need an outsider, Adi says this is big day, this family has got their daughter, daughter in law and mother and I have got my wife back, he pulls Nisha closer and asks guests to enjoy, Jhanvi is broken hearing it. Baba sadly looks at her.

Nisha is setting Adi’s collar, he hugs her, Jhanvi is hurt. Maa says we should go home, Baba says you should talk to Adi first, Jhanvi looks away from Maa and recalls her moments with Adi, she looks at Nisha who smirks at her. Jhanvi sees Adi going, she goes behind him.
Adi comes to his room, Jhanvi comes to him and says you and Nisha together is a joke right? Adi says no its not a joke, kids are getting in trouble because of all this, happiness are coming to my house so I want to give my marriage a chance, arent you happy? Jhanvi is pained but says I am happy with you, she turns to leave but Adi stops her and thanks her for coming, she leaves. Adi looks on.

Jhanvi comes in lounge, Nisha says to Jhanvi that you are an unwanted guest here, let me guess that this was your cheap tactic to trap my husband? you saw that you couldnt trap him today so now making face, Jhanvi glares at her and leaves.

Kaka says to Adi how can you give one more chance to Nisha? Kaki says you had to bear life for 8 years because of this woman, she put one innocent girl’s lifer at stake and put you in danger too, how can you support her? Adi says I have taken my decision and I want you all to support it, this is my life and my decisions so I will take them as i want, Kaka says are we outsiders to you? Nisha is just a criminal, Adi says I wont hear a word against Nisha, she is mother of my kids and my wife, I am giving another chance to my marriage, you all should be happy, Nisha will stay in this house with all rights and with respect. Baba gets ill hearing all that, he faints, Adi and Raj rushes to him, they take him to hospital.

Survi says to Maa that Jhanvi takes care of him so much and he broke her heart? how can he be happy by hurting her so much? Jhanvi looks on. Door bell rings, a guy brings tickets from traveling agency, Jhanvi checks it, guy says your tickets were ordered for one way only. Nisha comes there and says I have booked them, all look on. Traveling agent leaves, Nisha says you were about to trap my husband but I told you that I will throw you out of my husband’s life, I know you are shook, if you go to some psychiatrist in this city then my husband’s name will be tarnished so I think you should go to other city for mental treatment. Maa glares at her.