kindred heart Friday Update 19th July 2019

Adi starts pushes car forward and asks Jhanvi to handle steering wheel, she says I dont know how, I cant do it, Adi holds Jhanvi’s hand on steering wheel and controls it while pushing broken car ahead. Jhanvi looks at him and gets lost in him, Adi sees shed and says we might find something there, Jhanvi comes out. Adii and Jhanvi comes to shed. Jhanvi is about to slip, her foot gets stuck in mud, Adi bends down and brings out her foot. Jhanvi is about to fall down but she falls in Adi’s arms, they share eyelock, Jhanvi moves away.

Adi and Jhanvi comes in hut, its mechanic shop. Adi asks her to sit down, she does and says we should get paratha and tea, it would be so much fun, Adi smiles seeing her, Jhanvi says it was a joke, Adi says I know.. you know Jhanvi.. Jhanvi asks what?
he says nothing, Jhanvi says please tell, Adi says we are stuck in this isolated hut in this heavy rain alone and I wish.. Jhanvi says you wish? Adi says I wish.. he smiles at her and says I wish we would get a tea. Jhanvi is disappointed and says of course.

Adi goes to check for tea, Adi finds tea bags, Jhanvi says amazing, Adi finds milk powder, he says its definitely house, Jhanvi asks how we will make it? Adi says you search for it, I will be back, he leaves. Jhanvi finds battery there, she recalls how Adi used it to make noodles when they got stuck in office. She smiles and starts using it.

Baba wakes up and holds his hand, he is dizzy, he sees some silhouette outside room and says who is it? man runs away, Baba says dont know who it was, why my hand is paining.

Nisha decorates gazebo and brings cake there, she says Adi I will make your birthday, I want to fill your life with happiness, your life will have joy again. She is dressed nicely, she puts champagne on table and says where is he? he should have come till now, she calls him but his phone is not reachable, she says I hope he is okay, she recalls khow he went to drop Jhanvi, she says Adi went to drop to Jhanvi, is he.. no.. she calls Jhanvi but her phone is not reachable too, she is stunned and says it cant happen, they cant be together, stop overreacting Nisha, Adi didnt even see my surprise, there is time for me till he comes back, I should do something special, I will make pasta for him.

Adi comes to Jhanvi with pav, Jhanvi says i made tea, he asks how? she says someone suggested me to use steel with battery, Adi says i am impressed. Adi and Jhanvi drinks tea and eats pav. Jhanvi enjoys it but its spicy, she huffs, Adi finds water bottle and gives it to her, she drinks, he asks if she is fine? she nods and eats again. Adi smiles. Jhanvi turns away from him and blushes. Adi keeps smiling at her, Mahi bolna plays.

Nisha comes in kitchen, someone is watching her. Nisha makes pasta, she waits for Adi and doesnt see silhouette behind her, Nisha feels some movement and asks who is there? she doesnt find anyone, she says strange and leaves.

Nisha comes in gazebo and sees heavy rain has destroyed her cake and decorations, Nisha is shocked seeing it, she screams and cries seeing her hard work wasted and Adi not being back.

Jhanvi and Adi lights mechanic shop, Jhanvi makes pastry from pav and offers it to Adi, he says you remembered? she says ofcourse, cut cake, he cuts cake, she sings happy birthday, he makes her eat it and eats too, he thanks her, Jhanvi says it was not sweet, Adi says no it was sweet, you have brought so much happiness in my life that i feel this pav is sweet for me too, I havent celebrated my birthday in years but I am happy today because its my birthday and you are with me, they say we should spend this day with important people, he holds her shoulder and says you are important in my life, you are very special to me. Jhanvi is mesmerized by his words.

Adi says to Jhanvi that you are very special to me, Jhanvi is mesmerized by him, Adi says I wish I.. he stops, they hear thunderstorm, Adi says seems like rain has stopped, hopefull car will start, we should leave. He takes pav cake and leaves, Jhanvi smiles.

Nisha is waiting for Adi sitting in garden and freezing, she cries. Adi arrives there, Nisha wipes her tears and runs to him, she brings him to gazebo and says I will sing and wish you birthday, she plays guitar poorly and sings happy birthday, she I wont bore you more, he I planned surprise for you, I made paste for you but it got stale, everything was fine but rain destroyed everything, I know you are upset with me but I want to change everything, I have promised to give our marriage another chance, we are together for births,
we will fulfill it, she tries to hug him but Adi shouts what you think? we dont have relation for births, one relation with you is enough for me, you and me are nothing, our mentality doesnt meet, you are in this house because of kids, stay away from me, I feel filthy when you come near me, I have no interest in you or your surprise, he leaves. Nisha says I baked cake for you Adi, Nisha sees Jhanvi smiling at her, she gets angry and throws away cake imagining Jhanvi there, she says jhanvi i hate you.

Adi comes in lounge, he is going upstairs. Mysterious person is in Baba’s room while Baba is asleep. Person fills injection and is about to give it to baba but Adi comes there so he hides. Adi sees Baba sleeping peacefully and is about to leave but he sees silhouette of someone in his room, he tries to go to him but person runs away. Adi runs behind that man. He shouts who is it? He sees Nisha coming out of her room, he thinks if Nisha was in her room then who was in Baba’s room? Constable comes there, Adi asks him to go outside Baba’s room, Kaki asks what happened? Adi says someone was in Baba’s room again. Raj comes there, Kaki asks what was he doing here? Raj says I came to drink water, Neha says but there was jug in our room, Raj says I didnt see it. Adi looks on.

Jhanvi is smiling and recalling her night with Adi, how they celebrated his birthday, she is lost in his thoughts and when Survi comes there and smirks at her. Jhanvi says say it.. Survi sings and teases her, Jhanvi says shut up, Survi says whats the news about your love? jhanvi says nothing.

Baba says to Adi that i am fine, what happened tonight? you went to drop Jhanvi and didnt comeback soon, what happened? You should have spent your birthday by dating, Adi laughs and says I want to tell you something, I celebrated my birthday in special way after so much time.

jhanvi says to Survi that Adi held my hand and wanted to say something but before he could.. Survi says thunderstorm came and he stopped, it always happen in movies, Adi couldnt say his heart thing but you can say it, tomorrow is good day and you have chance so say it, jhanvi thinks tomorrow I will confess my love to him.

Baba says to Adi that jhanvi has made hatred go away from your life, she has made you feel happiness, its her magic, she is very nice and i think you both are made for each other. Adi says its selfish to think like that, I havent been divorced and i have two kids, Jhanvi is very young and I have too much baggage in life. Baba says its not your fault, Jhanvi is mature girl, she will handle all your baggage, think about it, adi thinks and says you go to sleep, ohe starts leaving but is in thoughts. Baba thinks If I could, I would tell you how much she loves you and she doesnt care that you are married and have kids but she said she will confess her love herself. Adi recalls his sweets moments with Jhanvi, he thinks Jhanvi is special for me but does she feel same for me? he smiles thinking about it.

Nisha comes to Adi in morning and says Baba is ill. Adi runs to lounge and sees Baba having fun with family, Nisha comes there and says Adi I wanted to surprise you on your birthday, be happy. Adi says shut up, Nisha says its your birthday, be happy. All family members wish birthday to Adi, Adi asks Baba where is my gift? Baba says you will get it in evening, Kaka says it seems special gift, Baba says It will make Adi happy for life, kids ask him to tell now, you will forget, Baba says no I wont forget, he shows bracelet Jhanvi gave him and says this is with me to remind me, Adi smiles seeing bracelet, Nisha rolls her eyes.

Adi calls Jhanvi and says this party is for close family and friends so I want you to come with Maa and Survi, will you come? She says I will come, Adi says I want to talk something too, I think this is good day to say it, Jhanvi blushes and asks what should I gift you? Adi says you.. I mean if you are with me then I dont need gift, Survi and Maa are hearing Jhanvi talking to him, Adi says you are precious to me, I will wait for you, he ends call. Jhanvi blushes, Survi asks what special should we wear, she hugs Jhanvi, they all smile broadly.

AT night, Adi is ready for party. Jhanvi comes wearing nice dress. Adi says you came late, I was waiting for you. Jhanvi gives him gift and wishes him birthday, she says I want to say something, Adi says I want to say something too, lets cut cake first. Adi cuts cake while Jhanvi sings for him, Adi feeds her cake and eats himself too. Adi smiles at her. Spotlight falls on them, Adi offers his hand to her, Bolna plays as Jhanvi takes his hand, they start slow dancing, jhanvi says I love you, Adi says me too.. it all turns out to be jhanvi’s dream, she is still in her room, Jhanvi says to Survi, how will I say it to him? Survi says you have to get ready to go to party first, jhanvi says fine, I am getting ready, she smiles. Jhanvi sees crystal ball which she took to gift it to Adi.

Jhanvi’s family comes in party, Baba welcomes them. Baba says to Jhanvi that I hope you came prepared, I pray that your wishes get fulfilled. Jhanvi sees Adi coming downstairs, they smile at each other.