June 24th Monday Update on King of hearts

Sid rushing in his car in search of Roshni. Raj calls him and asks if he found Roshni. Sid says no and says because of his mistake he will lose Roshni forever. Raj asks him to calm down and don’t lose hope. Sid says he met DD and she was arrogant and clearly told Roshni herself wants to go away from him.

Roshni meets her NGO kids and emotionally asks them to take care of themselves. Kids ask why is she telling as if she will not meet them again. She asks them to go inside and tells senior boy to take care of kids and himself. He asks if she will not come back again. Roshni gets back into car and asks driver to take her to international airport. Sid reaches there and NGO kid informs that Roshni went to international airport. Sid rushes towards airport, calls Raj and asks him to get him flight ticket and passport immediately to airport. Raj agrees and asks him not to worry. He calls his employee and asks him to get ticket and passport immediately to airport.

Sid reaches airport and requests receptionist to tell where roshni is traveling. Receptionist says she cannot reveal personal info of any passenger. He requests airport crew member to tell and says his wife is angry on him and is leaving. Even he says he cannot help him. Raj reaches there, calls minister and gives phone to crew member. Crew member checks list and says Roshni is going to London.

Sid rushes to London flight lobby and start searching her. Though she is sitting at a distance, he does not see her. He asks receptionist to tell if Roshni boarded flight. She says everyone boarded except Roshni. Sid asks her to let him check flight once. She says he cannot as he does not have ticket of that flight. Roshni on the other side is with DD and asks her why did she brought her before checking in.

DD says Sid came in search of her, so she does not want her to find him. Sid comes out searching her, but he does not see her again even though she is just at a 5-6 fee distance. DD tells she does not Sid to ruin her life again, so she has made other arrangements and gets her into car. Sid shouts Roshni’s name. She gets emotionl hearing it and sees him standing just in front of him, but he does not look at her and continues shouting..

Roshni’s car leaves, leaving Sid teary eyed and devastated searching for her. Rabba….song…plays in the background…He sits on ground and starts crying vigorously and shouting Roshni (surprised nobody arrested him for creating a drama at International airport)….

Some time has passed. Sid is shown in DD’s house in a new avatar with blazer and businessman look. He gets into his room an starts speaking to Roshni’s pics that he is missing her and sees her everywhere. He continues to reminisce their happier days and gets emotional. He says he said lies so that he could unite her and her mom, but now everyone has united except him and he is alone now.

Raj coming to Sid’s room. Sid asks why did he come there. He says he wanted to spend time with his beta and bahu. Sid says because of him, he is suffering by staying here alone without Simran. Raj says his son is his first priorty and asks if he thinks he will find Roshni soon. Sid gets emotional and says he does not know, but he is trying his best to find her and wakes up each day with a new hope. Raj also gets sad seeing his son sad and leaves.

DD’s house’s door bell rings. Naani asks Pratima to open door. DD also comes out. Naani acts as getting heartburn and asks DD to go and get her medicine. Once DD goes in, Pratima goes and receives courier. Naani checks a letter from Sid for Roshni in it and hides it in cupboard. Pratima says hope we could send at least 1 letter to Roshni. Naani says her daughter is very egoistic and does not want Roshni and Sid to unite. Pratima asks Naani how can a husband and wife be away from each other for such a long time. DD calls Pratima and she leaves. Naani prays god to unite Roshni and Sid.

Sid’s employee informs Sid that Roshni is in Thailand. Sid asks where in Thailand. Employee says does not know exact address and boasts that DD was thinking herself as very intelligent, but she is not. Sid asks him to mind his tongue as DD is his saas. Raj saks Sid to be courageous. DD on the other hand meets her lawyer and tells she will inform Roshni. While traveling in car, DD thinks Sid should not know that Roshni is in Bangkok with Yash Mehra. Sid asks employee to find out more details about Roshni.

Roshni is seen with Yash. Yash asks if he is looking good or very good. She says good. He says he is flirting with her. She says how cheesy and asks him to go to work now. He says he did not know he he stayed without her.

Simran (dumb agony aunt) scolds Rajveer for making loss in business. Rajveer says Sid is spending a lot nowadays by hiring agencies to find Roshni. Simran (dumb aunt) thinks 6 months is a long time to search someone, she will have to ask Sid to stop now.

Roshni starts shooting for a TV channel. Yash starts staring at her. She asks what is he looking at and tells him about his today’s schedule. He says she has taken over his life in such short span and she is more than his wife now. She says he told him twice since morning and says she is happy being his executive assistant. Once Yash leaves, she reminisces how she came to Bangkok and met Yash and how Yash as a friend took care of her. She thinks Yash took her out of her sorrows and kept her out from remember Sid.

Raj asks Sid to wait till the evening to till their employee brings Roshni’s info and goes out to get his mobile. Roshni is shown in a TV show, but Sid does not look at her.