Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 9 June 2021


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 9 June 2021

jalal is in thoughts when jodha comes. Jalal ask why are you here, i didnt call you. she says i came to return a bracelet ..Saying that she was returning him his gift that he had given her to wear at the jashn .. Because jalal had despised her presence there ….and she was uninvited there.

Jalal remembers how he gifted to her and says good you returned in it, jalal looks up and says you are looking beautiful. Jodha is confused then looks back where benazir is standing, she comes forward and says thanks for gifting me this outfit, jalal says you liked it? She nods, he says our special tailor stiched it. Benazir looks at jodha and says i should leave as your wife is here, jalal says her work is done, he says i have one thing for you and gives her the bangle. Jodha is digusted, benazir wears it on foot, jalal ask jodha do you any work? Why are you standing, jodha leaves angrly, benazir says she seems very special wife of yours, your eyes were only set on her and it didnt happened earlier that when benazir is standing man looks at other women. Jalal leaves angirly. benazir is in bath tub, she ask zakira that he honored me to sit beside him, gave me gift, nobody felt bad but jodha did, zakira says she is his wife, benazir says it never happened that when i am standing man looks at other women, benazir says i use to kill people with my beauty but he is very subtle, his eyes are very much deep, zakira ask whether you started loving him? Benazir says when i sat beside him i thought its not bad to become special for him, zakira ask whether you are dreaming to become begum.

jodha is in her room and thinks how jalal asked her to go from jashn, and what happened in his room. Moti comes and ask her to come inside as its cold, jodha shouts he asked me go from jashn, then in his room, infront of her he asked me to go away, this much insult, moti ask whose was in jalal’s room? Jodha says same who sat beside him in jashn, moti ask what was she doing in his room at night, jodha says how do i know, what you think i keep a watch who is in his room, that night he was saying many things to me and today i think of it what he is doing, moti says maybe you have misunderstood him. Jodha says you keep taking his side just go. Moti leaves.

Scene 6
In morning, Next morning jodha is praying to jagdamba .. Singing New bhajan .. Ram dhanu hears her singing and is very impressed …He too goes there and sings with her .. Both sing together “jai ho jagadamba jag tarini …”Jodha touches his feet seeks his blessings, He praises her singing .. Jodha then tells him she had received music lessons from her guru, Ram dhanu is praises her guru. He advises her never to quit her singing .. That she has a beautiful voice ..Raam then tells her he is leaving agra hence had come to visit ambe maa mandir. Jodha then asks her when will he going to return .. He denies coming to agra ever again as he had no interest in singing in mughul court. Jodha praises his voice and wishes that his fame spread all over hindustaan ..raam then wonders if he should be happy that jodha was mughul begum or be sad about it

Scene 7
Jalal is practicing sword, benazir comes and says i got lost seeing you practice, jalal says i am lost from the day i have seen you, he ask you have interest in sword fighting, she says my eyes are enough for that, jalal says true but maybe you will need it someday, he ask servant to bring dress in which jodha practice. Benazir smirks, he says you will practice with me, one soldier eyes benazir and says i want one night with her, benazir comes in same white dress, jalal make her hold sword and set her position by grabbing him from back, jodha comes from behind and says jalal must have asked her to wear my dress, they start practicing, jalal looks at jodha and looses his balance, benazir notices it, jalal says you know sword fighting, she says yes but my eyes are enough, jalal agrees, she ask him to come to her room. Jalal nods, jodha listens it and leaves angirly. Jalal keep looking at her leaving, benazir says seem you were making me learn sword fighting only to make jodha see it, jalal says no its not like that, i think you no need learning and your eyes are enough, he leaves. Benazir says never saw person who ignores me for other women. in court jalal says raam is leaving and all ladies will give him gifts. He ask servant to present him gold , raam says i respect you but you have disappointed me, what will these coins teaches me. Raam refuses them by saying he is insulting his talent by weighing his skill with gold and silver and insulting him. Jalal again ask him to take, he says these coins are also in my state but i dont need it, jalal says but i will not let leave you before taking it, raam ask to cut his head then, jodha gets up and gifts him om locket. Raam readily praises that gift and accepts it gracefully, Jalal is furious he demands to know the reason for this as its also gold,Raam replies that Jodha had given him the symbol of music, the entire world in the letter OUM which was in the locket she had gifted him. Jalal says your thinking is great, raam says your wife has also great thinking. Jalal pouts, he ask raam to present song before leaving, raam denies saying i cant sing on your order, singing is natural thing so it doesnt come on orders. Jalal says one day i will win you and you will sing for me. Raam says you are a king can win states lands but not my singing, like you pray to your god, i pray to my singing, so tell me can you win god? He greets and leaves.
Jodha is in bath tub,moti says raam accepted only your gift, jodha says singers like gifts related to singing but all jalal can think is about money, winning, coins. moti sent all out and says if he doesnt have heart then why would he give you bansuri and peacock feather. Jodha says he made benazir sit beside him and also gave my bangle to her, moti says if he would have have asked permission from you then you would allow him? She ask whether she have problem with benazir or benazir being closed to jalal? Jodha turns her face. Moti ask whether you have started to show your rights as a wife? Jodha ask her to shut up. Moti says i understand you well, if you think of something all the time then this means you have started to show rights over it. Jodha ask moti to leave. She leaves.

Resham is dancing like benazir who is under effects of benazir maham comes to her room they discuss how jodha was jealous of benazir how benazir was causing rift between jodha n jalal. Resham informs about how benazir was preparing for the night to be spent with jalal, Maham is very happy to hear that she rewards resham, Maham wants to see the jealousy on Jodha’s face and She vows to make jodha feel insulted and humiliated before the entire court

Scene 3
jodha is with pigeons and remembers jalal’s closeness with benazir. Benazir comes there, greets jodha who ask what you want to say? Benazir says i have no right to wear your dress but jalal asked me, i am here to give it back, jodha says you can keep it and you have no problem wearing my thrown things, benazir says i have no problem and show her that bangle, benazir ask will you mind it, but jalal gave me, jodha says he is king can gift anything to any dasi. Benazir says maybe wife doesnt like dasi sitting with jalal, may you will fight, jodha says its our personal matter. Benazir informs her that jalal has called her tonight, jodha says see these pigeons, when jalal thinks he make one eat but that doesnt mean pigeon will think high of him, she leaves. Benazir says to zakira that i have got whats inside jodha, it is to see whether jalal has made pigeon(benazir) eat or pigeon has made jalal eat.

Scene 4
In prison sharif wakes up Adham.. Who wants to sleep and rest, Sharif ask adham to make plans of escaping this prison but adham says there is no way out of this place , sharif tells him his mother could help them but she is not interested as she is more interested in jalal, Adham calls sharif coward, Adham then tells him his mother would surely find a way out.
Maham is crying thinking of adham and says i miss you alot, you might think i am not doing anything but when i will get a chance i will free you, jalal comes, maham cries so jalal consoles her and ask you are crying for adham? Maham says yes i am a mother, i was proud seeing him as malwa minister and now he is in jail but that doesnt mean that i will shy away from my duties, i have ordered to beat him but mother inside me cries for him. Maham thinks plan is working, jalal says i will order that you can meet adham anytime, jalal ask why these tears now, maham says for you, you think of everybody’s happiness, jodha 1st called you then insulted you, jalal says i dont wanna talk about it but i will take revenge of my insult.

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