Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 6 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 6 October 2021

Salim says what if I wont be able to meet you again? Anarkali says you said that you have to tell me something important and you will not deal with guilt of telling

me that, you will definitely come to complete this incomplete meeting, I am sure nothing will happen to you, Salim smiles and starts leaving, he turns and looks at her, Anarkali thinks I don’t know who are you, if this is last meeting of ours even then I wont be able to forget this meeting ever, Salim thinks that tomorrow I will be on war with world but I will return from it for you only, Anarkali thinks that I don’t I feel this is not our last meeting, SAlim thinks you will be the last person I would want to see before dying, Anarkali thinks that our story will go very far and will become story for others, SAlim says bye, Anarkali says please say that we will meet again, I will wait fro you Qutub, Salim nods and leaves, Anarkali prays to God to protect SAlim, he is going to protect love of someone else.

Scene 2
Bhagwan says to Jalal that place of marriage is changed, I got message from tribe king. It will happen in mandir. Jalal says ok.
Jalal is sitting in his room with groom dress infront of him, Jodha comes there and see him like this, she says shagun and everyone is ready to go for marriage, she sit beside him and says shagun is ready, Jalal says I know, Jodha says I am worrying when SAlim will get to know about it he will come to oppose you,

Jalal says I know but I promise I wont let anything happen to your son, I will fulfill duty as father and as king both, I will fulfill promise of marrying Bela too, if I wanted I would have finished that tribe but not every problem’s solution is raising sword, sometime person have to bow head to walk with high head later, I will handle SAlim, this nikah will happen and SAlim wont be informed about it, Jodha says I know its all difficult for you, I pray to lord that you get strength, Jalal says you are with me that’s my strength, I want this matter to end soon, I don’t want SAlim to get involved in all this, he is going to be king, I don’t want him to waste time in stupid things like this, Jodha says I think you are right, this is the solution, she leaves.

Scene 3
Jalal along with his family comes to venue for marriage, tribe king welcomes them, Hamida says we have come to do ritual with to be bride, Bela comes there, Hamida gives her shagun, Jodha helps Hamida. Jodha says to Bela that I didn’t see you before but I knew this suit will look good on you and see how much beautiful you are looking, Bela greets them, Jodha says to bela that you must be happy with this marriage, Bela’s mother answer that yes she is, Bela is in tension, Joda notices it, Jodha says to queen that I have to talk to bela, actually I have to tell her rules and regulations of palace before marriage, she takes Bela from there.

Jodha ask Bela that you said you are happy with marriage then why this sadness on face? whats the matter, tell me, why you are so sad, Bela starts crying and says Marium Zamani.. she falls in Jodha’s feet and says only you can save me, I don’t want to marry Jalal, Jodha says then why did you say yes when Jalal asked you, Bela says because I was forced, flashback shows how Bela said to her mother that she will not marry Jalal and will marry Farhan only, her father comes there and says we wll decide whom you will marry, you have nko right to say no to Jalal, if you say no to Jalal then we will kill Farhan, Bela says no don’t do this, I will marry anyone but don’t do anything to Farhan, king says now said right thing, we are thinking about your future only, you will become queen of India and our position will be raised too. fb ends, Bela says to Jodha that save me, I don’t want to marry, please save me else I will die, Jodha consoles her and thinks.
Jodha tells Jala everything, Jalal says what? when Adahma wanted to marry a girl, I issued a statement that nobody can be forced for marriage and now that king forced his daughter, here I ma following their rules and he made fun of my rules, he played with me, Jdoha ask what you are going to do? Jalal laughs and says that a king tried to make me lose but he forgot that ultimate is king me, I had one condition that I will marry Bele only if she agrees to marriage and that king accepted that condition, here I am sticking to my tongue but he broke my rule so now I am not tied to my promise, he lied to me, tried to cheat me, now he will be punished, Jodha says now this marriage will not happen? Jalal says no this maariage will happen.

Scene 5
Maan comes to jalal and says Salim is nowhere to be seen, Bhagwan says that we have prepared to stop him without hurting him, Jalal says but he is my son, he will find a way to stop this marriage and this marriage has to happen at any cost, Salim can take a wrong step so we have to find him and stop him.
otherside Salim wear war suit and get ready for fight, Qutub comes there and says please stop, there is still time, Salim says to not stop him, I have decided, Qutub says ok I will come with my friend, SAlim says this is my war, I will fight alone, thanks for being at my side, Qutub ask what can I help you? salim says give message to Farhan that meet at river side, I will bring Bela there, this marriage will happen. otherside Jalal says that this marriage will happen but Nikah will be of Farhan and Bela. all are stunned.

Jalal says to his ministers that I will pretend infront of Bela’s father that I am doing this nikah but nikah will be done by Farhan, betrayal will be answered by betrayal only, once nikah is done then I will see that king, first we have to find SAlim, he ask Rahim to go and find Farhan, he can do any mistake in anger,i don’t want him to destroy my plan, till then I will meet Farhan and tell him that he will do nikah, Haidar listens all this and says that if Farhan get married to Bela then Salim and Jalal will become one and I wont let that happen.
Jalal comes to Farhan, he is tensed and falls in Jalal’s feet saying that I am at fault not Salim, give punishment to me, Jalal says you will get punished, punishment to love and your punishment is that you will marry Bela, Farhan is stunned, Jalal says I got to know that Bela is forced to marry me and you both love each other and I don’t wann come inbetween your love, please come to venue for marriage, Farhan is in tears, Jalal wipes his tears and says you are going to be groom so no tears but smile, Farhan says thanks Jalal, Jalal leaves, Haidar comes there. he greets FArhan, Farhan says Jalal s going to get me married to Bela, Haidar says wont you hug me? Farhan hugs him, Haidar grabs him, Farhan ask him to leave, Haidar says if I leave you then I will leave chance, he pins her back against dagger like thing and injures him, Haidar says if you get married then my dreams will be shattered, Salim and Jalal would become one, I wont let Jalal hug his son like he took right from me to hug my father, Farhan falls on ground, haidar says you are dead Farhan, my father would have got peace by your death, greet my father and tell him that I am taking revenge for his death, soon I will send Jalal to my father too, he pray for Farhan that I hope you get love in next life, he closes his eyes.

Scene 2
Jalal comes in marriage venue, all greets him, Rahim says to Jalal that Salim couldn’t be find, Jalal says I don’t want him to come here and create drama, tribe king greets Jalal and ask you are not ready for marriage? Jalal says there is time in marriage.
in jungle, Salim thinks that I wont let this marriage, I will find a way to bring Bela out of venue.
tribe king says to Jalal that we want to do devi pooja before marriage, Jalal agrees.
Salim comes to venue of marriage ad hides behind bushes, he stealthily tries to go inside, otherside Pooja starts inside,

Maan ask soldiers to be alert, Salim can come here at anytime, Salim is about to go inside but Qutub comes there, Salim ask why you came here? i asked you to bring Farhan, Qutub tells him everything about Farhan being killed. Pooja ends. Bela comes there for marriage, she sits for marriage, tribe king ask Jalal to sit for marriage, Jalal thinks where is Farhan? he says wait for a while, Salim comes there with Farhan’s dead body on his shoulder, all are stunned to see him, he puts Farhan’s body on floor and angrily looks at jalal, Bela is shocked and comes to see Farhan, she ask Farhan to get up, to talk to her, she says I accepted to marry Jalal so that you can live but you can do this with me, you cant leave me, tribe king ask Bela what you are doing? your would be husband Jalal is here, Bela ask who are you? he says I am your father, she says no, you are not, a father can go to any length for his child’s happiness vbut for your greed you destroyed my life, if you were my father then you wouldn’t have forced me to marry Jalal, Jalal looks at tribe king, you wouldn’t have finished my love, this all wouldn’t have happened, Bela ask Jalal to return Farhan’s life, Salim says this king jalal can do anything, he can kill anyone for his ego but cant give life to anyone, if he can give Farhan’s life back then I beg to him too, he sit on ground and say oh great king, please give my friend’s life back, he came in your ego so you finished him, I want him back, you killed him, Jalal says I didn’t kill him, Salim says wow, what a answer, after killing my friend you are denying it, one side you claim to love jodha and otherside you killed a person for loving a girl, I have not seen love in you, I have seen only cruelty in you , you only know how to behead people and even then you want to prove that you have love in you then make Bela and Farhan one, Jalal says I wanted them to become one only, Salim says you can do anything, Farhan went against you so he got killed, the person who can attack his son for his ego so he can kill common soldier easily, you killed him to get Bela? Jalal says this is not the reason, Salim says I only know that you killed my friend and I will take revenge for that, he brings out his sword, Jalal is hurt

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