Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 4 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 4 March 2020

Jodha’s mother ask Jodha about her adventure yesterday by withdraw diya in river, but she saw reflection of Jalah instead of Suryaban. Her sister say Jodha didn’t see Suryaban, but her mother scold her.

She left in anger, but Jodha try stopping her regarding the bangles. Jodha promise she’ll wear them on her special day.

Next day,

Countryard kids’ playing with sword. Jodha stood on the balcony recalling her past moments with Sujamala. Both of them fighting with sword, but Jodha face cover and Sujamala eyes covered with blind fold. Once fight is over Jodha amaze how her brother is focused while being blind fold and Sujamala share his inner passion of faith and trust. She admit to herself only after father only Sujamala can take care of her. She mentally wondering about him and he’s sitting with some Rajaput eating dinner and hope he’ll get help grabbing Amjer, but the Rajaput deine after knowing about Jodha’s marriage. He leave in anger.

Next day,

Raja Suryaban is welcoming in Ajmer. Spy of Jalah limping is way to give Jalah some news, but he’s caught by Suryaban. He return the holy book drop by the spy. Spy cursing himself mentally and his luck. He began predicting the future of Suryaban afterward Suryaban give him some coins and those coins got him caught.

Jalah shown taken his entry Jodha’s palace… Hearing chats of Suryaban name echoed. Jodha and her maid with her family seeing entering the balcony. Jodha happy to see her sister Sukanya, but nobody can see her pain. Jalah saw Jodha on the balcony and observing the event in detail.

Jodha’s father announce Jodha’s marriage news with Suryaban… but Jalah doesn’t display any reaction, but Jodha look shock. She try mentally cracking the riddle “who she saw reflecting in the water” Jalah smirk.

Engagement annocement being made and Suryaban also add his part of news saying he wanted to gift his soon tone wife. Jalah saw his spy and his condition. Everyone burning with shock, but Jalah burning with anger after hearing Suryaban. Jodha’s father annoce death of spy, but Jalah eyes have different spark.

everyone gathering in the Amer palace , a man ready to cut Abdul’s throat , Jalal ( on disguise ) ready to attack with his knife out .
Suddenly Jodha’s voice is heard ” Stop ‘
Everyone stared at upstairs , Jalal hid his knife back’.

Jodha came running down from upstairs’Minavati follwed her’every one startled .
Jodha said that they shouldn’t kill a disabled man . It’s against the honor of Rajput’s .
Suryabhan gave her full support n it was decided that Abdul would be put to Jail .
Jodha said that their true enemy is Jalaluddin Mohammad only .
Suryabhan made an announcement that he would bring the head of Jalal as a gift to his wife Jodha .
Jalal said in his mind that Suryabhan would be punished for this by losing his own life . He looked happy .

Scene shifted ‘ Jodha sitting beside a fountain’thinking about whose face he has seen inside the reflection at the day of Gangaur .
Sukanya came n said sorry very sweetly about her behavior in the last few days .
She added that she knew that Jodha n her mother would found an groom for her even better than Suryabhan .
She hugged Jodha n started teasing her about her being queen of Bhanpur in a few days .
Jodha told Sukanya that the reflection of the man he saw in the water was not Raja Suryabhan .
Sukanya tried to lighten her mood .

Scene shifted ‘ Jalal sitting on a sweetshop . The owner of the place seemed to be a pretty brainless guy’during their conversation Jalal quite efficiently found out where’s the Amer Jail .

Scene shifted- Jodha’s brother n Suryabhan were having some light moments’.some dance performances by court girls are going on’but Suryabhan’s thoughts are completely occupied by Jodha’s thoughts’seeing that Jodha’s brothers teased him .
Suryabhan daydreamed that Jodha has come to him’.he was about to kiss her when he realized that it was one of the girls performing dance , he dismissed her .
Surya said that he was only seeing Jodha’s face everywhere , thinking about her all the time .

Scene shifted ‘ Jodha n Suryabhan actually met while going somewhere n Jodha blushed , Surya very happy . They entered the royal court together as Raja Bharmal had called them both together .
Jodha corrected some mistakes in the portrait of Bharmal that was being drawn then .
Bharmal said he wants Suryabhan n Jodha to visit the Jail of Amer n give sweets , clothes n other things to the prisnors so that the would be couple could get the blessings of every one .
Bhagwan das wanted to accompany them as it’d really late for them to return home .
But Suryabhan said that from then on Jodha is his responsibility .

Scene shifted- Bairam Khan badly scolded n then burned the eyes of one of Jalal’s faithful men ( it’s the man who killed the snake for Jalal the other day ) .
Mamhamanga entered n saw everything , she tried to warn Bairam Khan of it’s outcome .
A war of words between them followed’where each claimed that they’ve more power over influencing Jalal . Mahamanga was there to visit Jalal .
Scene shifted ‘ Deep of night it was , Jalal reached Amer jail , he killed one of the guards there n took his dresses .

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