Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 29 September 2021


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 29 September 2021

Soul talk- Jodha says relation is between two people and children builds building of that relation, our relation was of love and SAlim was proof of our love. Jalal’s soul says that you are right, SAlim was our lovely child and he had to become hero of nation, but this I had hope that he will return to Agra following my order, all had hope. Jodha’s soul says that for all it was 7 years but for me every day was a year, I used to watch gate to hope for Salim’s return, I didn’t know that how Salim looks like, but I knew that he became warrior.

Jalal comes to Jodha in room and says I sent Salim many messages to return but he never returned, Jodha says he was in learning, Jalal says that’s why I didn’t force him otherwise who can say no to my order, Jdha says I didn’t have any latter of his to have patience seeing it only, Jalal says its all over now, Salim will return from the same gate form where he left, Maan tell me about his abilities, I am happy that he is going to be great king now, jodha says you are happy, Jodha says ask me, I have everything, power, position, wealth but to ask about my son, I have to come to you, she says I know that you also keep looking at this gate to see your son back, Jalal says I never waited for my son but india’s next king, who will take my place, who will be king of everyone, who will be son and father of whole nation, I want to see him as great king like me, he should be like loin, whose hit right target everytime.

Scene 2
someone attack a isolated place, soldier says that some betrayer has come, catch him, Salim rises from water and start hitting soldiers there with his arrows, he ask his companion Farhan are you fine? he says yes prince Salim, Salim has anger in his eyes, Salim says I am not prince but only SAlim, today too I don’t use position given by my father, he is surrounded by other army, he starts hitting them with rope, he beats them alone, Farhan smiles at him, they hug each other.
Jodha says what about heart? Jalal says yes he shouldn’t have heart like me, he should have only thirst for win, Jodha says you wanna make him heartless? Jalal says yes like I used to be, he recalls how he killed people at young age saying that I don’t have heart and warriors doesn’t have heart.

Salim is attack by one more soldier, he tries to attack on his heart, Salim holds his arm and says I wish you had chosen some other place to attack me, I could have forgiven you but you tried to attack on my heart, everything in this world can be mend again but this heart.. years back my parents broke it, from that time I have kept it safe, I wont let anyone else to break it, I am not that warrior who doesn’t have heart, I am that warrior who don’t let anyone to attack their heart, he beats the soldier.
Jalal says to Jodha that I made people afraid by just my name, my enemies used to have fear of me, he recalls how he use to behead people in young age, he smiles remembering that, how he killed a king and asked his soldiers to take his head to his state and tell them to see in his eyes the fear of Jalal.
Mughal soldiers come to Salim, Salim ask them to take these soldier and don’t let them know that he was killed like this, tell them that he fought greatly and killed 12 enemies and then he got martyred, don’t let his kids see his face as they will see fear in his eyes and they will lose respect then.
Jalal says to Jodha that I hope that my son will rule nation and everyone.
Farhan ask Salim what you want? you win every war but you don’t try to take place in books, Salim says what will I do by making place in books, my father has made place in books too but I don’t want that, I want to rule hearts not lands, specially that one heart who beats for me, I am only Salim not prince Salim. Salim sit on his horse and leaves from there.
Jodha says what kind of time was that when you didn’t have heart, Jalal says but now I have heart and the part of that heart is returning.
some soldier jokes that Daniyal is still same, he is fat, Jalal will have to make his throne big, they laugh, one prince comes there and says dare you call my brother fat, he puts dagger on their neck, soldier says we were just talking, other prince comes there and says you called Daniyal fat, he says I am sorry, prince says leave from here, hope that Salim returns otherwise I will kill you.
Jodha’s soul says that human can give birth but cant dictate children of what to think, Salim had completely different personality from Jalal, a new chapter was going to open with Salim’s return, he made two nations but he was going to break his own house, history’s great story was going to unfold.
Farhan ask SAlim what will you say to Maan? Salim thinks.

Maan ask SAlim what kind of attack was that? you went to their place and attacked them, Salim says this war was going to continue for years, many soldiers would have died, I finished it, and I hope that your king must be happy with this, Maan says your life is valuable, Salim says every soldier’s life have same value and I am happy that I went to enemies place, you must be happy that I saved soldiers of your king, Maan says he is your father, Jalal has sent order to call you back, he said that your learning is finished, Salim says Jalal sent orders many times, and I denied everytime to come, tell them this time too that I am not returning, heleaves, Maan says you have to go back this time as you cant say no to the one who has come to take you back.
Salim says to Farhan that I am not going back Agra this time too, I have decided to nevr go there, he comes in his tent and get stunned to see Hamida there, he greets her and smiles, Hamida kisses his forehead and looks at him, she says I am seeing my heart piece after 7 years, she says you promised me that you will be with me but I listened that you don’t want to return to Agra, you don’t want to follow my order, Salim ask how are you? Hamida says I didn’t think that Salim would become so good person, your parents are proud of you, Jalal used to think that you are returning as your are busy learning here but I know that you are angry with them, I have come to take you back, Salim says I am sorry but I cant return, I have to leanr more, Hamida says so you are denying to your grandmother, its fine, she says all need support in old age but I think I have to return without my support, Salim says you will go back to Agra but with your support, Hamida hugs him.
Jodha’s soul says that for Jalal, Salim was his life, Jalal thinking have Salim only but Salim had totally different thinking.

All family members are waiting on gate to receive Salim, Salim enters the palace, Jodha waits anxiously to see him, all chant for Salim, Ruks smiles seeing him, Salim looks at palace, he recalls how he left this palace 7 years back, he then see Jodha and Jalal then Ruks, he gets down from his horse, Jodha imagines her kid Salim who runs to her and hugs saying I cameback ammijaan, she kisses his cheek, Jodha gets out of her dream and look at young Salim, Hamida ask Salim to meet his mother, Salim looks at Jodha then at Ruks, he approaches them and goes to Jodha, he slightly smiles at her, ruks is confused, Salim touches Jodha’s feet, Jodha gets emotional and does his aarti, Jodha says I cant tell you how much happy I am that you first came to me, Salim says I didn’t came to mother but to Marium Zamani, you have highest position in saltanat so as heir I had to come to you first as formality, he looks at Ruks and says ammijaan, he goes to her, Jodha is hurt, Ruks kisses his forehead and says my child, how are you, I cant tell you how much happy I am to see you back, Salim starts to leaves, Jalal says stop shaikhu baba, Jalal says I want to see what you had learn in all these years, I want to see if all what I have listened about you is true or not, Jalal gives sword to Salim, Jodha says what are you doing, he just returned, Jalal says nobody will come inbetween us today now, not even you, Jalal takes out his sword and ask Salim are you ready, Salim nods

Scene 3
Salim and jalal start the sword fighting, Salim falls on ground by Jalal’s attack but he gets up and fights with Jalal, Jalal is overpowering Salim, Salim angrily looks at Jalal, he dodge his attacks and defend himself, he then overpower jalal and injures his hand, Jalal”s hand bleeds, Salim says I wanted to attack your chest but forgive me, I forgot that you have heart there. Jalal smiles and says very nice, now you talked like a son of king Jalal, today by injuring me you proves that nobody can hit you in war, I am happy to see your new avatar, whatever I listened about you was right, Salim smiles, all chant for Salim, Jalal smiles.
in night, Salim is standing on terrace, other princes come there, he greets Salim, Salim looks at them and says there used to be 4 kids with me, now there is 3, where is fourth one, one prince ask tell me who is not here? Salim says I maybe away from palace but I know everything about here, I have listened that Murad is aggressive person, still he kills innocent pigeons, [prince says I promise I never killed pigeon after you left, Murad ask Daniyal to tell Salim, Daniyal says he is right, Salim says I would accept this only if haidar agree to this too, Murad says Qutub tell Salim that I didn’t kill pigeon, Salim says so Haidar is missing from here, you are Murad, Qutub and Daniyal, they smile, he hugs them.

Scene 4
Salim come in his room, he start getting anxious, he feels dizzy, and throws things here and there, he breaths high, and takes out his does of opium, he intake opium and falls on bed, Salim says everything changed but only this addiction of opium didn’t change.

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