Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 26 August 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 26 August 2020

Wednesday Jodha Akbar  Update 26 August 2020: dagger hits jalal and he falls on ground, it turns out to be atgah in disguise of jalal, atgah tries to see adham’s face.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 25 August 2020

jalal gets to know from one soldier that atgah has gone to jungle in disguise of you, jalal says what? jalal gets the flashback of how atgah told jalal that someone wants to meet him in jungle but he thinks that something is wrong, atgah says to jalal that you wont go there, instead I will go and see whats the matter, jalal says but your life will be in danger, atgah says I will be more than happy to die for you, I wont be able to bear if something happens to you, jalal hugs atgah, jalal says but you wont go there alone, fb ends, jalal says I told him to not go then why did he go.
adham’s friend says to him that we should run from here, don’t know to whom javeda has told about you, they run from there.
atgah and javeda in injured state are brought to palace, jodha calls doctor, jodha ask dasi to take javeda to her room, jalal takes atgah to his room.
Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 26 August 2020

atgah is conscious, jalal says to his wife that I never allowed atgah to put his life in danger, I am angry on him, wife says that I was worried when I saw him in your clothes, I asked him but he said its about jalal’s security, atgah says I know you are angry on me, you can punish me but I cant forget the promise that I have to protect you even if I lose my life, jalal says are you happy to have got injured like this, never put your life in danger from now on, atgah says I am a soldier and you say that injuries are soldier’s reward, whenever any crises come on you, it has to go through me, it has to fight with me, I pray in my prayers that you always remain safe, jalal says and you know pray in my prayers that my close and my own people always remain with me, I have very few people whom I can trust and I cant lose them, doctor comes and checks atgah, adham friend listens their convo.

adham drinks wine and says maham is right, I am a fool, I cant complete one plan, its all because of atgah that jalal gets saved everytime, he is my real enemy, he comes in my every plan, if I want to kill jalal then I have to remove atgah from my way 1st.

jalal comes to javeda, jalal says javeda went to jungle to stop me from going there, this means she knows something but she is in shock and is not conscious, doctor says she will be able to say till morning only, ruks says I don’t know where is adham, his wife is injured and he is not here, where is he from evening, dasi was telling me that adham was scolding javeda earlier, jodha says maybe he went to other state, jalal says I have to find something and goes from there. jalal comes maan and ask him to find about adham.

maham is in jail, she says I did wrong, I was so wrong to always think about jalal, I kept my attention to jalal and ignored my own son, I did wrong, I became lusty for money that I forgot my duties to my son, she imagines small jalal crying fro her and has blood on his face, maham says jalal called me, he is in problem, maybe adham is going to kill jalal, I have to stop him, he cant do this, she ask soldier to let her meet her son but he doesn’t respond to her.


in morning, atgah comes to his office and starts doing his work, he says to soldiers that adham’s state has many corruption, in palace, adham comes there on horse with sword on his hand, soldiers try to stop him but he fights with all soldiers of palace, jalal is sleeping in his room. soldiers tells atgah that todar was right, adham did corruption, atgah’s wife comes and ask him to take the rest but atgah says I will check this corruption, then I will comes. atgah is busy in his work when adham comes there with his sword, he pushes atgah and says you are the one who always came in my way to kill jalal, you are my biggest enemy, you doesn’t let me get the throne, I wont leave you today, last night, you got saved but not now, atgah falls on ground and prays to god, adham ask are you praying fro your life, atgah says no I pray that jalal always remain safe from devils like you, adham says don’t worry jalal will soon come to you he kills atgah with his sword.

Adam goes out of the room after attacking adka. Adka is covered with blood.
Adham comes out with his sword grunting jalal’s name. he attacks all the soldier in the way. Adka stands up holding the door. a pal of adka comes. Adka says don’t try to save me go to jalal save him.

he says go from dig behind maha manga’s castle you will reach faster that way. you have to inform jalal. you have to reach there before adham. Some on adham’s men see him going but they say he isn’t our target let him go.

jalal is sleeping in his room.
The man goes to jalal and says save yourself. Adham khan is coming to kill you with his sword. jalal stands up and holds his sword. The man tells him he has killed adka. Jalal grunts in anger, adham khan. Adhma comes to the palace and says come out jalal where are you ? Jodha, hamida and everyone come and ask what is going on ? The soldiers stop them and say you are not allowed to go out. They se adham coming. Jalal comes out with sword. Adham says I have broken all your protections. I have sent adka khan to hell. A fight starts between them. jalal gets attacked a few time but then he is successful in beating down adham. Todar mal asks are you okay ? jalal says yeah I am fine but he won’t be fine any more.

maham says to the soldier let me go. I have to go to jalal and tell him his life is in danger. take me to shahenshah. The soldiers contemplate what to do.
Jalal says I could have killed you for attacking me you have been fed by the same woman. I could pardon you for attacking me but you killed my adka khan and for that you have even horrible punishment than death. He asks his soldier to throw him off the building. He says if he s still alive bring him up and throw him again. Jodha says what is he doing ? I have to stop jalal. hamida says no jodha. Jalal kicks adham and he falls down. he asks his men is he alive ? A soldier says yes. jalal says bring him up and throw him again. jalal says you know adham why are you not dead at once ? because the list of your sins is so long and until you don’t feel the pain fro each of your sin death won’t even accept you. he throws his again. jalal asks is he still alive ? The soldier says yes. jalal says bring him up. Jalal says you have taken advantages of your powers every time. This pain is for the mom you took advantage of, for the wife you never took care of. jalal asks him men to throw him again by his head.
The soldier asks all the ladies to go in. jalal takes up adham and says I want everyone to see what happens to the man who kills my close people.
jalal says today you murdered my brother, you killed my bari ammi. your hands are bleeding with this blood. maybe my upcoming generations won’t remember me and consider me evil for this but I don’t care. because a king treats traitors like this. If I would have pardoned you I would never have paronded myself. because I owe milk to your mom I can’t forgive you for that. I can’t forgive you for killing my adka. I don’t care if I will never be able to face bari ami. this death has shown what happens to people who betray me.

in a flashback, Jalal says after adham’s death new pat of our life has started.
jodha says a lot of time has gone but we still talk like this. jalal says out love is eternal.

Salima says how will I tell javeda about all this. I think javeda knew about all this that’s why she tried to save jalal. jalal says she will get all the facilities like before.
hamdia says we have to inform maham about this. she has the right to know that her son is not in this world anymore. I know no one else will dare to do this but you jalal.

maham says to the soldiers I want to meet jalal. please let me go. I have to tell him somethings in person. Shahenshah’s life is in danger. Let me go please. The soldiers open the jail. maham runs to go to jalal. the soldiers follow her. maham comes in front of jalal. She is shocked to see him covered with blood.
maham says oh God. This blood ? jalal are you injured ? Are you okay ? jalal is quite. I was coming to you. ther are so many bad things going in my brain.

You are here, where is adham ? is he okay ? jalal says he committed a severe sin fro which I have punished him. Maham says you did good. he should be kept in detention. he wanted everything that you ever had. Either it be the childhood toys or your crown. he is stupid. he doesn’t get things. I was so proud of him. It made him that bad but you know all of it wasn’t his mistake it was mine. I never gave him attention. I always gave importance to you. I was my responsibility but I should have given him time as well. don’t think about me. think about javeda. She will die if something happens to adham.

Jalal says he killed my adka sahib. Maham says Oh God. he has gone mad he has given you so much pain. its better that you punished him. he deserves punishment. You must have beaten him. You did right. but the blood on your body tells me you have hit him so hard. my breaths are going on, keep me in detention I will face everything but please forgive adham. jalal hugs her. maham says you are the king you have all the power. pardon adham please. If something happens to him I will die. suddenly she see javeda coming out in a white dress. Maham is shocked. She is too bewildered to say anything. Maham grasps jalal’s collar and looks at the blood. She touches the blood and says adham.. She faints. Jalal holds her. Some servants come and take her in.

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