Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 22 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 22 April 2020

maham says i have, as i follow the same religion, you are educated,

 know religion very well so your work is to make jalal see the right path but not to cut his path, you cant betray jalal, if there is difference of thoughts then solve it, you all agree that jalal is shadow of god, i know him he loves god very much but he is a human, so he can do mistake and your work is to correct his mistakes not to turn faces away, you are distancing yourself by doing this, we all are because of jalal, because of jalal islam spread in india, i had to come in front because i have to answer god, priest says common man are with us so jalal have to answer today.

Ruks is worried whether messenger reached jalal, hoshiyar informs that jalal came here and there is anarchy outside.
Outside, jalal says i will your questions, i still believe in one god, offer namaz, give zakat then where i didnt follow islam tell me? Priest says applying style of different religion is sin in our religion, going to mandir and bowing head down is sin, jalal says one question, remember you prayed on my first birthday priest says yes i prayed for you in mandir,

jalal says so my head bowed down from then, religion is followed by heart not by place, only one god lives in my heart, jalal ask shall we go inside, priest says your heart is clear but reason behind all this is jodha , if she wouldnt go to mandir you didnt went with her also, now the solution is that jodha have to accept islam as her religion, maham says its a sensitive matter, it is not the right time or place to decide the solution, give us one day to discuss, jalal agrees and says i will announce in special court tomorrow .jodha is stunned.

Scene 4
adham is furious and ask maham why she took side of jalal when all priest were against him, he could’ve lost the throne, maham says i love you very much but i cant deny loving jalal, i want to see you as king but not by throwing jalal from it, he has given us both too much, you are minister of state and i chief minister only because of him, we would only be servants if jalal wasnt there and whats the guarantee that if priests take the throne from jalal, they will give it to you?

You cant do anything like a king, if you do things like a king only then you will deserve the throne, i will want to see you as king only when you will deserve it, the truth is that you are just angry ball who can brust any minute, nothing more than that, adham raises his hand on her but stops, maham says if jalal were in your place he couldnt have forgot that i am his bari ami but you raised hand on me, just leave my sight, adham goes away.

In court, sharif comes and ask jalal you called me here? Jalal in anger says if they were not priests thats why they are alive, they pointed at my love for my god which nobody did before, this is the insult of all mughal kings, i only want to know who told them this?

Sharif says i also dont know, but the only solution they suggested is either jodha accepts islam or leave agra, jalal gets very angry n says what did u say? then shrif says that i dint said it, it was the priest who said it and says i believe you, you will always do in favour of our religion, one thing is that your order is my command, jalal says question is who told this news to priests, adka says i will present that culprit dont worry, adham thinks who is this new enemy of jalal?


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