Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 20 May 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 20 May 2020

Moti ask jodha what she is thinking? Jodha says nothing, i am just tired. Moti says hamida is best mother in law, jodha says but her son.. What you think is he a good human? Didnt you see what he did in meena bazar, he was saying over the top words for benazir. Moti says so what you are not affected as you always say.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 19 May 2020

Jalal says to salima that i will peacefully after many days, salima says seem you enjoyed meena bazar, jalal says yes it has difficult colors, salima leaves saying good night, jalal is thinking and says that it was fun seeing jealousy in jodha’s eyes for which i had to be biased, i am partial just to see you burning.

Scene 2
maham says to ruks that its not good that hamida favors jodha that much, she gave her ancestor’s necklace to her not you, ruks says that because she knows i have no interest in jewels, maham says but the way she was praising jodha after that nobody can stop jodha to become special queen, ruks says just shut up i have no fear of jodha, maham says i am your well wisher, i dont want somebody to between you and jalal and that too a rajvanshi queen, your relation is in danger, think. Maham leaves, hoshiyar ask ruks to sleep, she says i am not feeling sleep. Hoshiyar ask her to not ponder over maham’s words, jodha has fallen down in jalal’s eyes, today hamida saved her otherwise same would have happened like in raam tanu jashn. Ruks says no actually hamida thinks that i cant give heir so she has hopes with jodha. Hoshiyar ask whether you will this to jalal? Ruks says for that maham is enough as she has to take revenge from jodha for her son.

Other side jodha says to moti that jalal unnecessarily says good words for benazir. Moti says no she is beautiful and has brain, she knows painting, sword fighting. Jodha get irritated and says are you her friend? Moti ask this much irritation? Jodha says dont you think jalal was biased giving her kohinoor diamond but it doesnt matter to me, moti says it matters as he had given her diamond but hamida gave you ancestor’s necklace do you know the meaning of this? Jodha ask her to not think much and go sleep. Jodha lies on bed and thinks how he had given benazir diamond. Jodha gets up and thinks what happening with me. All day he keeps irritating me and in night.

Scene 3
benazir is looking at kohinoor and says he didnt give it to any of his begum but to me that means i am special, zakira says but there is long way to go to get what you want. Benazir says but i have made place in his mind, zakira says if he thought you are special he would have come in your room that day, maham comes and ask benazir not to be so happy with one diamond, we have to make jodha go away from jalal. Benazir ask how?

Scene 4
maham comes to jalal and says i beared when my one son was sentenced to jail but i cant see your insult. Jalal ask who insulted me? Maham says jodha made fun of you by showing that cradle, she made fun of you being not father, she pointed finger at your manliness. She says i have a doubt maybe she is taking revenge for her fiancee’s death from. She hates me thats ok but you are her husband how she can do this to you. You used benazir to jealous but she.. She pointed finger at your manliness. Jalal says you are right , i have to stop her and i will. Maham thinks whether jodha take advantage of hamida’s favor but i will definitely take advantage of jalal.

Scene 5
in morning, atga says to jalal that you should look at rajvanshis, jalal thinks right one rajvanshi is disturbing me. He looks at jodha coming and ask atga that i will talk later. Jodha comes and says i want to give you something, jalal says what you gave yesterday wasnt that enough? Jodha comes form the back she tries to open his palm , Jalal turns and sees her with a angry face , She says I am coming for temple and I saw you sitting here so thought of offering you this prasad , I know you are angry on me but why become angry on this prasad , He takes that prasad like a bugged kid, jodha ask now tell me what you didnt like yesterday?. Jalal says your yesterday slap has hit my soul, jodha ask what?

Jalal says what you think that i dont understand your intention behind giving that cradle, you taunted me that i cant give heir to sultanat, jodha says because that cradle hamida gave me necklace and you are thinking this way, jalal ask what do you mean i am thinking wrong, jodha says yes and benazir has painted you and sell it off, and you gifted her so you have thinking problem. Jalal says oh so you have problem with benazir? Jodha says not me everybody is talking about your closness. Jalal says i took stand for you, always supported you but you made fun of me, my manliness, as a husband i have rights on you so you have thinking problem not me, just go. Jodha is about to say something but jalal ask her to not, jodha goes away.


Scene 6
moti tells jodha that some women was selling cream for beauty but i didnt take it for you as you are already beautiful, jodha says but yesterday you were saying that benazir is beautiful. Jodha then talks about banazir and her beauty, moti ask her to think about jalal not benazir, jodha says you are right, i think my way may had given him wrong sign but my behavior with him is not right, then she thinks of apologizing to jalal for her undue behaviour .. That he might have misunderstood her, Moti advises her that she should think and worry about jala and not think of Benazir .. Jodha says she wanted to talk to jalal but he was not in mood to hear her out. Moti advises to try again .. Jodha gives it a thought

rahim is taking jodha with him. Jodha ask him to slow down as shawl which bharmal has sent her will get dirty, rahim runs while jodha tries to catch him, he comes to jalal who looks at jodha and says i thought you called me alone. He says you both know how to fly kite so let me learn it, jodha says its very cold, go inside. He says when jalal can sit outside i also can.

Jalal laughs and says salima will scold him, servant comes and says salima has called rahim, he goes unwillingly. Jodha says to jalal its really cold here. He nods. She says bharmal has sent me this shawl, jalal likes it. jodha comes behind him and gifts him a beautiful shawl … She smiles and says she was thinking of what to gift him and came up with this idea of shawl as its cold, Jalal likes her shawl very much . Thanks her .. He then says he was wondering what to gift Benazir in this winter .

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