Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 19 August 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 19 August 2020

Wednesday Jodha Akbar  Update 19 August 2020: Atifa is going somewhere at night her husband stops her right there. She is scared first but some soldiers come to protect her. She smiles. She says its time for prayer and leaves. Her husband is helpless. he leaves ferocious.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 18 August 2020

jodha is out in dark. jalal, hamida and everyone is praying. Jala says give me what I wish for. Atifa says give me what I want lord. Atifa’s husband says make me successful in my mission.
hamida says please keep jalal and jodha happy God. jodha recalls hamida saying this night all the prayers get accepted. God listens to all the ones that are in trouble. jodha says there is nothing evil in my heart. You don’t even know what you have done wrong. This is wrong to punish you for nothing. pardon shahenshah for his mistake. She starts chanting his name inside the dungeon. Khaibar says yesss, yess jodha. he is crying. Jodha says yes I am jodha you got to know my name. I am here to set you at large. Jodha tries to take the first grill and throws in a rope. She says hold it pull yourself up. Before the prayers get over he has to run. He says hurry up, come one. Khaibar hauls himself our. He looks at the sky and laughs with joy. Jodha says no one comprehends you no one loves you. Khaibar run away from here. Go that far that no one can reach you. Wherever you go pray for my husband.

Jodha Akbar Update 19 August 2020

whatever happens my husband will the greatest man ever for me. she says that men are coming here run away. He stands firm and touches jodha’s face. Joha pushes his hand away and says go khaibar. He wanders forwards and turns back to look at her.

odha recalls jalal saying you used my power against me. yes I love atifa. My mistake was that I loved you. I gave you everything but I think you are not of that worth. Jodha says when jalal doesn’t love me any more there is nothing to live for. I will jump in the well and kill myself. She is about to jump khaibar stops her. she says leave me why you saved me ? Jodha says there are two more lives attached with me I can’t kill them before coming in this world. Tears stream down her face. Khaibar swipes her tears. Jodha says what are you doing run away from here. He holds jodha’s hand and take her on his shoulder. jodha says what are you doing khaibar leave me.

Atifa comes to jalal’s room. Jalal wonders where is jodha ? hamida aks salima where is jodha ? I asked her to come here. jalal asks ruks. She says I don’t know where is she ? He says why don’t you know ? I asked you to take care of her. Ruks says wow you are so generous shaheneshah she disrespected you in front of all the people and denied your order still you care.
He says that’s not the answer of my question. You know she is pregnant you have to be with her. Ruks says don’t worry she must be in her room. Maybe she doesn’t wanna see whats going on between you and atifa. jalal is shocked. Don’t be dazed there are ears of walls too and i know what happens inside our haram.

jodha says where are you taking me kahibar. Leave me, he sees some men coming hides behind bushes with jodha. The soldiers see him and say there he is on that cliff. Jodha has fainted. Kahibar lays her on the ground a soldier comes. kahaibar beats him down.
Jodha Akbar 19 August 2020

jalal’s man comes to him. Jalal asks what happened ? Adka says there is a trouble. Jalal says what is it ? The soldier says that khaibar abducted jodha begum once again. Jalal stands up in anger and says how he got out of his prison and went to jodha ? The soldier says jodha begum came there herself and perhaps she released him out of mercy.
Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 19 August 2020

jalal is restless in his room, atgah comes and says that we are ready to catch khaibar, maan wants to come with you, jalal says that khaibar wants jodha, you stay here to protect harem, I will go there.

salima says to hamida that jodha is in danger, hamida says don’t know why jodha’s life always comes in danger, jalal comes and says that not danger but jodha herself goes to danger, when I pardoned khaibar’s life on her insistence then what was the need to go and meet him, people are gossiping that Mughal saltanat’s wife is kidnapped two times then how will satanat protect them, I will not leave khaiabr this time, hamida says to control your anger, jodha is going to be mother so don’t be angry on her, jalal leaves from there, salima says I fear for jodha, one side khaibar has taken her, other side jalal is angry with her.

jodha is lying unconscious in jungle, khaibar is angry and tries to wake her up, finally jodha wakes up khaibar gets up and says JODHA wit difficulty, jodha looks around and is shocked to see herself in jungle, she says what did you do, I think I was unconscious whole night, she ask khaibar to leave her to agra otherwise he will not be saved, they listen to some sound, jodha thinks that there must be some village near here, I will go there, jodha is about to go but khaibar holds her hand, jodha ask him to leave her, he doesn’t so jodha puts mud in his eyes and tries to run from there but she sails pain in belly.

soldier comes to village and informs people that one beast has run from palace and he kidnapped jodha too, if you find him then you will be rewarded by jalal.
jodha is running from khaibar, he is running behind her. people in village says that they should go in jungle and find that beast to get the reward.
joedha stops running and thinks that I cant run like this, it will affect my children and I cant let it happen.
people are gossiping that jodha herself went to that beast, one man says that maybe jodha wants to be with him, other says don’t say this, jodha isn’t like that, other man says that we don’t know jodha’s character and only harem people know about its affairs.
ruks comes to hamida and says that people are gossiping about jodha and khaibar, hamida says people do that, what can we do, ruks says that don’t say its not jodha’s fault, she went to khaibar, till now nobody can talk about any shahi wives but now they are gossiping about jodha, hamida says I know jodha did mistake but she went to khaibar as she is very generous, ruks says I know she care for everyone but she doesn’t care about Mughal saltanat, our pride, our respect, she de-faced us, she even didn’t thought about children, what if anything happens to Mughal heirs.

khaibar is dragging jodha, jodha thinks what did I do, jalal should have known till now and he must be very angry on me, how will he find me, khaibar makes jodha sit on big stone and goes to get something for her, jodha is feeling pain belly. jalal is riding through jungle. khaibar comes to jodha with water and points her to drink it, jodha is angry and throws it away, khaibar goes again and brings fruits for her, jodha says I don’t want to eat, I just want to go from here, let me go, she throws fruits on his face, he gets angry and tries to make her afraid by shouting, jodha gets up and looks in his eyes, she says I am not afraid of you, I saved your life and you did that, I don’t want to eat anything, I just want to go from here.

Zee World Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 19 August 2020


it starts raining in jungle, jodha stands under tree, she sees one hut and says to people there that please help me, I am jodha begum of agra, they see khaibar and closes their hut, khaibar goes to them and breaks their door, he breaks their whole hut,

jodha says what you did, hut people run from there, khaibar picks one wall of hut and brings jodha under it, he ask her If its ok now, jodha says what AAAA, you destroyed house of theirs, don’t you have brain, she is frustrated and goes from there, he again brings wall under her head.


jalal comes to village, maan says that have you seen beast, he is very big and cant speak, one man says that we saw his shadow but couldn’t find him as jungle is very big, jalal ask where is the way, they points it to jungle, jalal and soldiers go there.

shairf says to jalal that last time jodha threw her jewelry so we can trace her but this time there is no clue, maybe jodha herself went with him, jalal says you mean to say she wanted to go with him, shairf sasy nothing like that, jalal ask him to just shut up.
jodha is going with khaibar(holding wall of hut), jodha thinks that is there no village around, cant I cant get help of anyone here, she says to khaibar that where are you taking me, you will get nothing by kidnapping me and jalal’s soldier will come and will arrest you so leave me alone and run from here, khiabar says jodha… jodha says that there is no need to talk to him, he just whisper my name, she says to khaibar that I know my name, don’t say it again, rain stops, jodha sits on one stone, khaibar comes there and tries to hold her hand, jodha says don’t touch me, no, he says no. jodha thinks that I am feeling hungry, I should have eaten fruits brought by him but than he might think that I don’t condemn his act, what to do, It will affect my children.

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