Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 18 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 18 March 2020

Two men are talking how jalal married a hindu princess. Hameeda listens to this and recalls how jalal was born in a hindu’s house. Rukaiya also gets the news and thinks that its just another marriage of jalal jodha is just a piece of playing. Some girl informs jalal is coming all rushes to prepare for his welcome while ruk says he will come to her room first as always.

In agra, jodha and jalal reaches and greets hameeda. jodha touches her feet while jalal is surprised but hameeda is happy and praises her beauty and makes her meet Bakshi who does the ritual call DooDh Duliaye. The Hindu ladies sings song in praise of Jodha’s arrival as a bride. Jodha is overwhelmed and gets emotional and looks at Hameeda. Hameeda asks Maham to make special arrangements for Jodha and tells she will introduce the palace to Jodha herself. Maham is reminded of the curse by Hindu lady. Hameeda takes her to harem and a small talk happens and tells about all the ladies of the harem. hameeda asks why is she not happy with marriage. Jodha tells Jalal doesnt have a heart and is cruel. Hameeda tells her that she has only seen what jalal lacks, not what he possess and hopefully after her arrival, he will get his lost heart.

There is a small fight between ladies and Jodha gets to know that Ruks is the BOSS of the harem.

moti says to jodha i’ve listened about this rukaiya earlier also other dasi(servant) agrees that she is very Clever and knows how to handle this and also knows how to tight jalal.

shugni bai is chanting maa’s name. Masa comes and says i lost to you you were right my jodha married to a mughal king i am here to know about my jodha’s future shugni who am i to tell you this but jodha prayed to lord a lot and her future is bright she will rule the hearts and will write her story in history and will be remembered for years. Masa is relieved and says now i am happy.

jodha ask where is moti and sees her working she runs toward her and bumps into rukayia her necklace falls on ground they look up at each other and remember their earlier meet in market. She ask jodha pick this necklace give it to me and ask forgiveness jodha smiles and picks it she gives it to ruks who gives it to hoshiyar saying you accepted my rule jodha says i didn’t ask forgiveness because you were not looking running and i didn’t became your servant by giving it to you. Ruks says you talk a lot and has good education but don’t you know never fight with crocodile in one pool jodha says in amer kids also know how to hunt them and i don’t come in anyone’s way but if someone comes in my way then i know how throw them aside. She leaves to maham anga. Ruks says she will be my servant’s servant and says hoshiyar she will your servant will follow your orders.

some girls come excited to see new bride maham shoos them that i haven’t given the permission jodha comes and listens to her bitter talks and rude behavior. Maham says i will throw you go from here.

das is seeing the mughal palace and is praising adham says to someone can’t accept my enemies are enjoying in our palace. They meet adham khan who taunts that they lost amer but by giving their sister won. Das flinches his palm. Jalal comes and ask any problem das says we dont have but i think adham have with them jalal ask adham maan singh repeats his every line. Jalal ask go and make them see their rest room and give them respect we mughals are known for welcoming guest. Adham looks angrily at them.

jodha is preparing for puja and maham can’t this anymore so ask jodha we have done preparations for you these servants will be with you if you need something then inform. Hamida bano comes in. and looks at idol and is confused. Maham plays the card and informs about the conditions jodha put in front of jalal before marriage. One ask jalal accepted maham says thats why she is here. Hameeda says jalal is like this unpredictable i hope you will understand his heart soon. She ask maham to prepare for jashn. Maham sees the gifts and ask about them hamida says its for jodha maham tells about how she burnt the nikkah’s dress to throw jodha in hamida’s eyes but she says forget about past. Hamida says i want you to wear this in jashn. Jodha is elated to see hamida says its same like you wear in your states. Hamida says all elite class will so i wish you look amazing. Moti says i never dreamed that here someone will think about us jodha says its her generosity. Jodha says whats this jashn is all about.

we see jodha akbar sitting infront of each other with curtain b/w them. Jalal says qubool hai (its their nikkah) jodha also nods her head.

das with other come and hamida enters the venue of jashn all greets her. Then we see maham coming in. Then jodha enter das and maan smiles broadly she greets everyone with fold hands. She sits down then enters rukiya jodha looks up at her confused.

Ruks sits down all smiling jodha then remembers their earlier meet. Moti sayr we quarrelled with crocodile she is rukayia she is the boss now what will she do with jodha. Jodha is tensed little. Ritual starts jodha touches every gift for her including cloths jewelry etc brought by harem ladies. Maham comes with jewelry jodha touches. Now ruks comes and says for special person by special harem person. She has brought the same necklace which she has given to hoshiyar and ask her to wear here itself.

Jodha says its from your harem will wear it there. Jalal comes all gets up jodha also. He greets everybody in hall and stands beside jodha on stage. He sat down as per ritual they have make each other eat sweet. Jalal makes her eat smiling. Jodha gives it to him. He clutches her hand in his and eats. Now its time for jalal’s weight measuring with golds he says distribute it b/w poor. Jashn starts and we see sufi type song(qawali) presented by men. Jalal keep looking at her. He sees rukayia and smiles. Jalal comes to ruks and ask your mood is off she says jodha didn’t accept my gift jalal smiles and says she is arrogant not looking once at you. This is not right as you are king. Jalal says i know what to do and goes back to his place.

They finishes their song jalal says they sang well and says my new wife knows well how to sing she is very good singer jodha is stunned. Jalal grabs her hand and brings her in middle. Jodha start singing in valour of rajputs, signifying rajputs bravery. Ruks says great look at her arrogance she will destroy mughal’s pride. Jalal is furious and taking rounds around her. Jalal shouts enough shocking everyone and says jashn is over and leaves. Ruks says to maham she is arrogant and jalal will regret this nikkah. But i’ll teach her a lesson maham says i am with you she ask why she says she is prick and ask is she insecure ruks says not at all i am diamond no stone can take my place.

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