Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 15 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 15 April 2020

Rajvanshi says pratap knows how to handle numbers, jalal says one cant trust number. They start playing, jalal has one goti(object), he says sometime one is enough, they play further, jalal keeps smiling, bharmal ask das stop this game somehow, he whisper something in servant’s ear, he announces that mena asked all to come as celebration is about to start, jalal says only one trick was left pratap says i can say this also, jalal says will continue this next time from here only.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 14 April 2020


Bakshi is preparing gift for sukanya when sharif comes and ask whats this she informs he says why less give them more, give your nelaam necklace also bakshi is happy, he says this will comeback, jodha comes and ask what will comeback? sharif says we give you gifts then we will have more, bakshi gifts jodha when sharif says i am jalal’s brother in law so we ahve some relation also, jodha is awkward and leave, sharif says when this marriage will not happen then gifts will comeback.

Scene 3
servant is preparing for hawai’s(elephant) food and says he is very much fav. of jalal and jalal takes his full care, adham sees where hawai is being kept and take out his sword.

Scene 4
Javeda is wearing jewels, maham comes javeda says look sasuma dadi has given it to me, maham says call me ami jaan not sasuma and ask her to waer her jewelry not given by them, javeda says you are also wearing their dress maham says i burned it, javeda says its not right, maham says to javeda now you will tell me whats wrong and right, do what is said and dress up like mughals in tonight’s celebration. Javeda wonder do she drink kerala juice daily, why she is like this.

Scene 5
jalal is standing idle when mena comes and ask him why is he standing here? Jalal says he is waiting for jodha mena says you dont know girls take time to ready jalal says i can wait for her, i cant behead mirror’s head, jodha comes in same green dress given by jalal, he thinks now whats this skill, said no to this suit and wore it also. mena ask jalal i dont know, jodha dont like green then why is she wearing it, jalal says its because of me, she know i like green color and it suit her a lot. Jodha looks at him.. Jodha ask shall we go jalal sees same jalebi shopkeeper and ask them to go i will come.

Scene 6
Adham says to sharif that what we won from wars are being gifted here. Sharif says soon this celebration will turn in sadness by his plans adham says no but by his doings, sharif ask what he is going to do? Adham smirks.

Scene 7
jalebi man is trying to run away from there when jalal comes, he ask forgiveness from jalal, pratap comes there and thinks they have this problem, jalal says taste should be like before, man fumbles and says it will like earlier dont worry, jalal leaves.

Celebration starts, all are seated, dancer dances, jodha looks at jalal, other side some people try to capture the elephant of jalal, he gets mad, adham, adka, sharif comes and says they have stop him, adka goes to tell jalal, adham says i will handle him, he shows elephant red cloth. People start running in celebration as mad elephant comes in destroying everything, jalal runs toward him, jalal tries to calm him, all are worried, jalal ask hawai(elephant) to calm down. Pratap says he has to sit on his back. Jalal very smartly sit on his back. Pratap says he have to calm him by placing hand on his head. Jalal does the same, elephant calms down, pratap thinks of guruji words to know your enemy’s strength. Jalal says its not hawai’s fault someone did wrong with him. I want him to be normal by tomorrow. He thinks who can do this with his hawai.

in amer, bharmal thanks jalal that because of you all are saved. Adka says someone gave something to hawai to eat. Jalal says he knew that i would try to control hawai and will get injured or killed in process he didnt know about my capabilities, bharmal says who can do that, adka says you should be more careful. Jalal ask adka you want me to live with fear, i am a king of india and i will not leave amer till sukanya’s marriage is done. Bharmal praises jalal and says you are my responsibility and we will take measures for you.

maham says to hamida that we have to open our eyes jalal was being attacked in amer. Hamida says sometime its better to be quite, we are here for sukanya’s marriage and think with mind person can be from agra also as jalal was being attacked before he came in amer and agra people know more about his activities. Maham says sorry for blurting out everything bluntly hamida says one should control his arrows and mouth. Here bharmal in hyper mode ask soldiers to find that man and bring him in jalal’s feet. Sharif reprimand adham for his stupidity, adham brushes it off. Sharif says your plan was a fail. Adham says i will keep doing and jalal will be in that one day. Sharif says you knew hawai love jalal very much then why you did that. Sharif and adham have verbal scuffle and sharif says time is not in our hand, wait for it.
Mena is worried that jalal may be angry and ask jodha to make him understand.

Scene 3
hakim says i have made medicine for hawai, jalal says he is in problem bcoz of me, i wilk make him drink that medicine, adka comes in and informs that they found no clue about culprit, jalal says he can be any rajvanshi even you, he says i am not trusting even my shadow. Jodha comes in and adka leaves. She ask jalal to leave amer, look your life is in danger here first that lake incident then this.

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