Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 13 October 2021


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 13 October 2021

dancers comes in royal palace, manager ask girls to not do any mistake while performing, Anarkali is there too, she ties ghungroos in her feet, Ruks comes there, Anarkali recalls how Ruks insulted her earlier, all dancers greet ruks, Anarkali thinks that Ruks will not choose me at any cost, if i dont get this reward then how i will do treatment of Rashid, Ruks finds Anarkali there, she ask manager to ask girls to starts, Anarkali starts classic dance with other girls, at end of dance, Ruks selects a girl, then looks at

Anarkali and passes-by her, selects another girl, then again comes to Anarkali and says you.. your talent is great, you are selected, Anarkali is stunned, ruks smirks, she says to Anarkali that you will dance exactly infront of Jalal, Anarkali nods, Ruks leaves, Anarkali thanks God for this chance, she hugs her manager.
hoshiyar ask Ruks why did she choose Anarkali whom Salim hates, ruks says he hates her but she is first love of him too, first love’s effect never fades away, when anarkali will be infront of him then his hatred will change into love again, then Jodha will be in problem as Jodha thinks that he loves Mann bai but i know Salim loves Anarkali.

Scene 2
Jalal is lying his head in Jodha’s lap, Jodha says Mann was shy seeing Salim, she wants to sit beside Salim in function, Salim will be so happy when we will announce his marriage, Jalal says yes as his mother has chosen such a nice igrl for him but its not fair as its our anniversary so i should get gift, Jodha says you.. she says i have ordered for spacial dress of Mann so that Salim doesnt look away from her even for second. otherside Ruks says when Salim will see Anarkali, he will keep looking at her in shock, then this story will take new route. Jodha says to Jalal that with this marriage, all will be fine, you and Salim will get along well too, now it will be nice days of us. Ruks says now it will my nice days and bad days for Jodha.
manager says to Anarkali that thank God you were chosen, Anarkali says i am thankful to you, i got this chance because of you, now i can do treatment of Rashid, manager says it was fate that brought you to us, Anarkali’s dress get stuck in bushes, all dancers leaves while Anarkali is struggling with her dress, she finds all gone and says where to go? she lost the way in palace, a prick hits in her foot, she winces in

pain, blood comes out, Salim starts coming there, she thinks that if he sees me here then he will throw me out and wont let me enter palace again, if i dont get to dance in function then Rashid will not get fine, i have to hide, he hides her face from him, he comes to her, and ask who are you? Anarkali says i am dancer, Salim says why you are here? Anarkali says sorry, i forgot the way, Salim says i will show you way, she says but i am dancer, he says kings have problem with dancers not me, i will show you way, Anarkali winces in pain, he says you are hurt on foot, he lifts her in arms, Anarkali is hiding her face with duppatta, she looks at him, Rabba is pyar mein plays, he walk out of palace, he ask soldier to send her to her house, she is hurt, he leaves, Anarkali looks back at him with love and anger.

Scene 3
Salim says to Daniyal that we have decided to give gift to Jalal and Jodha, we need your help, we are planning to present a skit in which you will play character of Jalal, mann bai will be Jodha, Salim says no i dont like it, he leaves, Murad says he didnt listen to me, he says Daniyal like to act, he can play Jalal’s character, Mann says then our problem is solved, Mann says we dont know much about Jalal and Jodha. Daniyal says i have plan.
Aram bano ask Hamida about Jalal and Jodha. the another princess ask Ruks about them, ruks ask why you are asking me? she tells her that they want to gift Jalal and Jodha, ruks tells her about them, Salima tells Mann and Rahim that Jodha and Jalal were totally different. later Daniyal and Mann are practicing Jodha and Jalal, he keeps addressing her as Mann not jodha, other princess ask him to call her Jodha as she is in character, Mann says i wanna rest now she starts leaving. Daniyal stops her and ask are you angry with me that i was doing mistakes in practice, Mann says not at all, i am liking to play their love story, sometime i feel i should have love story like them, Daniyal ask what kind of guy like? do you like someone? Mann says what to hide from you, father is finding a prince and i feel that it will end in palace only, Daniyal smile and says that maybe your father will find groom in this palace only, you will like this relation (talking about himself), Mann thinks he is talking about SAlim and runs from there being shy, he smiles. Murad comes to Daniyal and ask him to go and eat, Daniyal says i am not hungry, Murad ask are you fine? he says yes.
Anarkali comes to Zil, Zil is crying and says i cant see Rashid like this, i dont know God is taking our exam, Anarkali says tomorrow i will bring money, Zil ask from where, tell me truth, Anarkali says tomorrow is function of Jalal and Jodha’s marriage anniversary, i will dance in function, Zil says are you mad, you will be dancer there? Anarkali says i will go there, Zil says you never liked to dance, Anarkali says sometime we have to do things which we dont like, i have to bring money for father so i will go there, there is no other way now as all think that we are betrayers.
Soul talk- Jodha says i still remember that marriage anniversary, there was a time when i used to hate you and now heart was filled with your love. Jalal’s soul says true, our relation was made out of stubbornness then became responsibility then changed into love, our love was increasing day by day.
Jodha comes to Jalal and gives him sweet, Jalal and Jodha wishes each other, Jodha says before doing any good deed we eat sweets so made you eat it, Jalal says there are many bowls of sweets in tray, which one to eat, Jodha says one bowl is cooked by me, you have to taste and tell which one i have made, Jalal says you are taking my exam even today, he starts tasting bowls, then makes Jodha eat from the bowl which she made it, Jodha ask you know it? Jalal says when i sense your presence, when i fell your emotions then how cant i guess your cooked food, Jodha says i hope Salim and Mann’s relation will be same like this, jalal says it will be. Jodha ask Jalal are you ready to gift me? Jalal says i am ready what about you? Jodha says i will also gift you function, he says happy wedding anniversary, she hugs and says same for you.

Mann says to Daniyal will Jalal and Jodha like our skit? Daniyal says why not, you have worked hard and when you will play Jodha, you will look like Marium Zamani, she says you act very well too, Daniyal smiles and thinks that wish this drama becomes real, i should tell you whats in my heart, Mann sees mango on tree and says wow i like mango, Daniyal says i will bring it, she says no you will get hurt, he jumps on tree and plucks mango, he says your wish my command, he falls from tree, Mann shots.
Murad says to Daniyal that you should be careful, now your foot is hurt, who will act in skit, all pleads to Salim to act as Jalal, Salim says i cant do all this, all request him, he says fine, i will do it but nobody will laugh, they agree.
dancers with Anarkali is coming in function in palace. from other side Mann is coming with her friends, they tease her with Salim’s name, Anarkali finds Mann coming there, she hides, Mann ask who are they? friend says they are dnacers, they will perform in function, Mann leaves without seeing Anarkali.

Scene 2
Jalal and Jodha come in function, they sit on royal sofa, all greets them, Haidar fumes, Ruks, Salima and all congratulate them on marriage anniversary, Jodha is wearing marium Zamani’s royal crown, first Muslim priests come and congrats them, they pray for their blessful life, then Hindu priests come and prays for them, Hamida gifts Jalal a dagger which has stones engraved in it, Ruks gifts him sword, then Aram and Murad comes and says we are presenting a skit for Jalal and Jodha which will take them to past, see how they met first, Salim comes in Jalals get up, Murad says Jalal went to Amer and saw most beautiful princess Jodha, Mann comes there in palanquin, Jalal recalls how he saw Jodha in palanquin, then Salim and Mann enacts scene in which Jodha gave conditions to Jalal for marriage that she will not change religion and will have mandir in palace, Jalal and Jodha recalls that moment, How Jalal said that conditions are big but not that much that king of hindustan cant fulfill it, then Salim Mann enacts scene where Jalal and Jodha had sword fighting match, Jodha smiles seeing that scene, then Salim-mann shows scene where Jodha asked Jalal to not wear shoes in Kahna’s mandir, ishq hai woh ehsas plays.
Anarkali is getting ready for dance, other dance says that your foot is bruised, she says infront of heart’s bruise.
Salim and mann enacts romantic scene, they are sharing an eyelock when Salim starts imagining Anarkali, he comes closer to Mann, caresses her face, Rabba is pyar mein plays, Salim brings mann closer thinking she is Anarkali, ruks says after sometime Salim will see Anarkali then will see his reaction, Haidar says soon Salim you will your love as dancer infront of you that is my gift to you, what your father did to me, you will have to pay for this, Ruks thinks now is time for twist in this night. Murad says this was story of Jalal and Jodha, Jalal who didnt have heart was given heart by rajvanshi queen Jodha, Jalal says Salim you enacted very well, Jodha says Mann you were imitating me? she laughs and says you did very well.

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