Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 11 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 11 March 2020

Jodha and co. Are playing luddo and having gala time together. Parents are happy to see them enjoying and says all are busy to make jodha happy and make her smile . Parents mourn over the fact why girls grow so fast. Brothers deliberately loses the game to make jodha win and jodha says never to lose.

Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 10 March 2020

rukiya says she is very clever she made a normal man prime minister and now he is her servant. Rukiya says beware of maham anga. She comes and rukiya says come play chess with me. And to disscuss the talk which was abrupted earlier. Rukiya keeps taunting her that you are clever player and maham says what you wanna ask so rukiya talks about bahudur khan that he is on her side now maham says everybody need to work side by side. Rukiya makes her remember her limits which she expanding due to adham khan. Now maham leaves.

adham is enjoying mujra(girls dance) he is drinking one of his man comes and tells about bairam khan that he is staying somewhere. Adham ask to take his massage to some pathan.

suryaban’s family come to amer to fix marriage date. Jodha comes and see. Date of on-going month is fixed for marriage. Mother queen says she want jodha to take blessing from some temple and king agrees.

sujamal disscussing war strategies with jalal’s men and he says we have to work hard and to increase our forces to attack amer. Jalal man thinks sujamal you dream about being amer’s king but this belongs to our king jalal only.

state malwa’s(correct me if wrong) king is very cruel and jalal says he will go there. Maham anga stops him and says send forces. Jalal ask under who?maham ask to send forces but jalal ask after khan baba whom to trust? She says adham khan.. Maham says not because he is my son but he is warrior jalal agrees and announces adham will lead forces.

maham informs about malwa to adham but he is reluctant and maham says she will talk about bakshi after this. Jeveeda(adham wife) comes and praises maham and keeps talking. Maham makes him see the green garden with full of fruits after malwa’s success.

jodha is doing puja at temple. Shaguni bai comes so mother goes to her she warns her again about jodha’s fate but mother is confident over suryaban. Shaguni laughs and says see what fate has for her.

maham ask why you are tensed adham says bad news. Maham starts crying. Jalal is missing khan baba he was always there for me. Maham anga comes and cries jalal ask what happened I never saw you crying. Jalal insists so maham says bairam khan is no more. Jalal remembers him and how he made him king. Jalal shouts and cries out loud. He remembers his last words and cries badly on floor.

maham pretends to be sad and consoles broken jalal saying you are king and tears doesn’t suit you. hoshiyar comes and says rukiya is needed in haram as there is problem. Maham says jalal is in this condition and she is solving haram problems. Jalal ask how this happened so maham informs he was murdered jalal shouts in anger and ask who killed my khan baba. Maham nods in no.

rukiya is solving problem maham comes there and ask everybody to leave. She suggests her to become jalal’s queen not haram’s. Jalal maybe fed up with you as you concentrate more on haram politics.

maham says instead you should take care of your husband otherwise he’ll start seeing other women then his heart will go for her and you will only be solving haram problems. She leaves rukiya fumes. Jalal is offering prayers on other side jodha is also infront of godess both busy in asking for something from their respective God.

in amer celebrations are in full swing everybody is dancing and enjoying. Suryaban’s family bids adieu. Father ask to start distributing invitation cards jodha is smiling. All are making her eat sweets. Brothers come and blesses jodha and says don’t make her fat how will they carry her box jodha says its brothers responsibility and remembers sujamal. jodha mother congratulates her and says invitations are distributing for marriage.. Everybody is elated at this news.

on the other side where the card was sent first there mughals attacked and destroys everything. This news reaches amer. Father comes and says stop celebrations mughals have landed on their land one man says sujamal is also with them. Jodha is stunned.. All decide to fight for their land and king orders every prince their duties.

jodha is distraught over sujamal’s act saying the one whose head you should have brought you are with him. One women come saying preparation for tilak is reading if you order do we start preparing jauhur. Jodha says we have 4 brothers who can fight against them so this is not needed. Here brothers are offering prayers before the war . Women do their tilak. Jodha also do the their arti. Amer king says we have to do something.

sujamal is shown in war field against other group of his brother war starts and sujamal comes face to face with his brother. Here jodha is confident that God is on their side we will win surely. Weather becomes dusty and cloudy mother fears that when any unwanted thing has to happen then weather becomes like this. Dadi ask what unwanted thing so mother says which she can’t see. She comes to jodha and give her poison bottle.

sujamal lowers his sword against his brother. One more group of mughals comes and join war. And here comes the temporary hero suryaban and joins the war he start attacking mughal forces. Mughal lead ask why he is here he is not from amer and sujamal informs about relation of mughal tent sujamal ask for promise from mughal lead to not to kill suryaban as he is his sisters would be husband. He promises but says you have to choose between amer’s throne and your sister you have to kill suryaban for amer sujamal is stunned.

Amer group is preparing for war that is next day and ask to increase fighter suryaban comes and says not needed he alone can fight and he have one aim to crush them all ask how you reached so fast in field he says know shortcuts of mewat.

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