Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 11 August 2021


Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 11 August 2021

jalal says to mali that you are angry on me as I made this out of of your face. mali beats him more.
ruks says to jodha that you don’t know what happens to women when king loses the war, jodha says I know jalal will come because if something happens to jalal then this sky will cry.,,
jalal says to mali that kill me otherwise you will not be saved, mali says you are still stubborn, now I will punish your harem, no I will not kill them but I will give them painful life, he ask his soldiers to get ready, we are going to rob jalal’s harem, jalal is stunned.

jodha says to moti that I feel like jalal is near only, I can feel him, moti sasy I believ you, jalal will come here, nothing will happen to him, jodha says this child is jalal’s heir and he told me that jalal will come, you know I have telepathic connection with jalal, if something happened to him then I would have known, she says to kahna why you do this to me, why you put me in dilemma, salima comes and says its our test and I trust you, jalal will come, all pray for him, you just have some patience and have faith on kahna, jodha hugs salima, dasi comes and informs them that mali’s forces are heading towards here, jodha and salima are stunned.

shaguni bai is praying to kali maa, she says to maa that why are you rude to me today, she sasy today winds are not normal this means someone is trying to challenge the fate, he doesn’t know that he will be destroyed, blood shed will happen and what fate has choosen will happen only.
soldier comes to todar in jungle and says there is no news of jalal, todar scolds him that jalal was your responsibility, soldier sasy I saw jalal fighting with mali. soldier says when I reahed the spot I saw that jalal was missing, todar says this means jalal is being captured, soldier says its all my fault, I should have been with jalal, todar says this is not the time to get guilty, we are searching jalal, remember nobody should know that jalal is being captured otherwise they will be devastated, solider agrees.
mali’s forces as reached the tents of harem women, he announces from outside,
mali says I saw him dying and enjoyed and now you all get ready to welcome your new king, all wives are stunned, soldier comes there and opens a cloth in which jalal’s war dress and sword are there all drenched in vlood, all are devastated to see it, jodha recalls how she did jalal’s aarti after he wore the war dress and how jalal promised her that now he has worn this dress so he will come after winning the war only, jodha cant believe her eyes that she is she jalal’s dress in blood. ruks shouts and says no jalal this cant happen, I cant believe this, my jalal has gone, she cries, salima too cries and ask her to control herself, ruks says how can I, my husband has gone, I lost my precious thing, how can he die, jodha shivers when truth strikes her, she sits down sadly, malai says from outside that you have no time to cry and mourn, just become my wives and get your luxury back, inside ruks is about to drink poison when salima stops her and sasy we all with you, mali says stop crying and become mine, I will give you more luxury and women are property of men, when a king wins some place or state then its animals and women become his property so you all are now my property,

 Rahim comes to wives and ask why all are crying, why jalal’s dress is here, moti takes him inside, mali sasy before dying jalal begged me, he pleaded infront of me, he said before dying that take my everything but please don’t kill me, maham also cant believe this, jodha smiles and says mali is lying, nothing has happened to jalal, he is safe, hamida says I know you are in sad state but please accept it, jodha says no I have not gone insane but he is lying, jalal is alive, ruks says cant you see jalal’s sword here and his dress, jodha says look he has jalal’s dress not jalal, this means jalal in their prison but he is alive, look he has sent his sword but not his hand, he has send his turban but not his head, if jalal died then mali would have sent his body to us but he didn’t, jodha recalls jalal’s words that if he dies then he will take only Allah’s name, jodha says if jalal was dying then he wouldn’t have begged infront of , he would have just taken Allah’s name, hamida can you believe that your son will plead to mali? salima sasy I know its difficult to accept that jalal is dead but this is truth only, jodha says no. I am sure that jalal is alive. soldiers of mali comes in tent, they grab ruks, jodha and salim and take them to mali, mali says welcome, ruks says I am ruks, jalal’s special wife, if you try to do something inappropriate with me then jalal will behead you, mali ask soldier to bring her closer. mali grabs ruks by her hairs, ruks screams, jodha sys leave her, salima says we all are relative yoyu can humiliate us like this, mali says look at my eye, did jalal thought that we are relative when he did this with my eye then why will think, it turns out to mali’s dream, he is still outside of tent, he says to soldier that wait for sometime then we will get the treasure(women of hram). inside salima says that we don’t have much time, other wife sasy that they are animals they will eat us up. ruks says we have only one option to drink poison, jodha ssy no, maham says then what can we do, they are many in numbers, jodha says jalal will come to save us, what we have to do is to save ourself from them, salima is right that they are animals but we human can take over them, we are from Akbar’s family, we will fight, we women are not weak, we might stay in home but we have maa durga in us, we can fight for our respect, women are not weak, jalal never took women with him in war but he brought us here this only indicates that fate want us to fight against evil, we will fight against the one who caste evil eye on women, one wife says that its easy to give speech but its very difficult to take sword in hand and fight, jodha says women can do anything and we will take sword in our hands.
mali has cornered ruks, jodha and salima, he says today I got everything, I killed jalal, got his throne and his harem women too, he caresses ruks hairs, ruks is highly unpleased

jodha says to wives that whether any man helps us or not, she holds jalal’s sword and says that I will fight with my husband’s sword, even if we die then jalal and our nation will be proud of us, no one will cry on your death, I am asking last time will anybody fight along with me, all are silent, Rahim comes and says I am with you choti ammi, so what I don’t have war dress of my size but I will fight without it, all are surprised to see Rahim’s confidence, ruks says true, how can we think to die, are we weaker than Rahim, no, we will die after killing our enemies, all wives wipe their tears, ruks says to jodha that I don’t know sword fighting but I know arrow hiting and I am with you jodha, jodha says I will not say thank you but I will congratulate you on your bravery, jodha says we will win or die together, hamida says I am with you jodha, I have seen many wars, moti says I am with you too jodha, maham nods to resham and resham says I am with you too jodha, today enemies will see that eunuchs of baber family have strength too, zakira says I am with you too, I have less height but I know about poison, I will make such poison that enemies wont survive, all wives says we all are with you jodha, ruks says that today we will tell them that the harem which they want to win will change their fate and will destroy them, jodha says jai bahvani, ruks says naare taqbeer.

Scene 2
jalal is in prion, nigaar comes there and says you have less hours of life jalal and if you want then you can save your family, jalal says what you think that I have expectations from you now? but I will pray to god that he takes you out from misunderstanding, nigaar says lets make a deal, you tell me the address of my mother and I will free your special wife, she will not be assaulted, jalal says that women whom you want to be assaulted are your relatives too, I pity that you are daughter of humayun, nigaar says you are saying this, the one who captured my mother, made her mad, jalal says how to tell you I didn’t capture her, nigaar says by making stories your fate will not change, now you see what you have done to my mother, I will do that with hamida, you will be killed then throne will be mine but because of this stubbornness, your wives and mother will suffer whole life, she leaves, jalal screams that you are misunderstanding.

todar is finding jalal in jungle and says that we will go only after finding jalal.

all women of harem get ready for war, they wear their war dress, salima says I am ready jodha, hamida says boil the water, we will throw it on the one who try to touch us, jiji anga says cook the spice water, we will put that in their eyes.

scene 3
adham says to one soldier that I am fighting for a person whom I want to kill(jalal), he gets to know that jalal is lost, he cant be found in jungle, adham says this is the right time to show my right on throne.

maham gives speech to soldiers placed outside tent, she says you all have to fight as jalal’s soldiers, so say jalal is great king.
inside zakira is making poison water, she says it will destroy the enemy.
one wife says to jodha that how we will fight with them, they can kill us, jodha says no, we are women and if we try to achieve something then we achieve it, nobody can stop women in winning, till this time men used to fight in war but today we will fight for ourselves, we women stay in house but today we will show them our power so say we will win, they all chant that we will win,,

Scene 4
mali says to his soldiers that go in harem and inform wives that this is their last chance to surrender to me otherwise they will not be saved.
all wives are ready, jodha says all women be ready for war, hamida says salima I don’t think that you should get involved in this fight, you should be with Rahim, salima says you are right, she brings Rahim, she lifts him and ties Rahim on her back. hamida is stunned to see her confidence, hamida says that jalal is very lucky, his every wife is a warrior.

jodha touches her tummy and thinks that jalal’s heir is with me too, jalal is restless in prison and jodha recalls her moments with jalal, in ankhon main new female verses plays in background). the mali’s soldier comes there and says that mali is not liking that you all are making him wait, you all should understand that you are not jalal’s now, you are now his property so surrender to him, jodha answers him that the one who flies in sky is thrown to earth badly, tell your boss(mali) that we will not surrender and we will fight, solider leaves. the soldier comes back to mali, mali says its time to go in harem, so be ready.

Scene 5
mali’s forces come to harem tent, his soldiers beat Mughal soldiers and kill them, mali announces that what you thought that I will keep waiting for you, you all still have time, I can give you back your lives, ruks comes outside and points arrow towards mali, she says jalal’s wives don’t bow down to cheap people like you, mali says attack, all wives come outside, jodha fights with sword, other wives throws hot water, spicy water and poison at mali’s soldiers, soon they all fall on ground, one soldier says to mali that theses women are great fighters, they have such weapons which we have never listened, neither we have seen them, maham is also involved in sword fighting, she fights with mali’s soldiers, resham is also fighting with them, jiji and hamida are throwing hot spices, mali corners ruks and says now I will break your ego, he throws her arrow weapon, ruks says don’t come near me, mali tries to touch her, jodha comes inbetween and says how you thought mali that ruks is alone, it was your big mistake to caste wrong eye on harem, they have sword fighting, jodha fights with mali, she throws his sword and brings him on his knees, she points her sword at his neck and says women are not anyone’s property, they give themselves to the man whom they love, jodha says what you said that you will get peace when we will come to you, now I will get the peace when I take revenge from the one who thinks women are weak, now your palace’s women will come to our palace and that too on their will as nobody wants to live with a creature like you. mali falls on ground.

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