Jodha Akbar Update Wednesday 16 September 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Wednesday 16 September 2020

Wednesday Jodha Akbar Update  16 September 2020: Jodha and jalal comesback to Amer, all people chants for their name, they call jodha Marium zamani, ruks sees Salim in jodha hands and gets jealous.

Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 15 September 2020

Ruks comes in her room, she throws things here and there, she shouts and says nobody can become marium zamani other than me, I want that child, I will become marium zamani, I will get what is mine, because of jodha, I lost my hussain otherwise I would be mairum zamani today, I want Salim, she shouts that i want Salim, i will take Salim from jodha, jalal is shocked listening to it, he comes in her room and says are you in senses, I came to meet you and here you are doing drama, ruks says what I did wrong, jodha has given birth to Salim but I have right on him, jalal says you have no right on him, ruks says you remember that statement that second child of jodha will be mine and because of jodha I lost husssain so now I want Salim,

jalal shouts enough, he says remember you didn’t follow my order and made zeenat nanny of children, you are the reason that I have I lost my child, about salim, he is my child, he is jodha and my child and we will not give him to anyone, ruks breakdown, jalal says to ruks that control yourself, don’t give yourself pain, I know jodha has become marium zamani but don’t forget you are my friend and will my friend always, I want you to be in welcome of Mughal prince, he leaves, ruks fumes.

jodha comes in her room with Salmi, she finds curtain in mandir and recalls how she lost the faith on kahna, she removes the curtain and put salim infront of kahna, she says I learned from you that we should have patience and to not says anything to God but I forgot this, I blamed you for my children’s death, I was blind, I lost you but you were always with me, she says I am giving Salim to you, I will not ask you protect Salim as I know you will protect him, I see Kahna in you, I am sorry for what I did, jalal comes there and says you don’t have to ask forgiveness from kahna, he was always with you and will be with you, jalal and jodha prays to Kahna ji.

Ruks ask one priest to pray last prayer for someone, priest says I am sorry I cant do that for a person who is alive, ruks says It will not be good for you, priest gets afraid and reads last prayers (death prayers), ruks says this Is my last tears because from today I will not cry on my fate, now the old ruks is gone, she is dead, ruks puts dust on her face, she recalls jalal’s harsh words. ruks fumes with anger.

jodha ask jalal what are you thinking, jalal says what to tell you, ruks’s demands are beyond understandable, she want Salim but salim is your son, she is jealous of you, jodha says I understand her pain, she can thinks Salim ask her own son, ruks comes there and listens it, jalal says ruks has become very harsh, jodha says I am a women and I understand her pain, I know she will be fine seeing salim, she will get happy. Ruks comes infront of jodha and says I am sorry, I was wrong, how could I think to separate a mother from her child, she sits in jodha;s feet, jodha ask what are you doing, ruks says no, I was wrong, I alleged you that you killed your children, I tried to snatch your child, I am sorry please forgive me, I will not see your son’s child,

I have come to ask forgiveness from you, I want to see Salim’s face, I have done very wrong with you, please forgive me marium zamani, jodha says Salim is your son too, you can take him in your arms, you are his elder mother, she ask ruks to take Salim in her arms, she says my child has good fate as he is getting two mothers, she says ruks you have right on Salim, because of me, we lost our children, you have right on Salim, ruks says true, you forgave me? jodha says yes, ruks takes Salim in her arms and thinks that prince you know what, I can do any war to win you, because of you jalal and jodha have come closer and now you will be the reason for their separation.

One couple Rashid and zil bahar comes to palace, the girl is expecting child, soldiers stops him, rashid says I am very good in playing instruments and my wife is a dancer, we want job in palace, soldier says you cant go in like that, you have to have some reference or come on day of open court, zil bahar says we have brought a sacred thread for Salim, soldier says he is prince, he doesn’t need it, Rashid says ok don’t give us permission to go in but please send this sacred thread to Salim, Rashid says to zil bahar that lets go from here, we have to find some shelter.
jodha is wearing some turban, artist makes jodha and Salim’s painting, ruks says tabassum makes very good painting, jalal comes there and says I have listened that very nice painting of jodha and salim has been done, ruks says yes, I asked her to make painting of jodha alongwith Salim, jalal looks at painting and says its amazing, jalal says to jodha that how is our prince marium zamani? jodha says he is fine, jodha says he is mischievous like you, jalal says painting is amazing, ruks says this painting will be put in your room, jalal leaves, jodha leaves too, ruks looks at painting and says maybe jodha can becomes marium zamani but I will snatch the title from her which is most close to her that is mother of Salim, salim will not call her mother, he will call her only marium zamani and will call me mother.

Salim is crying, jodha takes him in her arms and says to shamshad that he wants me to take him in my arms all the time, shamshad says you have doen this, you keep him in your arms, jodha says I don’t want to be away from him, zakira comes and says one coupe and gave this sacred thread for Salim, jodha says why yu didn’t let them come in, what if they are in common people, zakria says that we cant trust outsiders and the girl was pregnant, these women are not good, jodha says don’t say like this for women, they give blessing to children, now she is gone but I will put this sacred thread on Salim’s cot, zakira ties thread on cot, jalal comes there, all dasies leave, jalal says let me spend time with him too, jalal says something in Salim’s ear, jodha ask what did you say? jalal says I said some mantras, jodha smiles and says I said some quran line before sometime in his ears, jalal says our child will be greates king.

Zil bahar says to Rashid that child kicked inside, she says I don’t know but I feel our child will be great person, he will change our fate, Rashid says whether he is a boy or girl but he will become either singer or dancer, zil bahar says no, my child will write history, I feel like that, suddenly winds starts blowing, Rashid says I will come with food, he goes.
in night, Salim starts crying, jodha wakes up and says Salim we will go and see whether, she comes in balcony and says to Salim that don’t cry, in rain storm comes like this only, Zil bahar comes out of her hit which is infront of palace only, Jodha sees zil bahar standing outside her hut, zakira comes and ask what are you thinking, jodha says I am thinking that in bad whether we live in palace but see that girl in hut, how they live in hut? zakira says they have come some days back only. Jodha says to Salim that you are enjoying whether, you know in last rain you were in my belly. otherside zil bahar says that in next rain, I will play with you in rain, i will wet your small fingers with rain water, she put rain water on her belly and says to her child in womb that feel this rain. otherside jodha makes salim hand fill with rain water, she says chiti said that you will think with heart in life, I want you to be like this as the one who think from heart is always a great person. otherside zl bahar says that Jalal is great king and he has one child salim, you will be lucky to see Salim as you will born in Mughal saltanat.

jodha says to Salim that you are prince, you will have to walk on your father’s path, you know somebody sent sacred thread for you, otherside zil bahar says the sacred thread which I sent for Salim, was given to me by a priest for you. She finds some people passing by her hut, they talk and says tomorrow Salim will die and our problems will be solved, she hides, they men leaves from there, Zil bahar follows them, the men goes to some isolated place, they talk to other thugs and plans on how to kill Salim, one man says that jalal and jodha will go to mandir with Salim, security will be less there, we will attack Salim there and will kill him in mandir, zil bahar listens all this and thinks to tell this to jalal, she says I have to inform jalal.

Zil bahar comes to palace and ask soldiers that I want to meet jalal urgently, she says its about life and death, please let me meet jalal, soldier doesn’t allow her, she says it about salim’s life.
jodha is with jalal, she says Salim is very edgy today, he is not sleeping, Jalal sys he is prince so he must have some attitude, jodha sees zil bahar standing at gate of palace and informs jalal.

Jalal meets zil bahar and ask the matter, zil bahar says that Salim’s life is in danger, I listened some people making plans to kill Salim in mandir, jalal says if this news is wrong then I will kill you, zil bahar says the lady who is becoming mother, how can she come in such bad whether here and will lie, jalal says if this lady is saying truth then I wont leave them, he ask maan to prepare for it.
Sharif is with his father, father says I have made full proof plan to kill Salim, jalal insulted you and now he will lose his child, Sharif ask his plan, Bakshi comes there and listens all this, Father says my thugs will kill Salim in mandir, Sharif laughs and says tomorrow will be very bad day for jalal, Bakshi hides and listens all this.

zil bahar takes jalal and his force to the place where thugs were making plans, jalal says ok now we will handle them, in hut of thugs, they are enjoying the night, jalal with his force enters the hut and fight starts there, jalal, maan alongwith soldiers kill many thugs, jalal ask one thug who asked you to kill my child, I will give you so much that you will swing between life and death, thug says we were doing all this on Sharif and his father moin’s insistences, he ordered us to kill salim, jalal is shocked.

bakshi comes to sarif and says I will tell truth to jalal even if you kill me, Sharif grabs mehtab and puts knife on her neck, bakshi ask sharif to leave mehtab, sharif says I never wanted her to be alive, bakshi says you are devil, you have no right to live, she throws some showpiece on sharif’s face and ask mehtab to run, mehtab runs from there, sharif says how dare you bakshi, he pushes her away, bakshi strikes with some showpiece and becomes unconscious, father says why you did this, he says she knew about our plan, father says he has already got to know our plan, we have to run, sharif says I know a secret way to go out of palace, they run from there, jalal comes in bakshi’s room and finds her unconscious, maan says we couldn’t find sharif in palace, jalal says I know from where did he run, he takes bakshi from there.

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