Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 8 September 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 8 September 2020

Tuesday Jodha Akbar Update  8 September 2020: Jodha says i will protect my children from any problem. In court, jalal comes, people chant his name. jalal sit on his throne, todar says people have come to congratulate you for your children, some hindu people gives gifts to jalal for his children, they say that you have done a lot for us hindus,

Jodha Akbar Update Monday 7 September 2020

we thought that we will have to change our religion but you removed jazya tax and relieved us, jalal says you don’t have to thank me, it is my duty to see that no one suppressed, it is my duty to ensure that everyone has freedom to choose and follow their relation so from today I announce that no one will force other person for anything, all chant for jalal, jodha smiles.
At night, jodha is talking with Hassan, jalal comes and says strange the time Hassan has come in your life, you have forgot me, you used to find reasons to meet me but now you spend your time with your Son, jodha says he is your son afterall, jalal says give me, I will make him sleep, jalal takes Hassan in hands and says that I feel like he will be great king, jodha says that yes he has actions like his father only, Hassan does pee on jalal’s clothes jodha laughs and says I said that Hassan is like you so you might used to pee like this in childhood, jodha ask jalal to give Hassan to her, jalal says no what you think if he wet me then I would separate my kid from me, tell me how to clean him, jodha sits on bed and cleans Hassan’s clothes, jodha put Hassan on her shoulder and make him burp then make him sleep by placing him towards right hand, jalal ask what you did? jodha says I learned from my sister in law to do this when kid drank milk, jalal says you have learned a lot.

ruks is making Hussain drink the milk, she sis confused as to how much milk should be given to him, jalal comes to her and ask about hussain, Ruks says he makes me run a lot, jalal says you don’t know how to handle kids, ruks ask do you know? jalal says yes, he takes Hussain from her ans started teaching her things which jodha told him yesterday night only, jalal says always carry child with two hands, if you have fed him with milk then put him to your shoulder and make him burp so that he comes at ease, ruks is all impressed, jalal says then make him sleep towards right hand, jalal ask should I tell you how to change his clothes too? ruks says no, I will learn from nanny but how do you know all this?

jalal says I have seen all this in dream? ruks says strange I don’t see any dream like this, jalal says think about kids then sleep then you will see dream, ruks says its impressive you know everything, jalal says atlast you accepted that I am more clever than you, ruks laughs.
jalal calls everyone in court, jalal says I didn’t call you to discuss any matter but today I felt very happy when people came to me and congratulated me, I am a father now and I want to celebrate my happiness with you all, I have decided that tomorrow is sacred day for hindus, we will have celebration on that day only, all smiles. Jodha says that on this sacred day Krishana made Ravan lose so its a very good day, jalal says we will take our kids to people, hamida says children are very small, you shouldn’t take them to common people, jalal says but this celebration is for children only so they should be there, birbal says that I think that children should come in celebration it is must, ruks ask what are you saying, birbal says I know what I am saying, ruks fumes.

zeenat talks to Qasim, she says that tomorrow is celebration day, we will get a chance to do our work and we wont leave this chance, Qasim says ruks always keep Hussain infront of her eyes but I am sure tomorrow her attention will divert and then we will complete our plan as ruks will give hussain to me in celebration, she trust me, Qasim says Humayun broke my father’s trust..
Salima is in jodha’s room, Rahim is playing with Hassan, salim ask is Hassan make her run a lot? jodha says no he is very calm.
otherside Hussain is crying, ruks is worried and trying to pacify him, she says to hoshiyar that I don’t know why is he crying.
Rahim plays with Hassan and says to jodha that why did you send Hassan from your room to ruks, ruks doesn’t allow me to come near Hassan, she doesn’t let me touch him, jodha smiles.
ruks is making Hussain sleep, Hoshiyar tries to touch hussain, ruks scold him and ask him to not touch him again.
jodha says to Rahim that ruks is very possessive and worry about hussain a lot that’s why she doesn’t let you come near him, salima says I don’t know how ruks is handling hussain, I offered her to help her but she denied, jodha says don’t worry, I am sure she will be very good mother.
ruks is making hussain sleep, hamida comes there, hussain cries, ruks says he is crying a lot, hamida says let me handle, hamida takes hussain in her hands, she talks sweetly and put hussain in cot, hussain sleeps, ruks says wow you have magic in your hands, hamida says kids like cots, ruks sleeps sitting on floor only, hamida ask hoshiyar to call hussain’s nanny.

zeenat is in ruks room, she looks at hussain, she ask hoshiyar to go from room as he has to give duty tomorrow also and ruks have slept too, she says I am here, you go and sleep, hoshiyar goes from there, zeenat takes hussain in her hands and goes out of room.
zeenat comes on terrace, she takes out some tablet and makes hussain eat it, javeda sees this and comes to her, she ask what did you make him eat? she checks hussain and ask why is he not responding, why is he not speaking, what did you do zeenat, she goes to call everyone while zeenat stands tensed.

ruks takes hussain from zeenat’s hands, she is calling hussain but hussain is not responding but he is lying blank in her lap, jalal gets worried and ask javeda what did she see, javeda says I saw zeenat.. zeenat interrupts and says I didn’t do anything wrong, jalal shouts to be quiet, I will give you chance but let javeda tell everything, javeda says I saw zeenat taking child in corner and suddenly she made hussain eat something after which hussain lied straight and became unconscious, ruks says look jalal, he is not responding, jalal shouts on zeenat what she did? what she had made hussain eat? he says I wont leave you, javeda says see these matters afterward but take hussain to doctor first. Jalal says to ruks that dint worry, we have got this child after much difficulty, I wont let anything to happen, jalal calls doctor.
doctor checks hussain, ruks is crying and says I am his mother, I am worried for him, she ask doctor, doctor says nothing to worry, I will give him medicine and we will become conscious, ruks says make him get up, doctor makes hussain drink the syrup, hussain becomes conscious and cries, ruks smiles and says I am here my hussain, jalal ask to tell what zeenat had given to him? doctor says I think she didn’t give him anything wrong, its congestion of throat so she must have made him taste one stone which s good and hussain slept peacefully because of it, jalal is embarrassed.

jalal calls zeenat and says I am sorry, I did wrong with you, zeenat says I understand, you care for our child, I am not angry with you but I will stay away from hussain now, once trust is broken, it cant be mend again, jalal says don’t say this, ruks says don’t do this, Hussain needs you as his nanny, zeenat says no I wont come near him now, jodha says to zeenat to leave the matter and become nanny again, Javeda says sorry to zeenat and ask her to become nanny again, Qasim ask her to leave anger and become nanny, zeenat agrees and takes responsibility of hussain again, she leaves.

ruks stops javedsa and says thanks for protecting Hussain but don’t says anything without seeing carefully, you are stupid to distrust zeenat, jodha says javeda was not at fault, ruks says to jodha that don’t come in this matter, javeda was daughter in law of maham so she must have got traits from her, she ask javeda to stay away from her child now, she leaves, javeda cries, jodha consoles her.
jodha is sitting in her room, jalal comes there, he ask jodha what is thinking, jodha says whatever happened today was not good, hussain’s life was in danger, I wonder if hussain is given much attention he needs or he is not even getting desired motherly love, jalal says don’t worry, I am father of both the children, I will not let anything wrong happen to any child, I will make sure that whatever Hassan gets, hussain gets it too.

Qasim comes to zeenat in her room and ask why are glowing so much today? zeenat says I will become successful soon, in dushera event, I will child… Qasim ask her to be quiet, anyone can be listening, zeenat says I got saved by inch today, I was making hussain eat poison but my heart said that someone is watching me and I decided to not make him eat and I was write, javeda came there and made hue and cry of nothing, zeenat says its happened for our good only, now they are embarrassed and have no guts to doubt me again, my way is clear, Qasim says you don’t know jalal, he is very clever and catch us anytime, zeenat says he maybe clever but he didn’t had battle with me, I will tell him who I am, she shows Qasim a ring and says this ring have slow poison, I will make hussain lick it, it will kill hussain slowly, all will think that he is ill but actually this poison on my ring will kill him

todar comes to meet maharani pratap, he reads letter by jalal in which he said that your state have some enemies of Mughals, we request you to kick them out of your states otherwise we will think that you are announcing war against Mughals, we hope that you will work for peace and we want to meet you. pratap says Mughals don’t have good writers, he is not requesting in letter but is warning us for war, Uday pratap( father of maharana pratap) we are rajvanshies and we are not afraid of anyone else, tell your king jalal that we are not interested in meeting him, we are ready to face his warning, todar says I think its ethical that you meet jalal once only then decide what you want to do, maharana says to uday that we should meet him and see what he wants to see, Uday says ok and says to todar that tell your king, we are ready to meet him.

ceremony starts, priest ask mothers to come with child so that he can pray for them to be saved from evil eye, zeenat thinks nobody can save them from my evil eye, priest prays for haasan and hussain and does religious ritual, after ritual all sit to wish from god, Priest says we wish god that you protect this children and make these couples all happy.
outside court, Rahim is running from salima, jodha catches him, salima says Rahim you have become very mischievous, jodha says its okay, all kids are like him in this age, even I was too. ruks is going to her room when one wife comes and says to ruyks that give child to her, she will carry hussain, ruks says no, I will handle him and goes from there, zeenat thinks till when you will keep hussain close to yourself.

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