Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 1 September 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 1 September 2020

Jodha Akbar Update  1 September 2020 : jodha is speechless.hamida says to salima that ruks’s demand is null and void, she is impulsive and always take decision in anger, jodha comes there and listens their convo, salima says you are right hamida but I can understand ruks loneliness as if Rahim wasn’t with me today,

Jodha Akbar Monday Update 31 August 2020

I would also be going through same phase, I believe that she is not doing in anger but she is being emotional thinking of her empty life, hamida says ruks is like my daughter and I also don’t want to see her like this but that doesn’t mean she will take jodha’s right, in this matter, ruk’s demand is incorrect and I am with jalala. hamida sees jodha and blesses her. salima says to jodha that matter is becoming very serious, jodha says ruks condition is very bad and I can understand it.

ruks is crying in her room and then starts laughing, she says I had to do this as I have to become marium zamani, she praises herself that I am very good actor. She says 1st step of my plan went successful, I will win this game and jodha will melt like always and will lose to me.. hoshiyar comes there and says what happened with you in court, I thought you would be broken but it seems nothing has affected you, ruks says I just played my trick, its time for my win, she says jalal gave order against me but jodha will make him agree in favor of me, to save jalal from humility, she will force him to give one child to me, now I have to see how much time, jalal will take to change his decision, she smirks while hoshiyar is tensed.

Jodha Akbar Update Tuesday 1 September 2020

maham is writing something on paper in jail, javeda comes there to meet her, she is shocked to see maham in bad state, maham is emotional too seeing her, javeda says everything is finished, all dreams are broken, with colors from clothes, colors of life is gone too, I now think that why I am alive, I miss my adham, maham smiles and says I can tolerate your stupid acts but I cant bear tears in your eyes, listen what adham couldn’t do, now you have to do it, you know what work is it?

adham was lured by throne, he wanted to have throne and I wanted adham’s happiness but now you have to be brave, your silliness is very good, keep your mad attitude with you so promise me that you will maintain yourself like earlier, you will remain happy and promise me that you will never come to meet me, I don’t want you to see in this small cell, don’t come here, javeda says no, don’t do this, maham says please do this for me. promise me you will never come here to meet me, she takes promise from javeda, javeda hugs her, they both cries.
Jodha Akbar 1 September 2020

jalal is coming to ruks’s room, she sits near baby cot and makes a sad face, jalal comes in and sees her like this, jalal says to her that I will give you anything you want, if you want a state in your name then I will make a state in your name, ruks says I didn’t want to hurt you, I thought you will understand me but when god didn’t listen to me then how can you, jalal says if you want to adopt a child then adopt it, I will him/her his name but don’t ask jodha’s child, ruks says no, when god didn’t give me this happiness of being mother then let it be, I will remain alone for my life, she says I want to rest, jalal leaves from there, ruks giggles.

jodha is near weighing machine and recalls how ruks said that what will happen if you give me your one child, jodha imagines herself with her children, she gives one child to ruks, in side of weight machine, jodha sits with one child and in other side, ruks sit with other child and is very happy, jodha smiles imagines this.

jalal comes to jodha and looks at weighing machine, he ask what are you doing here? jodha says you were right jalal, if you have any confusion in heart then come to this machine and it will show you way. jodha says to jalal that I think ruks demand is correct, jalal is stunned and looks at her. he says what are you saying jodha, ruks has asked us for our kid, how can you give her, jodha says ruks will take care of my child, jalal says when ruks take your child once then it wont be yours ever, you will lose the right on child, jodha says even then he or she will be your blood only, jalal says why don’t you understand, think in future, child gets to know that his or her real mother is you not ruks then child will be broken, jodha says its nothing like that, Krishna ji was raised by yashoda mata and with lots of love, you were also raised by maham, think that is it right to give one person whole food and make other person hungry, this is not good, and by doing this ruks and my sour relation will be tied goodly, you did your duty by saying no but i am rajvanshi and i will follow my religion and my rules, jalal says good night and goes from there, jodha is tensed.

all are coming in court, hamida says I am worried for jalal, salima says I pray that solution to this problem come out soon otherwise distance will be created between jalal and ruks, ruks comes in court too and thinks that its time to get reward of my deadly plan, jalal comes in court, he says I have taken decision on ruks plea and this will be my last decision and I wanna tell all this is not my decision alone, PRECAP, jalal says I don’t accept ruks’s plea, jalal says but jodha said that she will give her child to ruks stubbornly so that your lap doesn’t remain empty, she has taken a great decision but remember first child will be of jodha’s only and he will be the heir of throne only. ruks says to jodha that thank you very much, I am very happy, its true, you are not a common person, you are great, because of you I will become mother, jalal ask todar to make papers ready, ruks says to jalal that I have one more thing to say, jalal says everything is happening according to your wish, what you need now, ruks says that child will be mine only, nobody infact you and jodha will not have right on her/him, what if you or anyone else takes child from me, jodha says don’t worry ruks, this child will be yours only, ruks says this child who will have blood of jalal and jodha will be called ruks’s child only, jalal ask todar to enter this point in agreement too, the official agreement is ready, jalal comes to ruks and gives it to her, he is angry on her, ruks says thank you jalal and jodha begum and takes the agreement.

jalal is sadly sitting in his room, jodha comes to him and sits beside him, she ask is your head aching? I will massage it, jalal lies in jodha’s lap, jodha massages it head and ask why are you worried? jalal says I am worried that one side is you who gets happy by helping others and otherside is ruks whose unjustified wish is fulfilled even then she is not happy, jodha says no, she is very happy, jalal says either you don’t wanna see the truth or cant see it, jodha says for the thing which I am not worried, why are you worrying, its fine, jalal says you are not understanding matter, jodha says ruks asked right on child as every mother wants to protect her child, jalal says then why aren’t you worried about your children, jodha says I could have not given her child and my children would have called her bari ammi only, would ruks be ok with that? she also have feelings to have your child, you nourish your blood related kid,

jodha says ruks asked the right as she has fear that anybody can snatch back child from her, ruks is your friend and friend can ask anything from her friend, I am giving this child as gift to your friend and I am sure ruks will be great mother and will give proper upbringing to our child, I know you are showing that you are angry on her but you are worried for ruks from inside, don’t worry, everything is fine, jalal is tensed and says I will come back, he leaves.
sharif is talking with his father, he says I had beaten bakshi, father says you are an idiot, you are a good warrior but that does not mean you will beat your wife, you are brother in law to jalal so be careful before doing anything, jalal insulted you and you bear it, sharif says I feel like killing jalal, father says soon we will take revenge from jalal, you will get the throne but we have to take steps carefully as anybody can have doubt on us, we have to plan something different, sharif agrees.

ruks is reading the agreement, she says I am going to be mother of jalal’s child, hoshiyar claps for her, hamida comes to her and says you have hurt jalal, ruks says I agree but time and emotions can change at anytime so I have asked jalal to make an agreement, jalal can take back his decision too, jalal comes there and gives her another agreement, its empty, she ask why it is empty, jalal says you will write on it, jalal says deal is never one sided, what you were saying? that if jalal can can u turn once then he can take u turn again but I fulfilled my promise, I gave you jodha’s child and gave you agreement too and now you will write an agreement in which you will write that if you don’t fulfill your duties as mother, if don’t become a good mother then my earlier order will void and jodha will get her right back on child, hamida says this is right, they gave you child so you can give them asurrity too, jalal says what you are waiting for, write, ruks is tensed, she writes on agreement with heavy heart,

ruks reads the agreement that “I Rukaiya begum, the wife of Mughal king jalal, promises that I will fulfill every duty as a mother, I will take care of jodha’s child and will fulfill my responsibilities.” jalal says you didn’t write what I told you, it was that if you fails as a mother, if you fails to do your duty than my order will become null and void and you will have to written the child to jodha begum, write it down, ruks write it again on the agreement, ruks reads it again that if am proved to be a bad mother then jodha can take her child back, ruks ask is this fine? jalal says yes, he takes agreement from her and goes from there. hamida says I hope that what you have written in this agreement, you should fulfill it, she leaves too, ruks says I promise that I wont give you chance to complain, this child will be of me only and jodha wont get this child even at time of her death.

jodha says to moti that my wardrobe is flowing clothes, I don’t know how to handle them, moti says me and zakira will handle it, you don’t worry, zakira says yes you should take rest, jodha says I am fine, zakira says you should reat to be fresh, ruks comes there and ask jodha to leave all the work, she ask her to take rest and not work, ruks says you are going to be mother and you should take care of your healt, you made me mother too and now you have to protect my and your child now, she says from now on hoshiyar will serve you as she is clever, ruks says from now on I will check jodha’s food before she eats as I am worried for the curse which maham gave to jodha’s children, jodha recalls how maham said that I pray jalal also takes his children’s deadbodies in his hands, ruks says leave it, she says I am going to salima, she ask jodha to not get up frombed. she leaves. jodha says to moti that I forgot about maham anga, I should help her, moti says jalal wont like it, jodha says I know what maham did was wrong but I have humanity, you ask doctor to go to maham and check her, moti agrees.
maham is taking to herself, she says yes adham, I will accompany you to Kabul, we both will go, resham comes there and says look who has come here, its doctor, maham says I am talking to adham, she scolds doctor for not greeting her, doctor says sorry and greets her, doctor says I came to check your health, jodh has sent me, maham fumes and says you are jodha’s spy, I don’t need her sympathy, her medicine, just go from here otherwise I will kill you, maham says tell jodha that I am going to die soon, resham pleads her to take the medicines, maham says you have become jodha’s puppy resham, I don’t wanna see your face, go to your jodha and tell her that I wont take any medicine or sympathy given by rajvanshi women even in my last days. she ask resham to get lost, resham is crying and leaves with doctor.
jodha touches zakira’s feet, zakira says what are you doing? iam your dasi, jodha says you are my teacher and we greet our teachers, you are making me learn Quran Pak so I have to give respect, they start the class, jodha reads some verses of Quran, zakira points out her mistake and jodha picks lines very well, jodh underlines the points which she finds difficult, zakira says I will be proud whole life that you made me your teacher, jalal comes there, zakira leaves, jalal says you are learning Quaran?

jodha says yes, jalal says you are learning Islam very well, that’s commendable, jodha says I have to learn it as I have to give knowledge to my children, I have to give them knowledge of both religions, jalal says you are great, jodha says you have to learn about hindu religion too as you have to give classes to our children, jalal says but.. jodha says no reason to say no, jalal touches her belly and says some line of geeta, he tehn tells meaning of those lines in Urdu, jodha is stunned and ask from where did you learn it? jalal says like you learn it from zakira and others, I learned from todar and maan, jodha rests her head on jalal’s shoulder,

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