Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 26 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 26 November 2020

Divorce news spread in whole city. People are talking about it. Todar says to Birbal that Jalal is thinking differently, Fazal says only time will tell if this is right or wrong, Birbal says i hope she get strength to bear all this.

Jodha Akbar Update Wednesday 25 November 2020
Salim, Daniyal, Murad comes back Agra palace, all are happy seeing them, Jodha does Salim’s, Murad’s and Daniyal’s aarti, she says i pray that three always win, Salim touches her feet, he goes to Hamida and says what happened to you? Hamida says now you have come i will be fine, Murad hugs Salima, Salima says i am proud of you, Salim meets Ruks, Hamida says i am proud of you three, Salim notices Jalal and Jodha standing far, Jalal ask all to come in court.
in court, Jalal says for a father, sons are his strength and my sons ahve proved it, someone tried to do war with me and my sons without questioning me, fought with them and won war for me, they have set example and i am proud of the, today i will announce that the throne belongs to Salim as he is elder son he deserve to be next king, Murad and Daniyal are not happy, Jalal says on Poonam’s day i will give crown to Salim as vice-king, he hugs Salim, Jodha thinks that atleast Salim and Jalal have good rapport now.

Anarkali is burning leaves, Salim comes there and says there is no need to burn them, i have comeback, Anarkali looks at him and get happy, she tightly hugs him and says thank God you have come, i have missed you alot, i kept praying for you all day and night, why did you take so much time to comeback, she recalls how Zil said that Salim is just dream for her, she breaks hug and turns away, she says i was saying that i prayed for whole army, Salim smiles and says you loved me and you love me now too but you used to now show it and even now you hide it, Anar says no i dont love you, Salim says you are lying, the much i love you, you love me too, say it once, whats in your heart, in your breath, in your eyes, say it that you love me, say it that your heart beats for Salim only,

Anar is in tears and says its not like that, Salim says if its not the case then why you are burning leaves, why you have tears in your eyes? she looks in his eyes and says yes i love you, Salim is surprised, but my love is destruction for you thats why i never told you that i love you that i feel like dying when i am away from you, she hugs him tightly, he hugs her back, Rabba is pyar mein plays, they sit, Salim says i cant tell you how much happy i am, now we will be one, i will talk to Jodha, i will tell her how much i love you, she will make Jalal understand too, Anar says are you sure Jalal will listen to Jodha? he says why? tell me whats the matter, Anar says in Jalal’s absence Jodha tried to change her religion but Jalal stopped her, he is miffed with her so he is taking divorce from her, Salim is stunned.

Jalal is drinking wine and looking at jodha’s picture, Salim comes there, he ask Salim to sit, Salim says i have not come to sit here, i wanna ask you why are you divorcing my maasa? Jalal says because i feel its right, Salim says she has given you here whole life, was with you in every step, loved you and you are giving you this in return, Jalal says the one who love doesnt do what Jodha did, Salim says i only know my mother can never do wrong, she has always followed you so why this decision for you?

Jalal says she went against me, tried to change religion, Salim says there must be some reason behind this, she has always thought abot others, she always care for others, she didnt change her religion before for you, Jalal says when i told her to not change religion then why she did that in my absence? i will punish her and its my decision, Salim says ok od whatever you want, but you are doing mistake, Salim says to Jalal that if this is your decision that you wanna divorce my mother? then i have taken decision too that i will not become next king, Jalal is shocked, he leaves.
Fazal comes to Hamida, he says there is one problem, i couldnt go to Jalal so came here, you know i am writing biography of Jalal but there is no history about divorce in any mughal king’s life, i cant write this page, i am sorry, he gives book to her and leaves, Hamida sadly looks at book.

Maan comes to Jalal, jalal ask whats the matter? Maan says i am not happy with your decision, you are doing wrong with Jodha, if Jodha leaves Mughal saltanat then i will go with her, Jalal says this is my decision, you are my minister so follow me, Maan says first i am Jodha’s nephew, i came here with Jodha only so will go back with her only, i have my loyalty with mughal saltanat but i am related to Jodha first, i am talking to my uncle not mughal king, you can punish me, he leaves. Jalal looks on.
In court, Jalal ask to start divorce proceeding, priest says that Jalal want to give divorce to Jodha as she insulted him and this legal divorce, Jalal will have to give wealth(meher) to Jodha, Jalal says i accept, he tells that it includes lots of gold, jewelry, coins etc, Jodha thats it? i dont accept this, i want more wealth, all are shocked.

Priest says that Jalal will have to give wealth to Jodha that is oe lac gold coins, tons of gold, specials stones etc, Jodha says thats it? i dont want it, i want more, all are shocked, Priest says this was written at time of marriage, Jodha says its less, when a girl comes in her in laws house, she makes new relationship, i made relation with Hamida, Jalal, with other wives and all, will these relation end with this divorce? this is injustice, Jalal says whidch relations you are talking aboutm Hamida doesnt take you as her daughter in law, i am giving you divorce as per ules, Jodha says if thats case then this wealth is less, i want more wealth,

Jalal says you will will get what you want, i will open my treasury for you, Jalal ask to bring gold, soldiers bring golb biscuits, Jalal ask if its fine? Jodha says no i want more, Jalal ask to bring jewelry, all are confused with jodha’s behavior, Hamida takes off her jewelry and puts it in Jodha’s stuff, Jalal is angry, Jodha looks at Hamida then looks at gold and jewelry placed infront of her, she comes, takes Hamida’s earrings which she had placed there, she says to jalal that i dont want anything else now, this is my wealth, Jalal says but this is just earrings, i am giving you alot of wealth,

Jodha says for me only this matters, my mother have given me this, this is Marium Makani’s earrings, they are respectable so nothing matters infront these earrings, i dont want anything, Hamida feels guilty and in tears look at Hamida, Jodha says to Jalal that i accept your divorce and i am ready t leave, Jalal says fine, Jodha starts leaving, Hamida stops her and says you will not go anywhere and Jalal will not divorce you, she comes to Jalal and says you cant divorce Jodha, this is your mother’s order, Jalal ask all to leave expect his family, all ministers leave.

Jalal ask Hamida why? i wam king, nobody can stop me, Hamida says i am Mariumj Makani and you will not divorce her, what she has done? that she went against you for first time, she has always done things fro me and you, Jalal says she went against me, she tried to change her religion, Hamida says she was forced by me, i accept that i pressurized her to change religion, i wanted to stop the war so i stopped eating and my daughter Jodha who loves me alot had no choice but to change her religion, she is not responsible but i am, i didnt know Jodha will have to bear such punishment because of all this, i am king’s mother and i order you to not divorce her,

Jalal smiles broadly, all are stunned, he says i will never understand relation of mother and daughter in law, i am sorry to all of you, i did drama of giving divorce to Jodha, i had no intention to divorce, i knew Jodha was pressurized, Hamida didnt tell me this but i could sense that, i just wanted to make Hamida believe that she is wrong, she went against daughter for whom she used to fight with me, you both have set example of daughter and mother relation, youboth ave given me strength to fight in war so why this fight, Hamida cries and says to Jodha i am sorry i did mistake, Jodha says elder should raise hands to bless only, not to say sorry, they hug each other, all smile,

Jalal says if everything is fine between you both then i am also sorry with Jodha, Jodha angrily leaves from there, Hamida ask Jalal to pacify my daughter else i will not see your face, Jalal says you are weird first you didnt want to see her face, and now for her, you will not see my face.

Jalal comes to Jodha, Jodha is packing ehr stuff and says i am leaving, he says it was just drama, Jodha says everything is joke for you, how easily you said that you dont love me anymore, you will divorce me, did you ever thingk how much it hurts my heart? i didnt agree with you for once so you took decision to divorce me, you have hurt me alot of time, Jalal says you know i didnt mean that, she pushes him and ask him to go, jalal says come with me once,

Jodha says i dont wanna come, he drags her and brings her in terrace, he says look at stars, till they are in sky, till then i will not leave you, i only did drama so that your relation with Hamida becomes fine, Jodha says like stars you love fades away in morning, divorce me and leave me, i will get alot of wealth and will live peacefully, Jalal says you wanna leave me? Jodha says i wanna leave all these tensions, jalal says what you want? i can says sorry like Aram bano, sitting on my knees, Jodha smiles and says you want me to stop? Jalal says yes, she asys you will do what i will say? Jalal says everything, Jodha says you will have time? jalal says i willl take time ot for you, Jodha says ok i have some conditions, she says when i call you to walk in garden with me then you have to leave your work and come,

Jalal agrees, she says when i feel like eating mangoes then you have pluck them from tree, Jalal agress, Jodha keeps telling him conditions and he agrees to all, still worried for her, Jodha says now hold your ears ad become hen to sorry, Jalal says anyone can see me here, lets go in room, Jodha says you hurt me infront of everyone so say sorry infront of all too, Jalal says ok if you want then i wil do it, he holds his ear and is about to sit down but Jodha stops him and says dont use word divorce again, he says never, she hugs him, jalal says all were taking your side, Salim said that if you give divorce to Maasa then i will not become king, Jodha what he called me Maasa> Jalal nods, Jodha says my son returned to me, she hugs Jalal.

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