Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 24 September 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 24 September 2020

Thursday Jodha Akbar Update 24 September 2020: The heir who stopped you from punishing betrayers, don’t crush him under your decision.Ruks says that Jodha took Rashi’s side that day and now she must be understanding that I was right, Salim comes there and hugs her. SAlim says that Jalal and Jodha want to give me punishment, you want punishement for me too?

Jodha Akbar Update Wednesday 23 September 2020

Ruks says no, you are my life, you are heir and nobody will punish you, Salim says why did jodha not stop jalal, Jalal listens everything she say, I am afraid, I didn’t do it deliberately, please save me, will Jalal crush my head under elephant’s feet, Ruks ask him to stop crying and says I am here for you, nothing will happen, your mother can anything but I want your good only and I wont let you punished, you are safe with me, she hugs him, ruks thinks that this will be my first win over Jodha, she will know how much did it hurt when she snatched my child, I will make Salim my son, you will be only marium Zmani.
in village, people are gossiping that Jalal will give verdict against Salim or not. all village people comes in court. Jalal comes in court, Salim, royal family and grandmother is there too, Salim thinks that where is ruks, she said that she will save me in court. Salim is shivering seeing jalal, Jalal says Mughal sultanat is known for justice, I have done justice sitting on this throne and I will do justice today too, Jalal says my decision is that…

someone throws arrow at jalal, all are shocked, Jalal ask who did that? Ruks says me, Jalal says what is this, he ask soldiers to arrest ruks, Hamida ask ruks why did you throw arrow at jalal, Ruks says I am sorry, my target was not Jalal but a fire holder behind him, if jalal had come inbetween the he could have been hurt by my arrow but It would not be my fault, Jalal says you did crime by using weapon in court, you will be jailed, all are shocked, Jodha says Ruks was just showing you what happened with SAlim, Ruks could see you but Salim couldn’t even see Qadir on tree, Jalal says this is court and no one can use weapon here, he ask soldiers to arrest ruks, they put chain to ruks and arrests her.

Jalal ask soldiers to take ruks away from here, Hamida says stop, she says to Jalal that if you are king then I am Marium /makani, Jalal says let me clear here I am not son or husband but I am just king who is doing justice, Hamida says you cant arrest Mughal wife its rule, I know she did mistake but she was just clearing the point of Salim, she has right to defend Salim, she says me Marium Makani is ordering to free Ruks, soldiers leave ruks, Ruks puts hand on Salim’s shoulder as assurance, she comes and stand in royal wives.

Jalal says if everything is finished so my verdict is that Salim is culprit, I know he did mistake deliberately but old lady had to suffer a lot because of this, his second mistake is that being heir he ran away seeing Qadir injured instead of helping him, his third mistake is that when he was asked about he lied which is very irresponsible, Qadir is old lady’s everything, he used to do everything of old lady so my punishment is that till Qadir gets fine, Salim will take place of Qadir, he will do every work of Qadir, Prince Salim will be in place of Qadir, Jodha is shocked, Jalal says Salim will do every work but as a common man, he will not get royal help, and I am clearing nobody can meet SAlim in this period, Jalal ask Rahim to start preparing for sending Salim in village, he leaves.

Salim is leaving the palace, Salim is in common clothes, Salim hugs Rahim and ask him to do something, he says that you are Jalal’s right hand, he will listen to you, Rahim says that I cant change decision of king, Salim comes and hugs Hamida,Hamida says we will call you after Qadir gets fine, Maan ask Sailm to come, Daniyal says that let me go with him, Maan says no this punishment is for Salim only, Salim comes to Jalal who is standing there too, he hugs Jalal and ask him to forgive, he pleads to stop him, he cries hugging jalal, Jalal says today you bowed to me but never bow to anyone except God, he leaves, Salim bows to Jodha and says you are my God so I am bowing to you, please stop me, Jodha says if you have to bear punishment then bear it with élan not with fear, she hugs him and cries,

Ruks ask her to control herself, jalal will not like to see her in this state, she says you are marium Zamani, tomorrow when SAlim will go to war, will you cry like this, Salim is going to be king, think this is first war of Salim, send him with smile, Jodha says Marium Zamani can bear this but not a mother, ruks is hurt by this sentence a little, Rahim comes and takes Salim away from jodha, jodha cries, Salim is leaving and thinks that if Maasa request to Jala then he will agree to her, stop me for once, Jodha thinks that how to stop you my child, I cant do anything, all kids are crying too including Murad and Haidar (don’t know real or fake), Maan singh comes to Jalal, Jalal says I know shekhu baba is going to there to bear punishment but you and Rahim will keep an eye on him as his security is important, nothing should happen to my child, Maan agrees. Jalal looks at Salim leaving and crying, he is hurt too. Salim finally leaves.


Rahim comes to old lady with SAlim and says prince has come, he will live here only, old lady (Fatima bi) says that I got justice, prince cant live here, please take him back, Rahim says I cant do anything, we have to follow Jalal’s rule, he will live here, fatima calls them in, Salim is shocked to see a small hut, Fatima says that we have only one bed, I used to sleep on it and Qadr on ground but now you sleep on bed and I will sleep on floor, Salim is shocked, Salim ask water, she gives water to him in mud pto, Salim throws the pot away by mistake, it breaks, Rahim kisses Salim’s forehead and comes out, Rahim says to soldiers that you will not help Salim in work but you will be here to protect Salim, Salim comes to Rahim and ask him to take him away, Rahim leaves from there.

Murad comes to Daniyal and ask him to eat, Damiyal says no, Haidar says you always eat laddos then why not today, Daniyal says that I don’t like laddos without Salim, Murad says that I am missing Salim too, he is different, I get jealous to him but I will never want that he leaves from here, Haidar says you are right, I wont get sleep in night, Salim is real shine of palace, Murad says I am angry on that girl Nadira, it all happened because of her, haidar says I don’t know how heir is living there.

Jodha sees Rahim coming back and ask about Salim, she ask can he live there? Rahim lies that house is very big, Salim will be fine there, Jodha says you cant lie to me, my SAlim is in problem there? Rahim leaves, jodha says my child is alone there, how eh will sleep without me, I have to go to my Salim, he cant live there.
Jalal finds Jodha tensed in her room and pacing around in her room. Hamid comes there and sees jodha too, Jalal is hurt, Hamida says to Jalal that I wont say what happened by Salim was wrong but it was not deliberate, he got his punishment, call him back, he is very small, for jodha’s sake, call him back, Jalal says to Hamida that I know jodha is hurt for Salim and I am hurt too as his father but I want to make Salim understand that for a king, nothing is greater than justice, Hamida ask till when he have to live there? Jalal says till Qadir gets fine, Hamida ask if Qadir doesn’t get fine then? Jalal says then he will have to live there for whole life, pray that Qadir gets fine fast.

Jodha is doing Tulsi pooja, she prays that protect my Salim and gives him strength to bear all this and make Qadir fine. Moti ask her to eat something, Jodha says when son Is away from mother then how she can eat.
Jalal ask maan about Salim? Maan says security is tight around him, Jodha comes there and gives aarti to Jalal and Maan, jalal looks at her sad face.

Salim is sleeping and recalls his time spent with jodha, someone puts hand on his forehead, Salim says I knew you will come to me, I knew you will not be able to stay away with me, he turns and find Ruks instead of jodha, he ask about jodha? ruks says I tired to make her understand but she didn’t accept to come here, she is Marium zamani so she has to follow rules, don’t worry I am here with you, she ask why you are not sleeping Salim says this bed is very hard and food is not good here, my hands are hurt, Ruks says don’t worry everything will be fine, I have brought royal food for you, she shows him food she has brought and makes him eat,

Salim gets dizzy after eating it as there was opium in it, Ruks says you are not my son but my servant, Salim in dizziness says that I am your servant, Ruks says what will I say, you will do that, Salim repeats, Ruks says your mother doesn’t care for you, your maasa doesn’t love, you are just toy for her not son and for jalal you are not son but a heir only, this pain you will have to bear for whole life but don’t forget what your parents did with you, she makes him lie on bed, Salim sleeps,

Ruks thinks that soon you will have only one relation that will be with me, now I will be your ammi not bari ammi and you will be my servant, have peaceful sleep. she smirks and comes out of hut, Resham is there and ask about Salim? ruks says he was worried and not sleeping but I made him eat food and he slept, nobody should know that I came here, Resham says you didn’t do any crime, you are his mother, ruks thinks that what game I have played, innocent jodha, you have heart of mother but you trusted a step mother and forgot that step mother is always step mother, she recalls flashback in jodha says to Ruks that I will go to meet my son at any cost,

I will bear punishment of jalal but I will go to him, Ruks says its about Salim, if you go to meet him then he will become weak, Mughal king should be strong, do you want to make him weak? its about 5 6days, once qadir get fine then Salim will return but if you go to meet Salim then Jalal will not like it and it will be against Salim, Jodha says you are right, I have to becomes strong, Ruks thinks that Salim will hate you marium zamani and I will go to Salim, fb ends. Ruks says to Resham that I might be step mother of Salim but I am best mother of him.

Salim is cleaning house with Fatima bi, Salim says to Fatima bi that I am hungry, Fatima says there are no wood to lit stove, I will go and bring wood sticks, Salim says tell me I will bring, Fatima says no I will go, Salim says I have dadi in palace and her responsibility is on me and you are like my dadi so you are my responsibility and I have to do Qadir’s work so tell me from where to bring wood, she says there is jungle near house, Salim takes the axe and goes from there.

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