Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 19 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 19 November 2020

Daniyal comes to Salim and says i wanna talk to you, Salim says you came to taunt me too? Daniyal says i just wanna say that Murad is not wrong, he never wanted to become next king but you insulted him, you have started all this,

Jodha Akbar Update Wednesday 18 November 2020

Salim says what you both did? did you forget that i am your elder brother, i can show my anger to you people but one crown made him so much arrogant that he forgot i am his brother, he says i am not hurt that he is next king, i am hurt that you both forgot our relation, Daniyal says you have forgotten relations, you forgot that you are going to marry Mann bai and you are meeting that dancer, i saw you in market too. Salim says it was coincidence that she was in market and i came there and i couldnt stop myself but to meet her, Daniyal says what about Mann? Salim says i wanna tell you that i like Anarkali only, i know you are mann’s friend so worried, but i am in love with anar and i cant stop myself but to meet her, you can complain to jalal, he leaves.


Jalal comes to Jodha and says i came to listen Bhajan in your melodious voice, will you do Bhajan? Jodha thinks that i will sing Bhajan for last time, Jodha sings bhajan in tears, she cries, Jalal hugs her and ask what happened? Jodha says when i sing this bhajan, i get emotional.

In night, Jodha is sadly sitting in her room, Moti comes there with dress for her, she ask Jodha why are you doing this, Jodha says if by changing my religion, i can save people then let me change it, i gave birth to Salim, his right should not be snatched, i have to see that, as mother and as Queen of India i am taking this step, she cries, goes to Kahna and says its same if singing Bhajan or listening to Azan, we pray to God from heart, there is no difference between QUran and geeta, feeling is same,

she ask Kahan to give her strength to follow her decision, you have said that to do good and not think about reward, if you think i am not doing good then forgive me please but for my son and for my people, i will take this step.


Jodha is dressed as Muslim girl, she looks at jalal talking with Murad, she recalls how Hamida pleaded her to accept Islam. Jodha comes to Hamida, Hamida says to her that what you are going to do, everyone’s happiness lies in there, Jodha leaves with her in palanquin.
Jodha and Hamida come to priest of Islam, priest ask Jodha are you here with your consent? Jodha says yes, he ask were you forced to be here? Hamida says i have brought her with her consent, Priest says but i have to know from her, he ask jodha were you forced? Jodha says no, he says now we will make you accept Islam, he recite some holy verses (kalma), he again ask Jodha will you accept Allah as your God with your consent? will you accept Allah and his Prophet? you can not lie here? he ask Jodha to answer, do you accept to be Muslim? he ask her to recite Kalma, Jodha recalls how Jalal said to her that dont accept Islam ever in pressure, it will be disrespect to Islam, me and my nation, Jodha thinks i have understood Jalal, i will not get forced and will not change my religion, Priest ask her to recite Kalma (holy lines of Islam) if she accept Islam without force, Jodha thinks and gets up,

Hamida ask her to recite, Jodha says i will not recite Kalma as it will be disgrace to Islam, my Kahna may forgive me but i wont be able to forgive myself, she says to priest that i am in pressure of Iran, Hamida says thinks about Salim and Jalal, Jodha says i accept i have responsibility as mother but i am a wife too, i cant deceive Jalal by doing this, i have got family because of Jalal then how can i go against him and accept Islam, Khanum should not marry in family where they force people to change religion, by changing my religion, will their thinking change, no? for you, me and Jalal, praying to any God is same but then why should i change religion for king of Iran, i respect Islam as much as i respect being Hindu but i will not change religion, i will be standing beside Jalal in thick and thin but will not change religion, Hamida says i have rights on you, i am Mariuim Makani and i order you to accept Islam, priest says to Hamida that you are forcing her and this is a great sin, i wont tolerate this, Jodha says forgive me Ammi, Hamida says i asked you for a thing for first time and you disappointed me, she leaves, Jodha is tensed.

Jodha comes to her room, she looks at herself in mirror, she cries. Moti comes there and says i told you it will be difficult to change religion, you have prayed to one God for years so how can you change it, Jodha says i didnt change religion, Jalal is fighting for me and for rule of Islam so my acceptance of Islam would have hurt Jalal, it would be deceiving Jalal and Islam just to accept it for Salim and Hamida, Moti says you did right, Jodha says but Hamida, for first time i didnt listen to her, i have hurt her, she not only called me daughter but has treated me like her daughter, she is miffed with me, Moti says you relation with her is strong, dont worry, everything will be fine.
In morning, Jodha is doing Tulsi puja, she says Tulsi mata first time i have not listened to my mother Hamida, i have disappointed her, forgive me. Jalal is passing by there and finds Jodha praying, he smiles looking at her, Jodha starts leaving, Hamida comes there, Jodha greets her and ask her to take Aarti, Hamida takes aarti and leaves from there angrily, Jalal notices the tension, Moti says to Jodha that she will take time to understand, Jodha says i dont know how to make her understand, Jalal says why Hamida didnt talk to Jodha, this never happened that Jodha greeted Hamida and she didnt answer it back, something is wrong.

Jodha is sitting in her roomm Jalal comes there and says i am angry with you, you disappointed Hamida, Jodha is stunned and says i am sorry, i didnt want to hurt her, Jalal smiles and says you are afraid, i am saying you greeted her and she didnt answer you back, Jodha thinks he doesnt know anything, she says it is matter fo daughter and mother, we will solve it, you dont worry, Jalal says ok, if she doesnt understand your thinking then tell me, i will explain her, Jodha says it will not be needed, Jalal says i know as she loves you alot, he leaves, Jodha says i have to talk to her before Jalal gets to know anything.

one soldier comes and one jewelry was found in palanquin. Jalal comes there and says it is of Jodha begum, he ask where did she go? he says she went to Mosque with Hamida, he takes jewelry and thinks why did Jodha go to mosque with Hamida and today Hamida was not talking to her, whats the thing?

Hamida gifts Salima, the gold cover for Quran pak, jodha comes there, Salima says to Jodha that see Hamjida has gifted us the cover o Quran pak, Jodha says its really nice, Jodah says to Hamida that i wanna talk to you in private, Salima says i will come later, Hamida says Salima you dont have to go anywhere, all should know what Jodha has done, Salima ask what happened you never talk in this tone, Hamida says i was never insulted like this, i asked for something ans she disappointed me, Jodha says i couldnt give it to you, Hamida says i will not forgive you for that, she leaves, Salima ask what happened? Jodha tells her everything, Salima says how can Hamida take such a big step without discussing with Jalal,

Jodha says Jalal is going on war, dont tell him anything, Salima agrees.
Jodha is in her room, Jalal comes there, she greets him, Jalal curtly looks at her, he gives her jewelry to her and says you left it in palanquin, Jodha is stunned and takes it, he ask where did you with Hamida yesterday night? Jodha says dont ask me, i wont be able to lie and cant say truth. Jalal says what is making you force to keep secret with me, Jodha says dont ask me, he says ok i will ask Hamida, she says you swear on me that you wont ask anything from her, he says you swear on me to tell everything to me, Jodha says i went there to accept Islam, Jalal is shocked, Jodha says i couldnt do it, i couldnt break your trust, i didnt change my religion,

Jalal says you promised me then why did you go there, why Hamida went with you? i cant see in this condition, tell me whole truth. Jodha says Hamida made me agree to change religion, Jalal says this means it was Hamida’s idea, she forced you to change religion? i am hurt that the two women i trust most have hurt me, she has taken wrong decision, i will talk to her, Jodha says you swear on me that you will not talk to her, this is my and her matter, dont come inbetween, Jalal says i am always inbetween, Jodha says this is matter of daughter and mother, i know how to pacify her, i promise you but you promise me too that you will not talk to her, no mother can be miffed with her daughter for long time, Jalal says i am king but you always order me, they hug.

Hamida says to Gul badan that i always thought Jodha as my daughter but she insulted me infront of priest by not agreeing to Islam, Gul says if Jalal gets to know about it then he will be angry on you, Hamida says i am not afraid of him, i am his mother, hoshiyar listens all this and thinks to tell everything to Ruks.
Hoshiyar comes to Ruks and tells her everything, she says what a great news, its good she didnt change religion and now Hamida is also agains Jodha, now jodha will lose against Hamida, now see what games i will play in harem.
Todar sys to Birbal that Jodha did good as then it would have been assumed that Jalal bowed to Iran by changing Jodha’s religion, Borbal says but it will effect harem relation. news of Jodha and Hamida’s rift spread like fire in harem.
Anarkali says to Zil that Jodha and Hamida’s fight news is not good, Salim must be worried regarding this matter, he doesnt show but he cares for Jodha.
Salim comes to meet jodha in her room, Jodha says i know Salim why did you come here, you are bugged with me that i didnt change my religion, i couldnt give your your rights, i have disappointed you as mother, Salim takes off his slippers and bows to Kahna first, Jodha looks on, he lits diya of Kahna’s mandir, Salim says to Jodha that i am bugged with you and the reason is why did you think to change your religion? Joodha is stunned, he says thank God you stopped yourself, you always taught me to respect all religions, to not get forced by anyone, i said in anger that why did you not change religion but i never meant to hurt you, i say stupid things in anger, Jalal has made Murad next king for time being, i am not hurt for this that much but if you had changed religion for me then it would have hurt me most, Jodha smiles, he ask should we do Kahna’s puja together? Jodha get happy, he gives her aarti plate, Ruks comes there and see them together, she is angered and leaves, Jodha sings Man Mahan and does aarti.

Ruks shouts in her room and says after knowing that Joda didnt accept Islam, Salim is not angry on her, why? she gets jittery and eats opium, she gets peace and says to Hoshiyar who is mother of Salim? he says you, she says then why Jodha is snatching Salim from me, i have to make Salim on my side at any cost, i have to talk to him. Jodha always snatches things from me.
Jodha is royal kitchen, she is making lunch, cook says this is our work, why you are doing it, Jodha says i will make food today, you just give me ingredients, Jalal comes there and starts giving her ingredients from back, she ask one thing, he turns to see him and says you? she says you always surprise me, Jalal says i like your surprised face, what are you doing here? Jodha says i am making keehr(sweetdish) for Hamida, Jalal says this is good idea, if i want to have something made by you then i should get miffed with you, Jodha says to jalal that i dont know about you but i know Hamida, her anger will go away in seconds when she will eat food cooked by me, Jalal says i know and also i know she likes almonds in kheer, she says you know much about cooking, he says yes as if i cook daily, she laughs, he helps her in making kheer, they both smile.

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