Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 31 October 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 31 October 2020

Jalal is seeing kids, he says i have to find that kid(spiritual soul). he says no he is not here, he ask soldiers to bring him here, soldier says we didnt find any kid, Jodha ask how was he?

Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 30 October 2020

Jalal says he was normal kid but he was standing peacefully in storm, he was wearing white dress and suddenly he disappeared, but i will find him, Jalal ask Birbal to find that kid, maybe he is hiding in palace, i have to talk to that kid.
Jodha comes to one Muslim priest, she says you seem tensed, is there anything to say? he says if i say anything then Jalal can get angry on me, Jodha says nothing will happen to you, tell me, priest says God is everywhere in this world, he shows path to his men in different avatars, sometime he send angels to show path, that kid which Jalal met was an angel because angel doesnt get afraid of any person, they say what they want to say, God has directly given message to Jalal, Jodha says what message God want to give to Jalal? priest says that you have to find, Jodha recalls all the misfortunes that happened with Jalal in all this.
Todar tells Jalal about people’s house and land getting destroyed because of storm, Jalal says we will make house f everyone, we will give them work, we will treat them, open royal treasury, todar says but.. Jalal says royal treasury is for people only, its my duty to serve people, i will give them back everything, he says to Salim and Daniyal to see everything and help people to rehabilitate, minister informs Jalal that Shah has got the land which you wanted, Jalal orders his ministers to make that fort as soon as possible to help people, they should understand that after God on sky, there is God on earth that is me.

Jodha is reciting sacred lines, she is in half sleep and says i cant sleep, i have to recite, Jalal comes there, he as what you are doing? moti told me that you didnt sleep for two days? Jodha says i have to recite, i cant sleep, Jalal says okay dont sleep, sit with me, he makes her sit on bed, she lies and says i dont have to sleep, Jalal says no no i am not asking you for sleep, he then starts singing lullaby to make Jodha sleep, Jodha sleeps, Jalal kisses her forehead, he gets up from bed and recalls that kid, he recalls the storm, he says why all this is happening, Jodha starts feeling jittery in sleep, she afraid and gets up because of bad dream, Jalal consoles her and what did you see in dream? Jodha says i saw many insects on earth and they were surrounding you, a big problem is coming, priest was saying right, stop yourself, Jalal says nothing like this will happen, this is your thinking only and it is being planted in your mind by that priest, i know what to do, nothing like this will happen, he leaves.
Maan is in some secret place with his men, he says i am worried about Jalal’s life, any mistake can make me go away from my target, he shows them map of palace and shows them a secret way to enter the palace.
Priest badrinath says that Jodha will have to suffer alot, Jalal comes there angry, he says this is all happening because of you, she is getting afraid, she is thinking about bad things and getting bad dreams, Badri says its not because of me but its because of you, your own family have to suffer, Jalal says i can do anything, i can put you in jail, i can cut your fingers, i can cut your tongue with which you predict future, i can do anything, if i want i can make your life hell, Badri ask can you change your fate? can you change working of stars on sky? can you change weather, can you control sun or Moon? no you cant because you dont have control over them, there is king of whole universe, Jalal says on this land, on India, i rule and all follow me, its my order to leave Agra soon else i will destroy your life.
Jodha is sleeping when she wakes up with jerk, she is worried and says i saw insects in dream, she says i have to talk to badri, i have to ask Jalal to go to Badri.
Shah says to Jalal that working on fort has started, Jodha comes there so he leaves, Jodha says i wanna talk to you, Jalal says first calm down, he makes her drink water, she says i saw same dream again that insects came on earth, Jalal says why dodn you leave these dreams, your dreams are disturbing you and me too, Jodha says you know that my dreams are becoming true and Badri said that, i want you to meet him and ask why all this is happening. jalal says i am not interested to meet him, Jodha says i know you dont like him but for me, meet him once, lets go, Jalal stops her, Jodha says please come, Jalal says you wont anything there, you will not find him there, i have ordered him to leave Agra, Jodha is stunned, Jodha says you did mistake again, why cant you understand that a big problem is coming, Badri said that you will make good people go away from you and by making Badri go from here, you proved it right, stop yourself from making respects, you have started comparing yourself with God, how can you insult a personality like him, Jalal says what you wanna say that this storm came because of me? that people are suffering because of me? this was said by your priest so i had to throw him out of city as these people speak rubbish, Jodha says he was right that in when person get blinded by power then he doesnt see anything, Jalal says i dont know anything, i only know how to rule and what is right for people, he leaves, Jodha is in tears.

Hamida comes to bhagwan das, she gifts them some gifts, Bhagwan das says to Jalal that now we will leave Agra, i hope that when i come next time then Maan is with you and you resolve misunderstanding with him and if he is guilty then punish him.
Mann calls Anarkali, Anarkali comes there, Mann says i got to know that you saved Salim’s life and burnt your hand, i am very thankful, Anarkali says i am lucky that i got to save prince’s life, Mann says you are very nice person, you have to do one thing, i am leaving Agra, you have to look after Salim and also give report about him in letter, Salim comes there, Mann says i got to know that Anarkali saved your life, Anarkali says i had to do this for my friend Mann, and you saved her life too, Salim says how could i not save her, she has my life, Anarkali is stunned, Salim says i mean she is your friend, Anarkali leaves, Mann ask why did you come here? Salim says to Mann that you are nice person, a humble person, sorry i couldnt spend time with you, Mann says thanks for meeting me before going but i wanna say one thing that my my brother is innocent, Salim says i will try to sort out matter, Mann comes to her parents, they leave for Amer.

Maan is going in jungle, when some soldiers catch him, they bring him to Mirza Hakim, Mirza says i will use you against Jalal, i was with Jalal, i went against my mother for Jalal but what Jalal did? he killed my mother, i always took his side and he deceived me, he shouldnt have killed my mother, Maan says i was hiding to attack Jalal not you, Mirza says i cant believe you are very close to Jalal, you cant hurt him, Maan says you were close to him too but when Jalal deceived me then i had to go against him like you did, when he insulted me i went against him, you can investigate, Mirza says i will but till then you will have to be in my jail, Maan is taken by soldiers in jail.
Soul Talk- Jalal’s soul says that days were passing and it was getting more worst, my own people were drifting away from me, those were worst days.
Jodha’s soul says that Jalal you were my everything, you were my life line and you were going on wrong path, i didnt know how to change your thinking, i couldnt do anything but to see your changing, the king who used to listen to all his ministers, people etc would now insult them, started to rule them, you were completely changed as if you were not your real self and i didnt know what to do.

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