Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 22 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 22 November 2020

Salu aarives in jalu’s tent n jalu offers himdrink, he hesitates at first but jalu insist, salu says that he loves jodha so much that’s why he declared war, jalu corrects him saying although he loves jodha but this war is not for love its for beliefs, he made a promise while marrying her n this is to keep that promise, salu understands, jalu saw wound on his hand n apply medi, salu says that wounds on a soldier’s body is like jwellery n it suits them, jalu appreciates n says he think like him.

Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 21 November 2020

Next Scene, hamida is unconcious, doc says she got heartattack, all starts blamming jodha, doc says not to give her stress, all came out n starts bombarding jodha with all allegations, n ask her to leave without even listening to her side.

Other side, maan & raim came to jalu n inform him about their progress on war n jalu told them about their next step n thus they celebrate their success.

In agra, all were around hamida, jodha is guitly sitting near her feet, soon she gain conciousness, she dnt want to see jodha, all ask her to leave before it effect hamida’s health, jodha leaves with heavy heart.

During war, salu heps murad but he was rude to him, fight was going on, salu got l’il injured, jalu immidiately came to help him, there hamida wakes up n says its for her children n she won’t eat anything untill they return save n sound. There todarmal n birbal worried for hamida n the current state of the empire.

Next scene, jodha is upset ncrying remembering her good memories with hamida n missing jalu n their jalu missing jodha.

Jodha ask Moti how is Hamida, did she ask about me? Moti says she didnt ask about you and also her health is not good, she has said that she wil not eat anything till Jalal comes back, Jodha says this is wrong, i will talk to her, Moti says she will not listen to you, Jodha cries and says i am feeling helpless, i can lessen her pain, Moti says dont worry everything will be fine, Jodha says Jalal where are you, return soon, i need you alot.
Other side, Jalal comes out of his tent, he finds Murad bandaging his wounds, Jalal says dont worry i will do it, he wipes his wound and bandages it, Salim comes there and one country have come to our side, congrats, Jalal says only one country is left to come on our side, Salim ask Jalal to stop, he applies cream on his wounds and says you are our king, you should be fine, he applies bandage, Jalal smiles and thanks him. he comes in tent and hugs Jodha’s letter, he says for the reason i brought my sons in war, that is going to be fulfilled, the much you miss me, i miss you too. Voice over says days were passing, Jalal was winning war and othersdei Jodha was in problem, all were thinking that she is wrong.
Iran’s king gets to know Jalal has won over his enemies which were with them and some have gone to theri side, soldier says they are forcing countries to allow their people for pilgrimage, Iran’s king says al bad news are coming, Kankar’s king comes there, he is Kurb, Iran’s king says you know what you have to do? Kurb sats yes i have to win war over Jalal, i know he is great warior and has not lost any war, Iran’s king says that i also know that you have not lost any war in life too, you have to win this time too and we will assist you in war, Kurd says dont worry, i will win.

Jodha is doing Pooja in Mandir, she prays to Maa that make Hamida fine soon, Make Jalal return soon, please bring happiness in nation again.
Jodga starts leaving the Mandir, she ask soldiers to stop Palanquin, she comes out and finds Mughal soldiers distributing something? soldier informs her that we are distributing money in wives whose husbands or someone got killed in war, Jodha says assist them in everything, one women says to Jodha that dot pity over us, my son and husband got killed in war, what would have happened if you had changed religion, many people got killed because of you, other women says Jodha has always thought good about us, she did right by not changing religion, we are proud that our hubands died in fighting for Mughal saltanat, Jodha leaves.
Ruks comes to Jodha, Jodha ask how is Hamida, Ruks says Hamida is in tension after listening the killing of soldiers, she would did because of tension, Jodha says dont say like this, ruks says this all could have stopped if you had changed religion but now nothing can stop all this, Hamida is not eating anything, i pray that some miracle happen, she smirks and leaves, Jodha thinks what to do.
Jodha says to Aram Bano, you know what you have to do? aram says i will do your work, Jodh gives her fruits, Aram leaves taking it.
Aram Bano comes to Hamida and says i have brought fruits for you, we will eat together, Hamida says i dont wanna eat, Aram says i brought these for you only, dont you love me? Hamida says i love you and i know you love me alot, Aram says Jodha loves you most thats why she sent these fruits for you, Hamida is pissed and says you are stubborn and i am your grandmother so i am more stubborn than you, i will not eat.

Jalal says to this soldiers that they all have fought very nicely all the wars and tomorrow wil be last war against Kurb, they all drink wine, Rahim says soon we will win and will celebrate in Agra, Murad says i got to know Kurb is great warior, Jalal says i will win this war for sure but we will not attack them before they attack us.
Aram comes to jodha and says your work couldnt be done, her stubborn nature is more than me, Jodha thinks dont know how to pacify her.

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