Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 20 September 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Sunday 20 September 2020

Jalal says to his ministers that people related to this palace, the one who work here and the palace family will participate in meena bazar, jalal ask maan to look after security as Salim is also going in it.

Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 19 September 2020
Ruks is puffing hukah and recalls how jalal ordered that only women with kids/mothers can participate in meena bazar, resham comes there and says you wont be able to participate in bazar, ruks angrily looks at her and thinks that jalal didn’t even think how will it affect me.
Jodha thinks that ruks must be affected by jalal’s decision, how can he do that, jalal comes there, jodha says how can you order that only mothers can participate in bazar, jalal says I am trying to make kids happy, jodha ask what about elders? they must be hurt, all wives doesn’t have kids, I know Salim is also child of ruks but she must be hurt, jalal says oh God I didn’t think about it.
resham ask what will you do? ruks says what should be done, she ask resham to fill her hukah and smirks. she leaves from there.
Jalal says to jodha that I will go and talk to ruks, jodha says I have one idea that ruks sit in stall with Salim as she also have right on SAlim, Ruks comes there and says jodha is right, jalal says listen to me ruks, ruks says you said that mothers can sit in stall with their kids but this wont be justice with jodha if she doesn’t sit, Salim is son of both of us so if you agree then we both can sit with Salim on one shop only, we will put one stall together, jodha says this is brilliant idea, Ruks says you have to work jodha, jodha smiles, ruks says we have to put best stall to make SAlim win, Jodha says don’t underestimate other children.

Meena bazar has been set up, all children are trying to sell their goods to people. Daniyal and murad are one stall, dnaiyal’s mother/shahi wife comes to Salima and thanks her for taking daniyal in her stall, salima says daniyal is also jalal’s son so it doesn’t matter.
Salim has put stall of utensils, he is selling it, ruks and jodha smiles. all the ladies are coming to his stall. Jodha says to ruks that if salim will not be able to sell everything then we will but things from him, ruks says the way Salim is selling nothing will be left. Some ladies come to his stall and says we will buy utensils from your shop but you have to kiss on pour hands, Salim says this bribe but you are from my palace so I agree to it, he sell and kisses their hands.

Jalal comes to his stall and says great you are selling things, jalal says to ruks that I am happy, you and jodha are always against each other in meena bazar but this time you both are together, Salim ask him to buy something, Jalal buys one utensil and gives gold coin to Salim, Salim says stop and kisses his hand, he says that those who are coming on my stall, I am giving this gift to them, jalal says you know how to attract people, he leaves, Salim says to jodha that I am not talking to you, jodha says you have talked to me for many time just to tell it.

Haidar has put stall of mud toys with javeda, he break toys, javeda ask what are you doing, haidar says our things are not selling, this is insult for us, javeda says nothing like that, you know there was a time when most people used to visit my stall, haidar says this is all drama for Salim’s happiness. zil bahar comes to meena bazar and says to resham on gate that my husband rashid works with tansen in palace, resham lets her in, Anarkali and sakina (her friend) comes in meena bazar with their mothers, zil bahar gives anrkali money to buy things. they come in bazar and see lot of people on Salim’s stall, Sakina takes her to that Stall, Sakina says see prince is selling things, Anarkali says he calls himself king and is selling things, sakina says in meena bazar says royal people put stall, anarkali says see he is kissing women’s hands, Sakina says lets buy something from him, Anarkali says he has noting to sell, all are coming to his stall as he is price and marium zamani are with him. lets go and have something to eat.

Daniyal and murad are selling laddos, daniyal eats laddos, murad stops him and says we have to sell them, daniyal gives him his gold chain and says I have bought all these laddos now, murad says for laddos you have given me chain which your mother gifted you, daniyal says for laddos I can sell you too, Anarkali and sakina comes there to buy laddos, murad and daniyal are fighting, salima says don’t fight and see people have come to buy things, daniyal sees anarkali and says she is bad girl, we will not give her things, murad says go from here, salima says don’t talk like this, she has come to buy, give her, murad ask what you wanna buy, she says laddos, murad takes money from her while daniyal packs laddos, Salima sees anarkali and stares at her, daniyal eats half laddo while packing, salima pulls his ears and says when you sell something to costumer then you should not cheat, she gives anarkali laddos, anarkali looks at salim, he angily looks at her.

Salim says to ruks that I am coming in sometime, jodha says you cant go leaving shop, salim says to ruks that tell jodha that she didn’t talk to me last day so I am not talking to her and I have sell most of the things so I will come in a minute.
one lady is asking mehtab about her stall, Jalal sees mehtab finding it difficult to understand what women is saying as she is deaf, jalal comes there and blesses mehtab, he talks to mehtab in sign language, mehtab understands him and says you have to hit five times to get a gift. Mehtab and bakshi have put stall where costumer have to hit 5 fruits by arrows to get a gift, jalal says I will hit 10 items to get gift, Jalal hits 5 fruits with arrows in one time, all claps for him, jalal says to mehtab to tell him what gift he has earned? mehtab brings Quran pak and gives it to jalal, jalal smiles and says mashallah, he says to bakshi that your daughter is most unique girl in this world, I came here to but things from her but she bought me today, she says most precious and pure girl, he says that today you will get most benefit from this shop, I will buy everything from your shop, you will get income more than Salim too.

Sakina says to anarkali we have been to all the stalls why not salim’s? anarkali says no we wont go there. salim comes there and says you are that anklet girl right? She says no i am not. he says i know you are./ she says why are you asking me then? he says i have a stall too and everyone is coming there. anarkali says people are coming there just to make you happy. She says i have no interest in your stall. He says don’t say that about my shop. He says dont you call me girl my name is nadira. He says such a bad name is that. She says your dad gave me that name. And dont call it your shop its your mom’s. She leaves and buys an arrow from a stall.

salim says you can’t do that i can help you. I know this since i was five. she says i dont need anyone’s tragedy. he takes the bow from her and shots it right on the target. he smiles at anarkali. The owner gives him the arrow. he says i don’t want it. give it to this girl nadira. bakshi says is she the same girl jalal named? nadira says is that a bad name? She says how can my brother name a girl bad. Who said that? She points at salim. he says i have to go to shop. come there if you need something. she says i don’t need anything. she gives him the pen he has won and says you can keep it. or give it to your moml.


jodha asks salim where were you? He says what that girl thinks of herself? jodha says whom did you fight with now? he says that girl nadira, i helped her in hitting the target and won this pen for her she gave it back to me and said i can keep it or if i don’t want to i can give it to my mom.

Zil bahar comes to jodha’s shop. Jodha says your daughter has grown old? Zil bahar says what salim is selling? jodha says utensils. Salim says to nadira why are you here now? is your pride broken now? zil bahar says you had to buy that pot why are you not buying it now. nadirra buys it reluctantly. Bakhsi says prince is kissing everyone who is buying from his shop. Zil bahar asks nadira tob extend her hand. She does in and salim bites/kisses her hand. she says lets go ammi jaan.

salim says i forgot to give this pen to mom. ruks is ready to receive it when he turns to jodha. Jodha says you were bugged with me give it to your bari ammi. he says you are my mom no matter what. ruks says this is what mom and child are like. He gives the pen to jodha and hugs her. Ruks is envious.

Ruks asks resham to bring her paanbox. She take out the opium from it which she is addicted to. she says i can’t live without it. i will make you addicted to it salim. i will make you mine and will take you away from jodha.

Jodha asks salim why are you sleeping with you ammi jaan today? He says i was tired. You have to tell me story. she says okay i will tell you. jalal comes in and asks whhy are you not slept salim/ jodha says he wants to sleep with me and hear a story. jalal says you have to grow up and you will have to go to dewan-e-khas tomorrow? jodha says waht for ? jalal says you will know it tomorrow. jalal says its late now you should sleep prince. jalal leaves. salim says to jodha is he angry with me? will he punish me? jodha says no he wont. i will be there with you. Jodha wonders why has jalal called salim in dewan-e-khas.

haider says to murad have you heard Shaheneshah has summoned salim to dewan-e-khas. Murad says he has called all of us. Haider says i think he has called us to punish. Aren’t you scared? murad says no i am not scared at all.

All the prince come to dewan-e-khas. Salim comes concealing himslef behind jodha. Salim says everyone is here i will be punished. Salim is scared. jalal asks jodha to have a seat. jalal asks salim to come to him. jalal says come here. he says come and sits at your place. he sits besides jalal. jalal says i am here to announce something. He says salim is heir to the throne of Mughal empire. salim says please don’t punish me. I will never pluck mangoes again. jalal says its heir. it means that you are the king to be. after me you will take the control of everything.

Jalal takes the crown and says this is the crown of heir. it holds in a lot of responsibilities. He makes him wear it and says now all the responsibilities are yours. this throne makes you the ruler. I hope God makes you a better kind. Ruks congratulates jodha. jalal says everything related to mughal empire is yorus. In my absence your are responsible to take care of everyone. He says i just take care of dadi jan. jalal says from now you have to take care of everyone. Hamida comes out and kisses his forehead, she is followed by ruks and jodha.


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