Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 30 October 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 30 October 2020

Announce is made that Maan singh has run away from Royal jail. Birbal says to Todar that Maan should have not done this, Todar says this will prove that he is culprit.

Jodha Akbar Update Friday 29 October 2020

Bhagwan says to Jodha that i dont know why Maan did this, i told him that i will talk to Jalal, why did run away, his wife ask if it will efecct Mann’s marriage? Bhagwan says Maan have proved that is culprit, Jodha says Maan cant do any criminal act. Jalal comes there ,Jodha ask how is his health? he taunts her that i am feeling very nice, a culprit ran away, the one whom i used to love ran away so i am very happy, Bhagwan says i dont know why he did this but he is not culprit, Jalal says in your eyes, not following order of king is fine, Jodha says to Jalal that you know Maan is with for years, he cant do this, Jalal says i have understood that those who lives with me, stabs me, first ADham then Maham and now Maan, what you want that i i get stabbed by Maan? my people are finding and the time he gets caught, i will ask him how dare he run away, he says to Bhagwan that you are my relative and i dont make anyone else suffer for Maan, Salim and Mann’s marriage with happen for sure, function will happen per schedule, Bhagwan says but.. PRECAP, Jodha says Bhagwan wil come, Jalal says good and leaves, Bhagwan says to Jodha that how can i celebrate when Maan is not here, Jodha says to bhagwan that Jalal is in anger, we cant go against him, he is going from rough phase but that doesnt mean that we should leave him, we have to follow to show him right path, just come in function, bhagwan says ok if you want then we will come in function.

Aram bano comes to Jodha, she brings him to all kids, they all tease Jodha that Jalal spend time with Ghulab Pari (flower fairy), fairy touches him, spend time with him, Jalal enjoyes with him, Jodha gets jealous and ask who is this Ghulab Pari, bring her here, a horse is brought there, ARam says this is Ghulab Pari, Jodha laughs and says you mischievous kids, Murad says we just wanted to make you smile.
Shah with his force comes to disputed land, announcer announce to leave the place right away as per Jalal’s order, one lady comes forward and throws mud at Shah’s face, she says you got answer, the one who will ask us to leave this place, we will blacken his face, Shah says now see what i will do with them.

Daniyal says to Mann that i know you are worried about your brother Maan, Mann says Jodha, bhagwan das all are tensed to either celebrate ceremony of my marriage function or worry about Maan, i really liked how you cheered Jodha, i can feel that when i come here you will keep me happy, Daniyal nods. Jalal comes in court, he says that i am very happy as today is function for Salim and Mann’s marriage, this is part of his marriage, this marriage will be remembered forever, start the function, Jodha is not so happy. Anarkali comes there to perform, Salim looks at her, Anarkali starts performing, all enjoyes ti, suddenly heavy winds starts blowin Jodha thinks why i am feeling nervous that something is going to happen, even Jalal gets tensed seeing weather, Hamida ask why this weather has gone bad suddenly, thunder storm iscoming, suddenly Jalal’s throne vibrates, Jodha shouts Jalal.. Jalal ask to continue the function, fire lamps around Jalal starts falling on ground, Jalal gets stuck in fire, Birbal ask how to save Jalal, Jodha is woried, Jalal tries to jump over fire but a pillar is about to fall on him, Jalal holds it with full strength to save himself.

Jalal is holding pillar, he ask murad to take Jodha and Hamida out from here, Murad takes them, Salim finds Anarkali lying on ground, there is fire all around her, he is stunned, he runs to save her, while Daniyal saves Mann, Salim’s suite gets fire so Anarkali doses it off with her hands, her hdans get burnt, Salim says what you did, your hands are burnt, he lifts her in arms and goes out.
Jalal comes in garden and ask soldiers to save people, he finds light glowing on sky in night, he says what kind of miracle is this that day and night is seen at same time, he finds a kid (spiritual soul) peacefully standing in storm, he ask kid to run else he will get hurt, he runs to save the kid but kid disappears, then Jalal find kid on other place, he keep running behind him, finally he gets the kid, he ask kid to go home else this storm will eat you, kid says this storm will not do anything to me, this is for your deeds, Jalal ask how dare you? kid says i am telling you truth, this is to inform you that you are on wrong path, take decision and follow right path, Jalal says you are talking to king, how dare you say all this, kid says i maybe kid but i am pure, clean and sensible, you have to understand that if you change then people will change too, see you changed and this weather changed too, you are choosen to help people, you are given power to help people and serve them, you are not God but god’s person, God is one and nothing is like him, you have to spread peace, not announce yourself as God, Jalal says if there was God then he would have not brought storm here, he would have protected us, kid says he would have protected you if you had faith on him, if you had faith that God is one, if you want this storm to end then you have to decide that you are just a human being, you have to serve people, kid says you have to bring peace in yourself, you have to develop trust in yourself for God.
Suddenly wind blows, jalal covers his face then opens his eyes to find kid gone.
Shah finds the land burnt, he smirks and says great, now i will make fort here and it will my fort.

Jalal comes in palace, he ask Jodha to in room and take rest, tansen and Todar comes there, they inform Jalal that everything is finished, people are very worried, the land, the agriculture, everything is destroyed, Jalal says forget all this, we will make everything right, serve people and make new throne for me, they leave, Jodha says to Jalal that you still think my dreams were wrong? Jalal says your dream have nothing to do with all this, this is just a bad incident, Jodha says but you fate has all this, Jalal says this is a stupid thing, if you want to think all this then go in your room, i dont have time to listen all this, he leaves, Jodha thinks that this is happening because of his behavior, she prays to God to make Jalal understand his mistake.

Anarkali becomes conscious, she is on Salim’s bed, Salim is sitting beside him, she says why i am here? Salim says you got unconscious, your hands are burnt so i brought you here, Anarkali ask what place is this? Salim says this is my room, you were injured so i brought you here, Anarkali ask if you bring all dancers to this room? Salim says no, i have brought the girl here who saved my life, who burnt her hands to save me, who think about me, Anarkali says dont think that i saved you because i have feelings for you, i saved as you are prince and i am your worker, so it was my duty, also Mann is my friend and you are future husband,

Salim looks on, Rabba is pyar mein plays, she looks at Salim, she brings medicine there and ask Salim to sit, he ask what happened, she ask him to sit, he sit, she applies medicine on his wounds, Salim smiles, Daniyal sees all this, he finds Mann coming there and thinks that what if she Anarkali and Salim together, he stops Mann, Mann ask how is Salim? Daniyal says he is fine, you go and take rest, Mann is about to leave when she finds Anarkali coming out of Salim’s room, she ask about her, Daniyal says she saved Salim’s life so he must have called her.

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