Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 28 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 28 November 2020

Anarkali is liting diyas in her home, Salim comes there, Anarkali shyly smiles seeing him, Salim comes to her, looks at her and says you are looking very beautiful, these diyas cant compete with your beauty,

Jodha Akbar Update Friday 27 November 2020

Anarkali blushes, she then says that you should not come here, Jalal has ordered you to not meet me, Salim says that was for Salim only, not for next king, soon i will talk to Jodha and she will make Jalal agree too, and everything will be fine, Anarkali smiles and says do you think Jalal will agree? Salim says yes, i have faith he will agree, Jalal loves me alot, he will not let my love go away from me, soon i will be king of India and you will be queen of India, anar laughs, she says i recalled our childhood fights, Salim says yes, you used to fight alot and was irritating, Anar says what i am now? Salim says now you are peace of my heart, my most precious thing, i love you alot, they share eyelock, Salim touches her face wit peacock feather, they come closer, Rabba is pyaar mein plays, Anar hugs him.
Birbal is telling jokes to everyone,

Jalal laughs and says you are amazing, Jalal says i have one question, i have three special wives, you have to tell which is most precious to me, Birbal says if i take one name then other two will be angry on me, why you wanna put me in problem, Jalal says now you have to answer, Ruks says yes answer it,

Jodha says you have put him in problem, Birbal says i think Ruks is most likable to you because you know Ruks before Jodh and Salima, she says your friend and have bear you more than other wives, all laughs, Jalal says what you mean? Birbal says you asked me answer and i told you, Jalal says i accept your answer, Jodha says i agree its not easy to bear you, Ruks is brave, Ruks laughs. all ladies leave, Birbal says to Jalal that if had taken Jodha’s name then Ruks would have killed me, Jalal says i am sorry to put you in problem, you did right by not taking Jodha’s name and took Ruks name else she would have not left me too.
Jalal and Jodha are playing chess. Laboni ask dasi where is Jalal? Dasi says he is in chess room with Jodha, Laboni says i need something of Jalal to do black magic but security is tight, how to go in his room, she says i will snatch Jalal from Jodha soon. Laboni throws mud on Jalal from far.

Laboni blows dust and it falls on Jalal, Jalal thinks that from wall, dust is flowing, he ask soldier to call carpenter, Jodha says your face smeared, go and take bath, Jalal says but i won this chess game.
Jalal is in bath tub, Jalal says to Jodha that you are lucky that we were not able to finish game else you would have lost, Jodha says its you who was losing, Jalal pulls her and she falls in tub too, Jodha ask what you did, i am all wet, Jalal laughs on her so she throws water on him too, they both play with water, Jodha gets why, Jalal brings her closer, she ask what are you doing?

Jalal says i am giving you bath, Jodha its you who was dirty, Jalal says your hands got dirty too while cleaning me, Jodha says your heart is dirty right now, Jalal says so make it fine, clean it too, Jodha says i wanna go, anyone will come, Jalal says nobody can come in king’s bathroom, this is beautiful moment and i wanna love you so you dont spoil it, Jodha blushes and says i wanna go, Jalal says i wanna have bath with you, Jodha says let me go, Jalal says please stop, i will clean your hairs, he pours water on her hairs, he smiles looking at her wet face, In ankhon mein plays, then Jodha pours water on his face and wash his face, Jalal wipes her hands, she smiles.
Jalal and jodha comes out of tub, Jodha is drying Jalal’s hairs and says you are too naughty, Jalal says you were looking so beautiful that i couldnt control myself, dasi comes and Leela wanna meet you, Jodha says right now? Jalal ask to call her in, Laboni comes there and says i am sorry to disturb you at this time but i have some gift for you, i had brought a perfume for you, she lustly looks at Jalal, Jalal smells perfume and says its very nice, Jodha yes its nice, Jalal thanks Laboni, Laboni looks at towel which has jalal’s fallen hairs on it.

Laboni comes to dammo who is busy in black magic, Laboni gives her Sindoor which is stealthily collect from Jodha’s room, she gives jalal’s hair to Dammo, Dammo says now no one can stop you, you did great work, dammo makes some doll and gives to Laboni, Laboni does black magic on it and puts Sindoor in her forehead, Dammo says we have to wait for Poonam night which is tomorrow, Laboni says after tomorrow jalal will be mine.

Jodha is making Jalal ready, he ask what have you learned in english? Jodha says you are looking HANDSOME, Jalal ask what? Jodha says this means you are looking very nice, Jalal says then you are looking handsome too, Jodha laughs and in english girls are called beautiful, Jalal says you understood what mean, that is more important, dasi comes and says Bhagwan das has sent letter for you, Jodha reads it, it says that everything is fine so its time to marry Mann and Salim, if you wish then we can meet and decide date,

 Jalal says you are happy that you will get one more person to rule, Jodha says you are joking, i am thinking about marriage, you send letter to Bhagwan that we are ready for marriage.
Maan is discussing politics with Jalal, they are planning to fight with Maharana pratap, Jalal says he is very strong so i want Salim to catch him, Salim says i will not diappoint you, i will bring him to you, Maan says he is great warrior, he will win this war, Rahim says i will go with him, Jalal says prepare for war, till i dont catch Maharana pratap, i will not rule India fully.
Jodha, Salima and Hamida are selecting jewelry for Mann, Ruks says i like everything, Laboni comes there, she greets everyone, Jodha says i called you, she ask Laboni to select one gift, she ask why? Jodha says Bhagwan is comign to fix Mann marriage with Salim, you are Mann’s friend so select gift for her, Laboni thinks that if they come here then my secret will be open, i have to do my work before they come here.
Aram comes to Salim and tells him that Bhagwan is coming to fix your marriage with Mann, she leaves, Salim is tensed.

Salim comes to Anarkali and says i will tell Bhagwan that i cant marry her daughter, Anar says no, Salim says why not? i dont love her, i love you and i wanna marry you only, Anar says but Mann loves you, i feel guilty that i am snatching Mann’s love, Salim says only you have right on my love, my parents think that i love her but that doesnt mean i love her, Anar says you said yes to this marriage, Hoshiyar who is passingby from there, listens their conversation, Salim says if we dont say truth then we will die, i love you and wanna make you wife only, i will talk to Jodha, Anar hugs him.
Hoshiyar says i will tell this news to Ruks, she will gift me, he strikes with Dammo, Dammo says cant you see, Hoshiyar slaps her and says dont you know who i am, i am special servant of Ruks, leave from here, Damo angrily looks at Hoshiyar.
all sit to have lunch, Laboni comes there, Jodha says we all were waiting for you, Laboni says i made dish for all, Hamida says lets see how you cook, Laboni says i will eat in Jodha’s plate today, Ruks says where is Hoshiyar, i sent him to bring juice, Hoshiyar comes there, he whispers in Ruks’s ears about Salim Anarkali affair, she smirks, Hamida praises leela’s dish, Jodha says let me see what she have made, Laboni shows her roasted chicken, Jodha is shocked, Jodha says we are vegetarian, Laboni says i didnt know it, i will take it back, Jodha says no you can eat it if you like, sit far from me, i am sorry, Laboni sit on otherside, she takes whole chicken piece, Salima says that much, Laboni says i love chicken, i like to eat from both hands, she eats chicken liek illiterates, all are stunned,

laboni asks dammo why are you staring at the sun. She says this is poonam night. The mood will blossom and all your wishes will come true.

jalal has become horse for the young girl. She rides on his back and jodha smiles. Jalal says princess horse is tired. Jodha says hey horse our princess wants to ride more. She says ammi jan come as well. jalal says no horse can’t handle so much weight.
The magician says keep in mind laboni the you have to say the mantra in jalal’s ears. magician pulls the hair of the doll. jalal says princess don’t pluck my hair. she says i didn’t. The magician reads the manrta, jalal stands up and arham falls down. Jodha say arham are you okay? She picks her up. Jalal starts walking. Magician says he is coming you have to read the mantra in his ear laboni.

Laboni gets ready and wears her anklets. jalal is walking, she comes in and sits on the floor. jalal comes and sees her in shock. she says come in. She locks the door and comes close to him. She says lets have a game shahenshah. She says in heart maa asked me to read the mantra. She comes close to his hear, he says what are you doing? She says there was dust on your ear so i was blowing it away. jalal stands up.
Jalal comes back, Jodha says where were you? i found you everywhere. jalal says i will go wherever i want. This is what laboni is saying. Jalal is repeating whata she is saying to the doll. Jalal says i am the kind i will do whatever i want step away from my way. He leaves. Jodha is shocked.

Next morning, jodha does pooja and recalls jalal’s behavior. she says what happened to jalal last night? Please protect us. I should give him arti. Jodha sees maan and rahim pratising sword fight. They say hello to him. Jodha says where is jalal? Rahim says he didn’t come for practice. He is asleep. jodha says what? Maan says maybe he is tried.

jodha goes to jalal’s room and sits with him. She sits with arti. Dammo says how did the doll turn down? something is cutting my magic. Jodha touches jalal and says shahenshah. He wakes up in shock. He says thank God its you. the day will be good i saw your face. my head hurts. Jodha says you were talking weird last night? jalal says what i said? Jodha says you said stupid things and you made arham fall as well? where did you go? jalal says i dont remember where i went? i was playing with arham. maybe i went to dewan e khas. he says i think i should go to practice. jodha says the time is over. You have waken up lat. He says i think i should take a bath. jodha says maybe you drank something wrong.

Modi asks jodha to taste the prickle, jodha says i am not in mood to, i will taste it later. Laboni walks in. She comes to jodha. jodha says sit here leela. she says i like the prickle can i taste it? Jodha says yes. She says its really tasty.

jalal is taking the bath. dammo is doing her magic. jalal’s head hurts again. he stands up.

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