Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 14 November 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 14 November 2020

Murad says i didn’t like the decision of Shahenshah. Daniya says yes making you shah shah instead of salim is his insult. Shaduddin comes and says you should be grateful. usually the eldest son gets this but you are lucky to have it. Murad says i don’t like this at all. Shabuddin says you should enjoy the power. you are not less than anyone.

Jodha Akbar Update Friday 13 November 2020

Jodha asks salima if she has seen Salim? Salima says no i haven’t. jodha says i am really worried for him. he went out in anger. Salima says you know he is aggressive he will calm down. Qutub is with him. And i am sure murad and Salim’s bond wont be effected. You know Shahenshah can do anything anytime. for salim and Murad we are mothers. Its our responsibility to keep their bond intact. you know i am not murad’s mom but i never let him realize that and you are salim’s mom. We have to handle this. Jodha says you are right. salima says go and rest i will inquire where is salim.

Salim is out in dark. Qutub says what are you doing here? Jodha has been looking for you. Salim says i don’t wanna go there. the palace suffocated me. People there are so double faced. Shahenshah has been doing this since childhood. Qutub says go and asks Shahenshah why he did this. Salim says kings don’t need a reason. This is because of his dislikeness for me. whenever i think my bond with him is getting better he doesn something that makes me against him.

 Qutub says he is your dad he can’t hate you. He was so proud when you won the war and he announced to make you shah shah. salim says why did he humiliate me today then? he shows that he loves me but he does the same every time. i wont ever trust him again in my life. Salim says i am not sad that murad has become shah shah but he should have rejected it. qutub says he can’t dare to say no shahenshah. Salim says why can’t he? I went against him too. Qutub says there is difference between you and murad. Qutub says please lets go to palace. Salim says i wanna spend this night out. I dont wanna go there.

Salima says the palace is so silent today. jodha says i am scared of the silence in salim’s heart. jodha says rukiya begum please try to talk to salim. ruks says i talked to him but he didn’t listen. Hamida says he wont listen to anyone. Can’t we find a solution to this. ruks says we could get the solution if jodha had agreed to the condition. Jalal comes in and says don’t say that ruks. I told jodha when i married her that she wont change her religion. Ruks says i didn’t mean it. Jalal says no one will talk about it anymore. this is not about jodha’s religion. I vowed everyone that no one will be forced to change religion. And about shah iran he has to fight with shah hindustan. He will get to know the power of Shah hindustan.

Anarkali is in market. The announcement is made that murad has been made the shah shah. Anarkali is shocked. She says i should go to salim. he needs me at this point.

jalal says i am so glad Rahim. you have proved why you are always trusted. Rahim says i am sad to know what is happening here. jalal asks adka what is he news? He says shah iran’s men have left. They are happy that you are not going from confrontation. Jalal says i will handle shah iran but how will i handlde sheikho? Adka says he will understand your problem. You should tell him that its for his better. Jalal says i should talk to him right now. jalal says i should talk to him like a dad not as a king.

Salim is drinking he recalls when murad was made shah shah. jalal comes to his room. jalal says sit here. Jalal says i thought you would come to me bugged about the ceremony but you didn’t. are you so mad at me? Its not like what you think. you will become king and he is just shah shah. Salim says why did you humiliate me in front of anyone? Jalal says i had to mislead the men of shah iran. I can name you shah shah now. Salim says now you wanna break murad’s heart? for you politics is everything. I am the puppet we all are puppet of you in this. No one can question you. jalal says try to understand. salim says you have proved that you nikkah with jodha is illegitimate and i am your illegitimate son. Jalal is about to slap him. Jalal says you are drunk? You have lost your mind in this hangover. you think that our nikkah is illegitimate? no one can take that throne from you. The only thing that can is your drinking. you lose your mind when you drink. At this time a dad wanted to talk to his son.i will talk to you when you are in your senses. Jalal leaves.

Daniyal comes to murad. Murad says i cant accept this, i think only salim deserves this. i will talk to shahenshah. i will accept whatever punishment he gives me. Danyal says you are right but we should talk to salim first.

Jodha lightens candles. jalal comes to her and says i talked to salin but he doesn’t wanna listen to me. He is mad at me. He doubts my intentions. Jodha says you did better that you talked to him. jalal says do you trust that i love him. Jodha says how can i doubt that? there is just some misunderstanding. Jalal says he takes a different meaning of everything, it scared me. what will he do when when sits on the throne. Jodha says he is young he will learn with time. did you talk to murad? Jalal says murad is not stubborn like salim. He is very obedient, he will understand my point. i will try to solve this. He takes her hand ad kisses it. Jodha says in heart i am the reason of all these problems.

Salim comes to dance bar, he is in drunk state, he ask to call anarkali, Anarkali comes there, they share eyelock, Anar is about to start the dance when Salim holds her by hand and pulls her closer, she says shocked, he says i have to come to talk to you, he ask other dancer to leave, she leaves, SAlim is about to fall, Anar holds him and says what you have done to yourself? Salim says dont think about me, but i am happy that you are with me to hold me, he says you know i have pain in heart, Anar says you you drank wine again, i told you to not, Salim says yes you asked me to quit drinking but my pain is alot more than your request, Salim says i have only one way to end this pain, that is to forget myself and for that, i have to get drunk, Anar says no pan is so much big that you forget yourself, SAlim says my pain is, didnt you see what my parents did with me in court,

Anar says i know, Salim says everyone know about it, all will make fun of me, he is about to fall, Anar holds and hugs, Salim says i had seen many dreams to work for my people when i become king, anar says you dont need any designation to help people, Salim says this position had powers, i wanted them, i wanted them to make you queen of India, i wanted to become king to make you my queen instead of dancer, he hugs her and says i feel peace in your arms, Anar is stunned, Murad and Daniyal comes there, SAlim looks at them, he comes to Murad and says wow, future king has come, he bows to him, Murad says what are you saying, Daniyal ask Anar to leave, Salim says she will not go anywhere, she is more closer than brothers who betrayed him, Murad ask him to control himself, SAlim says what will you do if i dont talk nicely with you? will you punish me? Daniyal ask Murad to leave from here, they leave, SAlim says i dont anyone, Anar says you didnt do good, Salim says i dont know anything, she is worried about him.

Jalal says to his ministers that i handled Iran for time being but i have to work hard to force Iran and then i can change my decision, Jalal sees map and find other countries, Maan tells him some countries around Iran doesnt like him and his policies, Jalal says this is weak point for Iran, he ask to send letter to these countries for business, i want to become strong and make Iran weak slowly, he ask priest about sending letter to Saudia? he says i ave sent it, Jalal says now it will be fun playing this political game, SAudia will trust us too.

Jodha comes to Salim’s room, he is sleeping, she wakes him up and ask him to get freshen up and have break fast, SAlim gets up and washes his face, Jodha says i want to talk something important, SAlim says i know what you wanna talk about, what you both wanted to do, you have done, Jodha says you are thinking wrong, Salim says yes i am thinking wrong, you didnt make me next king because Iran’s king said that i am illegal child, Jalal approved their condition so this means i am illegal, I have been crushed in all this politics, YOu were neither asked nor did you change your religion, he says to Jodha that i respect you alot, dont force me to cross line, just leave me alone, Jodha is hurt and leaves from there.
Murad says to Daniyal that i didnt think SAlim will do this with me, i went to him to tell him that i didnt snatch anything from him but he insulted us infront of that dancer, Daniyal says he called us step brothers, he was so close to that dancer when he is engaged to Mann, this is not right,

Haidar’s uncle comes to Murad and says one building is in making in city, i need need sign o worker’s list, Murad says Salim sees all this, he says but you are next king now, Daniyal says you should fulfill your duties, Murad says this is my duty and if my father wants then i will fulfill all duties, he signs on paper, Salim sees all this and leaves angrily, uncle says you will be a great king one day, Daniyal agrees, Uncle thinks that i will make you crave for throne, you will have thirst for crown that you will go against your brother Salim.

Ruks is royal bath tub, dasi says dancer Zubaida begum has come, she ask to call her in, Zubaida comes there, Ruks says you know why did i call you, tell me whats news, Dancer says Salim comes to dance bar alot, he is close to Anarkali, they are growing closer to each other, Ruks throws gold coins at her and says keep telling me news about them, Zubaida says i will not leave any chance to serve you, she leaves, Hoshiyar ask what you are upto?

Ruks says you can enjoy game in two ways, either get involved in it or see it from far, i was seeing this game far till now but now i will enter this game, because of jodha, game has become more interesting, if i was Jodha, i would have changed religion and would have made Salim next king but he is not my son, poor Salim, now a storm is coming that Jodha wont be able to handle, in fatehr and son fight, Jodha will be crushed and trust me i wont let problems get lessen for Jodha.
Jalal comes to Jodha and says i wanted to ask how to tell everything to Murad, Jodha says our relations are breaking, she ask what are my duties as queen of India, Jalal says you have to think for betterment of people, Jodha ask what duties as women? Jalal says you have to keep family intact, Jodha says i failed in both, our people are not happy with me and my family is breaking too, Jalal ask what you wanna say? Jodha says because of my religion, my people are not able to go to pilgrimage, because of my religion, my son cannot become king, Jodha says to Jalal that i want to change my religion, i want to convert to Islam, Jalal shouts Jodha Begummm…

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