Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 12 December 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 12 December 2020

Jodha shouts on Salim and Ruks and says i will not leave anyone, i will kill you all, Jodha is breaking things, Salim tries to stop her but Ruks stops him and sys you cant go in room, Laboni can hurt you, Salim leaves to see things, Ruks says to Moti that we have to do something, she comes to Hamida and says Laboni can hurt Jodha, we have to stop her, Hamida says how?

Jodha Akbar Update Friday 11 December 2020

Ruks says anything can happen to Jodha, we have to do something, Shaguni says i am here to stop all this, i had promised Jalal that his sacrifice will not go waste, i am going to her room, nobody will come there, Salima says but we want to help you, Shaguni says you have helped me by putting ash around her room, you all go to garden near Jalal’s body, i will bring Jodha there, she will do the last rituals, Salima says Laboni can hurt anyone, Shaguni says i am there, nothing will happen, she leaves.

Jodha is shouting in her room that Jalal you cant go leaving me, i left everything for you, Shaguni comes there and says this has happened, your Jalal has left you, Laboni(in Jodha’s body) sys you came? i will not leave you, i will kill you, she is about to attack her but shaguni does magic on her, Laboni says i will not leave you and Jodha, Shaguni ask Laboni to promise that she will not do anything and i will set everything right, Laboni ask you will force me?

Shaguni holds her hand, Laboni gets jittery with her power, Laboni says i wanna go to Jalal, Shaguni says i will take you to Jalal but you have to promise that you will not hurt anyone? Jodha says ok, take me, Shaguni drags her out of room.
Jodha Akbar Update Saturday 12 December 2020

All are in garden, Shaguni brings Jodha there, Jodha gets in senses and ask Shaguni to help her, the Laboni overpowers her body and says i will not leave Jodha, shaguni ask Jodha to not get weak, remember Ma Kali, remember your love Jalal, you have to wake up, Laboni is in your body, you have to throw her out, your husband, your love has died, sheet is removed from body and its Jalal lying dead, Jodha is shocked and says Shehenshah is no more? Shaguni says you have to die to be with Jalal, Laboni overpowers again and again, Shaguni says to Laboni that if you want Jalal then you have to be silent, she make Jodha wear ring, Jodha have fits, she says Shehenshah wake up, Jalal died? i dont wanna live, i will die too, she is about to take sword but Laboni’s soul overpower and says i cant let you die Jodha, Jodha says no Laboni, you use my body so now you have to die with this body, Laboni says let me go out of your body,

Jodha says no you came in my body with your will but i will not let you go, you will be finished with me, Laboni says i will capture someone else body, Jodha says i wont let you give pain to anyone else, you have to die with me, Laboni says ok i will leave you, i wont go to anyone else body, let me go out of your body, Jodha says ok swear that you will not go to anyone else body? Laboni says ok i promise, leave my soul, Jodha says ok i give your permission to leave my body, leave, Laboni says ok let me leave your body, Jodha says leave me, Laboni leaves Jodha’s soul, everyone can see this now, Jalal wakes up and holds Laboni’s soul by neck, he grabs her, Laboni ask him to leave her, Laboni is turned into small soul, Jalal locks her bag and gives it to Shaguni, shaguni throws bag in fire, Laboni shouts, she burns and leaves the world as soul travels to sky, all have sigh of relief, Jalal and everyone come to Jodha, Jodha ask Jalal are you fine? Jalal sys i am fine, how can i leave you, we have freed you from Laboni, we make Laboni believe that i have sacrificed my life but actually we sacrificed an animal, we told everyone beforehand, Jodha says thank God that you are fine, Jalal says how can i leave you? nobody can snatch me from you, Jalal comes to Shaguni and thanks her, Jodha says if were not with us then we wouldnt be together, Shaguni says thank God and your love, when you have love in your heart then you can overpower any bad thing.



New Kahna’s idol is brought in palace, they all do pooja then Muslim priests come in palace and pray for peace. Jodha does aarti, she thanks Jalal for being in her life, for saving her and for not leaving her, what wrong deeds i have done because of Laboni, i am sorry for that, Jalal says she did some good things too, i liked how she was bold, Jodha says what are you saying? i irritated you, the way you ate meat and the way you slapped Ruks and the way you treated Salima, it was bad and other things were fine, Jodha says what are you saying? i did all this? Jalal says Ruks, Hamida are miffed with you and Aram doesnt wanna come near you, Jodha gets in tears, Jalal says i am joking, all know that you didnt do it but Laboni did it, Jodha says you were teasing me? Jalal says yes as i like it, he says you remember how you showed love to me? should i show you again? Jodha says because of Laboni, i know how to show love to husband, Jalal says i wanna see glimpse, jodha gets shy and says some other time, Jalal hugs her and says we should go on tour.

Anarkali is tying Ghungroos, Salim comes and throws them away, he sys i cant see you wearing it, Anar says i will not wear it if you dont like, he says i am thinking to talk about our relation to Jodha, anar gets tensed, Salim ask what happened? i always get happy thinking that you will be my life partner, anar sys jodha have recovered now, i think we should wait for some time, Salim sys i cant wait anymore, i dont think we should stretch it now, i wanna make you mine soon, she gets shy and hugs him, Salim says i have brought gift for you, he shows anklet, she says its very beautiful, Salim says i will make you wear it, Anar says no i wont like if you touch my feet, Salim says i am not touching your feet but flower petals, he makes her wear it and says from today you will wear it, he says Salima told me how you helped Jodha, thanks, Anar says dont say thanks, i am not an outsider, Salim smiles and lies his head on her lap.


dance bar manager comes to meet Ruks, Ruks says you came after much time, what news you have? manager says news is very spicy, i saw Salim in Anar’s feet, fire is from both sides, Ruks laughs, manager ask should i tell it to Jalal? Ruks says dont you dare open your mouth, keep informing me and no one should interrupt Salim and anar, she gives her coins as bribe, manager leaves.

Jodha says sorry to Salima and Hamida for her misbehavior, Hamida says we are thankful that you are fine, she kisses Jodha’s forehead, Ruks comes there and ask why did Jalal call us here? Jalal comes there and greets everyone, Hamida ask why did you call us here? Jalal says its been much time we have celebrated anything so i am to have some function, we have already decided for Salim and Mann’s marriage so i am thinking to decide marriage date now, Jodha and says Hamida says its great idea, Ruks thinks this decision will bring storm in Jalal and Jodha’s lives, Salima says to Hamida that your one more favorite daughter in law is coming.

Fazal tells Jalal about Shahab that he is provoking Murad against Salim, he attacked Salim in mewar too, Jalal says why you didnt tell me before? Rahim says you were tensed about Laboni, Shahab is in jail, you have to decide about him, Jalal says if anyone try to go against Mughal saltanat then he deserve death, he ask Maan to inform Bhagwan das that i dont want any delay in Mann and Salim’s marriage now, Jodha comes there, all leaves, Jodha says you decided for marriage fast, Jalal says i want happiness here, Jodha says i also want to have daughter in law, Jalal says you are happy about it? what if she fighter like you? Jodha says what? i am that bad? Jalal says everyone know you fight, ask Ruks too,

Jodha says you think that i and Ruks fight but we have love between us, i respect her alot, Jalal says what about her? Jodha says you want us to fight but nothing of that sort happens, Jalal i get sandwiched between your fights, Jodha says you have many wives so bear the consequences, she says i will go and tell this to Ruks, Jalal gets afraid and says no i was just joking, Jodha leaves.

Maan comes to Salim, Maan ask why you were not in court? Salim says i was busy, Maan says you will remain busy now, Salim says no i have all the time for you, Rahim says once you get married then you will only remember your wife, Salim says what? maan sys Jalal have decided to do your marriage asap, Salim is shocked, Rahim says we are going to Amer with message and you have to come there too with baraat.

Jalal says to Shahab that how dare you even think of killing Salim, he is next king, Shahab says i am always loyal to you, i did mistake, Jalal says i cane behead you, i can lessen your punishment, you just have to tell us who was involved in this conspiracy, Shahab says i swear i have not done this, Jalal gets angry and says make him say truth in 2 days and kill him market, Jalal leaves.

Jodha is selecting jewelry, Salim comes there, Jodha says you got the news? Maan is going to amer, if you want to send any message to Mann then you can, Salim says i wanna say something to you, i wanna talk in private, Moti and all leaves

Salim says i wanna say that i dont want to do this marriage, Jodha is stunned and ask what kind of joke is this, Salim says i am telling truth, please stop this marriage, i cant marry Mann, Jodha says this marriage is decided months back, Salim says i love someone else and wanna marry her only, Jodha ask who? Salim says Anarkali, i love her and wanna marry her only, Jodha is shocked, jodha says yoy said yes to marriage and now saying no, you know what will happen to Mann? you are playing with respect of Bhagwan das and Jalal, why didnt you tell me about all this before?

Salim sys situations were not suitable before, i met anar in Amer, i got to know she is Nadira, she became dancer because of me and i fell in love with her, i wanna give her respect which she deserve, i love her alot and i wont be able to live without her, you love Jalal and you can understand me, please talk to Jalal, i have promised Anarkali that i will marry her only, i have Rajvanshi blood too, i cant break my promise, only you can do something, Jodha says you go now, i will see the matter, he thanks her and leaves, Jodha is in shock.

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