Jodha Akbar Update Friday 29 October 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Friday 29 October 2020

Anarkali enters jodha’s room. Anaraki says sorry to keep you waiting. Jodha says sit down. jodha says is this mang tika yours? Anarkali says yes, jodha says salim liked the girl who was wearing this.

Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 28 October 2020

Anarkali says man bai told me that when she wore it, salim liked it, Jodha says but its yours. Anarkali says yes but i never wore it. I gifted it to her. Jodha says in heart this means he must have talked about man bai. anarkali says i used to dress her in amer. Jodha says it was such in important announcement yesterday but salim left and met you. why? i want your answer why are you quite? anarkali stands up and says, there can be no relationship between a common dancer and a prince. Jodha says then why he left such important moments for you? Tell me, i want to know the truth. what is going on between you two? Anarkali says the only relationship is of hatred. He has been hating me since childhood, he got punished due to my complain, he had to leave castle because of me. He hates my face. this is why when shahenshaha gave me pots of royal dancer, salim didn’t like. He came to ask me to leave this castle and post. I tried to tell him that i can’t do anything in front of king. Until he doesn’t want i can’t leave. Jdha says for this he left announcement? Anarkali says you should ask him, His hatred for me is greater than announcement. i couldn’t ask him. Jodha says you can leave now. She leaves. Jodha says neither salim is telling me nor salim but both of them said something without words.

salim’s friend comes and and asks salim why are you satding here alone? salim says because i don’t understand what life i doing to me. I can’t live without anarkali. but she hates me. He says but its not her fault. Life has not been easy with her You should give her time, she will pardon, you just have to prove that your love is stronger than hate.

Jodha comes to jalal and says don’t worry its not your fault. you did what a dad could. Jalal says thank God you are with me. I feel better now. He says i wanted to give a feast to bhagwan das before he leaves. Jodha says thats a good thought. Jodha says you should meet my mentor, pandit. i see weird dreams. that is why i have called him. we should ask him once.

Pandit ji comes to agra. Todar and his men are alloacting the place for fortress. They announce among the people to leave the land. THe natives say this is our place, we wont leave this. They all start protesting. the men say we will never leave this land. Raja says we will give you new land and some money with it. we are building this fortress to protect you. The people say we wont leave our land. Our saints and elders are burried here, if you build somethhing here God will be angry with you. todar mal says we need to check.

Guru ji has arrived. A servant comes and inform jalal and jodha. jodha says should we go? jalal says how can i say no?

When todar mal and men step on the land, strong winds start to blow. Mansing asks men to stop working. Todar says but what about jalal’s order? raja says we can’t go against people’s will.

Jodha says guru ji i asked you to make kundli of jalal. Guru ji says his kundli has been made already. His mom must have it. In a flashback hamida and her husband are shown talking about jalal’s kundli. Guru ji says a hard time has come in your fate. It has started. Situation has worsen.

A woman comes and tells ruks that salim came to meet anarkali. she says should i give this news to shahenshah? ruks says no. Keep informing me, don’t stop salim or say no to anything he says. I want salim to meet anarkali everytime he wants. The woman says what about me? Ruks says nothing will happen to you.

Jodha is sleeping, she sees jalal is trouble in her dream. She wakes up in a shock. she says same dream again what should i do now. what us the purpose f theses dreams. She goes out and says is someone going to attack shahenshah? jodha goes to guru ji and asks why she sees these dreams? He says shaheneshah might have to face some problems in his emperor. He might has to leave his rule. second time you saw his chest bleeding. this means someone close to him might harm him. jodha says he is surrounded by people who protect him. guru ji says this is what the dream says. Jodha says do we have a solution? guru ji says we can’t stop what has to happen. you should never leave him, stand by his side.

Jalal asks raja why is the fortress not completed by now? Raja today says mangsing said we can’t build it there. He said he will build it his way. Jalal says ask him to meet me. Jalal asks mansing you stopped the work? yes or no? raja says i wanted to talk to you but.. jalal says you have denied my orders. mansing says there are graves of saints and elders there. People were mad when we started building there. Mansing says i did what i thought was better. jalal says you better ask me before doing anything.

Jodha comes to Jalal, Jalal says dont talk about Maan, he is not your relative in court but a minister and he went against me which is a crime, Jodha says i didnt come to talk about Maan, i want to talk about Pundit badrinath, Jalal says you wanted to me to meet and i did, Jodha says what about my nightmares, Jalal says they are mere dreams, i have many work, he leaves.

Todar says to Birbal that wrong is happening, Birbal says a huge storm is going to come and strong trees will be lost, Todar says same happened with Maan, Birbal says i am worried about Jalal, he is becoming egoistic, its our duty to show Jalal right path.
Shah says to some people that how dare you deny jalal;s orders, when you will be presented in court, then touch jalal’s feet and say sorry, people says why, we didnt do any mistake, Jalal comes there and ask Shah to present them in court.
in court, Jalal says to presenter of people that i am your master, why you want me to kill everyone, why say no to my orders, presenter says that land is very precious to us, is has cemetery of your great priest which cant be removed, other person says that we wont leave that place, jalal ask who is this person to talk inbetween, Shah says he works for you, he denied making gold coins too, Jalal fumes, man says how can we take Jalal’s name with God’s name, Shah says they attacked our soldiers too, man says he is lying, he attacked us, Jalal says i tried to make you people understand with love but now i will have to use force, if you dont leave that land in 2 days then you will be forgiven but if you dont leave it then you will see anger of my soldier, about cemetery of your priest, we will shift it to somewhere else, presenter says how can you remove it, Jalal ask why not? he ask Shah to look that my order is followed, Jodha says why i am feeling that something big is going to happen.
Todar says to Birbal that there was a time when i used to use sword too but now i dont, Birbal says i have many wars too but Maan is different talent but Jalal these days are angry with him, Todar says you are right, Maan is rajvanshi lion, Birbal says Maan attacks enemy like he is not attacking with sword but with flower, Todar says exactly, there is not warrior like Maan singh, Jalal how is listening all this shouts enough, why you guys think? that only Maan can take attack on his chest, i can take attack on my chest too, he takes out his sword and says see now, Jalal is drunk, Birbal says you will get hurt, Jalal ask them to shut up, Jalal puts sword on his chest, and engraves it, Jodha looks at him from balcony and is shocked, Jalal says see, Jodha recalls her dream, jalal injures his chest with his sword, Jalal says there is no warrior greater than me, Birbal says you are right, Maan comes there, and says king what you are doing, he throw away his sword and in process it hits Jalal more, Jalal says you attacked me? he starts beating Maan, Birbal ask him to stop, all ministers stop Jalal, Jalal shouts to put Maan in jail, Jodha is shocked to see all this, Soldiers house arrest Maan, Maan says to Jodha that i didnt do anything, i swear, he taken away.

Jalal is in his room, Salim ask Ruks how is Jalal? Ruks says he is treated, Jalal says he attacked me, i wont leave him, its hurting me, Hamida ask Jodha to not cry, Jalal is fine now, Jodha says my dream became true, i am worried, Hamida ask er to not worry.
Bhagwan das request Hamida to let him meet Maan in jail, she ask soldier to take him to Maan.
Anarkali says to Zil that Jodha begum called me to talk about Salim, she tell her everything, Zil says oh God, this matter is worsening, one side Salim loves.. Anarkali looks at her, Zil says i am worried the one who gace us house and everything, what if they punish us, Anarkali says dont worry, i have pacified her, i am only worried about Mann, i am worried that Jalal’s fight with Maan singh may affect Mann bai, Zil says i have trust on king Jalal, he wont take wrong decision.

Bhagwan das and Mann comes to meet Maan in jail, Maan says i was just trying to save Jalal and this happened, das says Jalal is not understanding anything, Maan says i am worried about Jalal’s life, Das says he is safe, Mann is in tears, Maan ask her to not worry, Jalal loves me alot, everything will be fine, Das says i will talk to Jalal, Maan says i am worried that Mann should not suffer because of me.
Hamida says to royal family that Jodha’s dream is becoming true, Jodha says Jalal is not listening to anyone but his life is in danger, we have to protect him. Salim says every food that will be given to Jalal will be tasted before, nobody will go to Jalal without permission, Hamida ask ruks to check Jalal’s food, Salim says i am taking his security responsibility, nothing will happen, its my duty now, he leaves, Hamida says to Jodha that you are worried about Maan, Jodha says i saw myself, he didnt attack Maan, Hamida says sometime going away is also good, now Jalal will get to know how important Maan is to him, like when you went away from Jalal, he realized your important.

Maan’s man comes to him in jail and tells him something about Jalal, Maan says i have to come out of this jail for Jalal, like you can come in, i can run from this jail too, man leaves, soldier comes there and ask was there anyone else in your cell? Maan says are you finding anyone here? no, then why asking me, leave, Soldier leaves.
Jalal is lying on his bed, Jodha comes there, he ask her to sit, she says jalal you should take rest, Jalal says how can i sleep, Maan was of 14 years when he came her, i made him learn everything, i made him learn how to fight in wars and now he attacked me on heart,

Jalal says to Jodha that Maan was like part of my heart, why did he this to me? i need wine, Jodha says no you took medicine, Aram comes there, jodha says why did you come, Jalal is not fine, go to your room, Jalal says no problem, my daughter will come near me so i will get peace, Aram sits beside Jalal, Jalal says nothing happened to me, its a small wound, Jodha ask Jalal to take rest, Aram ask Jodha to sing lullaby, Jodha says no allow jalal to rest, Jalal says my daughter is requesting, it will not disturb me, sing please, Jodha sings Soja Soja chanda.. Kanihya ho kar rahege mayya.. Soja Soja Chanda.. Jalal and Arama sleep peacefully, Jodha is about to leave when Jalal holds her hand, Jodha emotionally looks at him, she prays that my second dream should not become true.

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