Jodha Akbar Update Friday 11 December 2020


Jodha Akbar Update Friday 11 December 2020

Shaguni says when Maa Kali will brought me here, she leaves, jodha smiles. Jalal ask shaguni did you meet Jodha? Shaguni says i saw Jodha and Laboni both,

Jodha Akbar Update Thursday 10 December 2020

Jalal says only Jodha can see Laboni, shaguni says souls cannot be seen my common man but we can feel them, the room which have souls in it has low temperature, those who know magic can see souls, i have seen Laboni but i didnt make it obvious, Laboni has not hurt Jodha as Jodha is medium to reach Jalal, Hamida says i pray Jodah gets free from all this, shaguni says Jodha has high spirit, i have confidence in her eyes but she need our help, at eclipse night we will do our work before that Jalal have to prepare, she instruct Jalal which is muted, she gives a box to Jalal and says it has ash on which magic is done, spread it around Jodha’s room, this ash will weaken Laboni for sometime which will ease our work, jalal nods, she gives ring on which magic is done, she says after wearing it you can see Laboni but be careful you should not have eye contact with Laboni, in day time she is away from Jodha’s body but stay here, only Jodha can see and hear her, when you feel Jodha is looking at some other way, you see that way, you will see Laboni there but dont do any mistake which will make Laboni understand that we know her presence, she leaves.

Laboni grabs Jodha’s hand and ask who was that old lady? jodha says she lives in Mandir, all respect her, she just wanted to know about my health, Laboni says i thought she saw me but it didnt happen, Jodha thinks Shaguni got to know what she wanted, Laboni says if she act smart then she will be gone, Jalal comes there, he looks here and there, he is wearing ring given by Shaguni, Jalal ask how are you?

 shaguni was saying that you didnt go to Mandir from sometime? Laboni says because i am not allowing her, Jodha looks at her, Jalal notices Jodha looking somewhere else, he looks there to find Laboni, he controls himself and says you seem tired, i will message your head, he starts messaging, Laboni says i wont let Jalal come near Jodha, she moves table which has diyas on it, Jalal notices it and blows off diyas by opening windows, he says its good weather, he says its been ages that you have not come in court, you should come there today, Jodha nods, Jalal leaves.
Anarkali comes to Salim and says i have brought food, Salim doesnt see her and says i dont want to eat, Anar says then i will be hurt, Salim turns to find her, he says you? both smile, she says i listened you didnt eat anything so i came here, Salim sys i cant see Jodha like this, i dont feel like eating, Shaguni said that she will make jodha fine, Anar says dont worry everything will be fine, eat something, think if jodha was fine and if she got to know that you didnt eat anything then how would she feel? eat something for her sake, Salim nods, anar makes him eat with her hands, he says i know you must have not eaten too, he makes her eat too.
Jalal comes to Fazal and says nothing should be wrong, he goes in court. Todar is telling about Pratap to Jalal in court, Jodha is also there and that sick Laboni is there too, Jalal is discussing politics, Fazal says mewat has been attacked, Rahim says should we send Maan there? jalal says no i will face my enemies myself, i will go there, Laboni says no i wont let him go away from me, i have to do something.
at night, Jodha comes to Jalal, he sys you here? i was coming to you, Jodha possessed by Laboni says why are you not sending Salim on war? dont you trust him? Jalal says i do but i want to tell enemies that my sword still has power, Jodha says i will come with you too because i cant live without you, Jalal says what will you do there? Jodha says dont you know my power in sword fighting? she brings sword, points sword at jalal, Jalal thinks my jodha cant do this, Jalal ask what can you do? Jodha sys i am showing my power to you, if i win then you have to take me to war, lets have fight, Jalal thinks if i say no then Laboni will have doubt, Jalal says ok be ready to lose, Jodha smirks.

Between Jodha(Labuni) and Jalal sword fight start. So she can go with Jalal on war. Because of Labuni’s power Jodha’s power increased and she cut Jalal’s sword help of her sword. But jalal insist that her that she can’t come. If she comes so enemy thinks that Jalal is not so strong so he come with his wife. He promise her that he come before night because war is very small. It’s outside agra only. He has to sleep because he is going tomorrow on war.


Second day all are ready for departure. Jodha come there with puja plat. Seeing different sword in jalal hand she ask jalal why he take another sword so jalal doing acting like he don’t know she is jodha and said jodha begum yesterday you broke sword when we fight. How you forgot that? Jodha understand what happened yesterday. She had done her pooja. And jalal come soon.

Jalal comes to Kali ma’s mandir with Salim and his force, he sys Jodha always pray to her and i am sure Kali Maa will help Jodha, Jodha always do her Pooja when i go on war so i will do pooja now, this is test of not only me and Jodha but of Kali Maa’s too, he prays to save Jodha at any cost, Jalal starts pooja. Shaguni is there too, she says Laboni’s end has come.

Laboni says to Jodha that i cant spend a single minute without Jalal, dont know how you send him on war? she takes Jalal’s dress and says i have to spend time with you, i hate it, she says tonight is eclipse night, its important for souls, i will love Jalal alot because my power is doubled at this night but how will we spend this day? we should make you get ready, you should look good at night, call your dasi and ask her to send make up girl, it will be your body but make up of my taste, call dasi, Jodha says no, Laboni gets angry and says did you say no to me? she grabs jodha by hairs and says i know you can bear pain but what about your family? how will Aram bear pain given by me? call dasi, Jodha call Moti, she comes, Jodha ask Moti to call Anarkali for my make up, Moti nods and goes, Laboni says thats good, i am just waiting for night, she laughs.
Hamida says to Salima and Ruks that no mistake should be done, if Laboni gets to know about it then she can hurt you too, Salima says i can take risk of life for Jodha, she has ash in her hands, Ruks says how will we do this? Laboni’s soul is with Jodha at day time, what if she doubt us? Salima says we have to do something and have to put that ash in Jodha’s room, Moti comes to Salima and tell her about Jodha calling anarkali, Salima says you be with jodha, Anar doesnt know anything about Laboni, i will go and meet her, it can be dangerous for her life too.

Scene 2
Salima comes to anarkali, Anar says why did you come here, you could have called me, Salima says i have to talk something important, she says if i had called you to me then Jodha would have doubted, i mean the soul around Jodha would have doubted, she tells her everything about Laboni’s soul, anar recalls how Salim told her everything earlier only, she ask how can i help you, Salima says Laboni have called you to do her make up, you have to take Jodha out of room so that we can put ash in her room, Anar says i will try, Salima says you have to do it, Laboni is very clever, she should not doubt you, you have to keep Laboni away from room, all is your hand, Anar says i will do it even if i lose my life.
at night, Jodha possessed by Laboni is waiting for Anar, anar comes, Jodha says i was waiting for you, why did you take so much time? Jalal can come at any time, make me ready, Jodha eats Paan.
Shaguni is doing pooja with Jalal, she ask are you ready to sacrifice? Jalal says i can do anything for Jodha, Shaguni says time has come, Shaguni brings sword there, Jalal bows his head and recalls how Jodha asked him to return soon, he closes his eyes,


Shaguni attacks Jalal and beheads him with sword, Salima shouts Abbu jaan, Jalal is not shown.
Jodha possessed by Laboni says to Anarkali that its good my would be daughter in law doing my make up, dont worry Salim told me everything, i said yes, i will do your and Salim’s marriage,

Anar thinks i know its not Jodha but someone else speaking, Anar says to Jodha that i think you should take bath, i have brought special fragrance, if you take bath alongwith it then Jalal will not be able to go away from you, we dancers use this, Jodah says dont call yourself dancer as you would be salim’s wife now and i know you are good in all this, lets go and have bath, Moti comes there with dress, Jodha doesnt like it and says you are mad, i will not wear it, i will choose myself, Anar ask jodha shall we leave, Jodha ask Moti to clean room, they leave.

In mandir, Jalal’s body is covered with white sheet which is blood stained, Shaguni sys to Salim that we had no other way to save Jodha, trust me everything will be fine now.
Jodha comes in bath area, Anar puts fragrance in bath tub, Ruks and Salima sees them there, Salima says Anar have done work, now we have to do our work, they leave, Jodha sit in tub, Anar says with this fragrance, Jalal will be mesmerized with your beauty, Jodha says like Salim is mesmerized with you? dont be shy, she laughs.

Salima, Moti and Ruks spread ash around Jodha’s room. Anar is making Jodha ready, she thinks i hope Ruks and Salima have done their work, she does Jodha’s hairdo and is wasting time, Jodha says now lets do remaining make up in my room, she leaves from bath room, Anar goes behind her. Ruks is spreading ash, Moti is covering it with flower petals. Jodha is going with Anar to room, Jodha says you have done very nice make up, you deserve a reward, Jodha comes to her and is shocked to find Ruks and Salima there, she ask what you both are doing here? Ruks says we were making Rangoli, you forgot that you always make rangoli when Jalal returns from war, we thought that we will make it this time and also when Jalal return, he will come to you first, Jodha says its nice, you both can go now, she goes in her room, Anar, Salima and Ruks leaves from there.

Hamida thanks Anar, she holds her, anar says dont do it, i am just dancer, my hands her not clean, Hamida says the hands which raises to help others cant be dirty, what you have done for Jodha, i can never forget it, anar says it was my duty, Salima sys if you were not with us then we wont be able to trap that spirit, Ruks thinks they have made dancer, a angel, these stupid emotions, Hamida says we have trapped Laboni but what if she doubt us, Ruks says i have asked Moti to be with jodha so that she doesnt come near ash.
Salim and Rahim comes in palace with Jalal’s deadbody on his shoulders, Shaguni ask Salim to go and tell your family members but listening this Laboni can harm you, be away from her, she ask Hamida to burn chita, Rahim says Chita? Shaguni sys do it, they leave.

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