Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 7 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 7 April 2020

Hakim says the day coming is going to be very difficult for jalal, anything can. All are very much tensed. Here jodha is praying when servant comes and informs that jalal life is in much danger because of your remedy. He is very much serious and big hakim hasnt come yet. Jodha prays to kanha that i did that to save innocent animals life and what happened, jalal’s life is at stake. I made this remedy as it worked for sujamal but here it showed its negative impact, she ask kanha whenever i go to do something nice, some bad thing happens, why? Hamida comes and says lets go from here, i know you didnt do anything intentionally but here anybody can attack you. hamida says you will not stay here lets go.

Jodha says no i will not go else people will think that i did everything intentionally, i cant leave jalal in this condition. Hamida says i am not asking as mother but i am ordering as a queen and want to see order fulfilled.. Hamida takes her along. Salima presents food to all wives and says eat this last time as after that we all will eat poison as we have no place here without jalal. Ruks says i have the most right on this poison and i will eat it first, after jalal’s enemies will take everything from here along with us as they take out their enmity from us, i had the 1st right on jalal, i was the companion of his in life so in this death i will be his 1st companion. She grabs poison bottle and leaves. Salima cries.


Scene 2
here adham is enjoying hookah. When javeda comes and says all are sad for jalal’s health and you are enjoying wine adham says i drink it everyday. Javeda says i know it but people think that you are enjoying his life, they can throw us out of palace what we will do then. Adham laughs. Voiceover says that some wanted to remain with jalal in difficult time and some wanted to run. We see some wives taking jewelry and leaving saying after jalal this harem will be hell so lets leave. While one says i will not leave jalal and will take poison if he dies.

Here adham is pacing around thinking when will the 24 hours pass, when will jalal die. Sharif listens all this and comes to adham. He says i got to know your dirty plans adham says i can destroy one who comes in my way. They takes out their swords, sharif ask dehli or agra? He says you have choice whether choose agra or dehli. Adham says if i dont agree to this deal. Sharif says then i will take everything. Adham says you are jalal’s brother in law and doing all this, sharif says you are his brother. They plans that hakim must not come to agra.

Scene 3
ruks offers the prayers, here jodha says to kanha that you are everywhere then do something. Jodha offers the prayer with bhajan playing. Here hakim is on his way, when adham’s soldiers comes, sharif’s soldiers also comes there. They think that they are against each other. All soldiers starts fighting and hakin stealthily goes from there. He reaches the palace, he tends to jalal and ask for that remedy and says only one person can make this.

We see fbs when jodha thanks hakim for telling her the remedy. Fb ends. Jodha comes in room, hakim says i knew it you made it. He says i went to amer to tend sujamal years back and there i told her this remedy. Other hakim says then why this high fever, he says it is way of treating as it will take his pain, he says to jodha that i am happy you keep up my teaching. Jalal get the consciousness and is pointing at something. Nobody understands when jodha says that you cant drink water now, just wait for a while, hakim says yes give him after sometime. Maham thanks god that jalal is save.

Scene 4
the news that jalal is out of danger spread like fire in whole palace, all wives are happy. Hamida comes to jodha and gifts her Quran e pak as she went with jalal, jodha accepts it and remembers ajmer sharif moment when jalal told her how to pray in his religion, she prays like him. Hamida says how you know this? Jodha says jalal told me this. Hamida says strange i thought you will teach jalal. Jodha says nothing was different, it was like mandir, i felt bhajan in qawali. It was same like praying in front of lord but i saw jalal differently he was very much close to god like man feels god’s presence he was feeling like that, there he proved it wrong that he has no heart. Hamida says you both will come closer soon. Jodha is quiet.

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