Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 4 May 2021

Ruks distributing gifts to the Jalal’s wives and also sorts out a one wife for her ill behaviour towards maids. Hoshiyar comes and informs about Jodha’s use of wish for saving moti bai, gloats how she used it for her benefit and asked for 100 days/nights from Jalal. One of the wife pointed that Jodha has proved that she is different and Ruks gets wild with anger.

Jalal gets ready to practice the sword, he spots someone practising and has face covered , he goes near that person and both come face to face. They get into the sword fight (Must watch scene), Ruks sees a part of this fight and leaves, they are fighting and finally Jalal disarms Jodha, puts his sword at her neck, removes her veil, asks her why did she use her wish for a maid and not for her freedom, his head or other luxuries. Jodha is feeling the heat of Jalal’s proximity, dint say anything but swiftly takes his sword and points it at his heart. Jalal is amazed.

Jalal throws her away and hairs gets uncovered they look at each other and jodha says you lost your attention and i would say you are defeated jalal is about to go when she points sword on his heart and ask not to leave else you will be dead jalal says wrong hit as i have no heart jodha says one can’t survive without heart and is about to leave when jalal says you are 1st one who defeqted me but why didn’t kill me jodha says can’t kill empty handed person. Jalal says i lost but was not my fault it was the fault of your beauty and leaves smiling jodha is stunned happily.

Scene 2
ruks is eating apple and fuming remembering the sword fight between jalal and jodha and their proximity towards each other. She gets up and takes out the sword she is about to uncover it when jalal holds her back and says you are good at hunting not sword fighting, you must have seen me fighting with jodha thats why doing this but its not needed now you will fight against me? He ask she says your enemy will do that like jodha but i am happy you have taken my revenge from her by making her lost in fight. Jalal says wrong she is that good that she was in chess ruks says dont say good about your enemy jalal says but she is talented ruks says not more than you he ask is she jealous she retorts this harem is hers and to play with it you need mind not weapon unlike jodha who cant run harem jalal says till now i thought same but it isnt the case ruks says seems you like her jokengily jalal says not at all we have to make her lost and remembers her words about his heart and says it is to be known whether win her heart or mind.

jodha says to moti that nothing will happen by taking bath but will do puja first. She looks at lord and cant find bansuri(instrument) and hears its sound it is rahim who is playing he runs jodha runs behind him and ask him to stop he says i will give it but first catch they are running and rahim falls in water pool jodha is stunned and jumps in water. She saves him and hugs him. She takes him out his mother salima comes and ask what happened to rahim jodha says nothing to worry he was just running and fell.

Scene 4
maham anga sees all this and says it was not kids fault but the fault of someone who is childish even becoming big taunting jodha . She ask her to come with me to jalal right now. Jodha looks at rahim and goes with her.

Scene 5
now jodha and maham is with jalal. Jalal ask was it a place to play with rahim. There was soldiers and all and you were in pond openly with him there are some rules of harem and veil between soldiers and mughal wives if you cant follow then ask bari ami for rules. Jodha says enough and explains him everything that rahim fell in pool. Jodha says in your mughal rules are more important or kid’s life i did that for him. Maham changes her tone and says jodha is right we had a misunderstanding i am really i just saw her in pond and thought wrongly it was my mistake i apologize. Jalal says misunderstanding can develop to anyone i also had so that doesn’t mean you need to apologize you are my mother and says to jodha it was my responsibility to ask you why you were in pond and you did more than good by saving rahim. Jodha curtly says i just want to go from her let me be and leaves angerily jalal looks on.

Scene 6
jalal enters the court and brought sharif in front of him. He praises his skills in mewat and amer and gives him responsibility of another state but says before going give back the money and precious things which they got in amer war back to them. Sharif is dumb shocked. Outside court rahim twist things to soldiers and runs in the court. here jalal orders shrifuddin to attack the revolters in his teritorry rahim Comes to Jalal and playfully tells him about how the sweet choti ammi jaan(jodha) was and is his new friend .jalal smiles

Scene 7
Sharifuddin comes to his wife and beats her up in frustration .. For defeating Amer after winning it just because of her brother but being forced to return the territories and weaths . He is just like a slave of jalal amd follows his wrong orders also and can’t even say a word just like his servant. He fumes.

Scene 8
Jalal enters harem . All his wives are happy and try to impress him But he goes to straight to Jodha . He just stands there silently Jodha thinks he was pulling her dupatta and has her back to him she ask what you are doing you said you will not do anything forcefully to me then what is this? and turns to face him she sees him smiling and looks down as its not jalal But it is rahim cling on her dupatta Jodha jalal looks at each other (eye lock) Jodha is embaressed while jalal is smiling.
Jalal takes rahim in his lap and takes him away playfully while jodha keeps looking.

Scene 9
The other wives are surprised that he came to Jodha’s room and concludes that Actually Jalal loved kids And Jodha has learned this and smiles.

sharif remembers how he slapped and taunted jalal’s wife and thinks what he did he made her cry whom jalal can’t see crying in happiness also. He goes back picks bakshi from ground and says i was in anger thats why i am really i was not in senses i really don’t deserve you bakshi stops him and says don’t say like this you are my husband he says doesn’t deserve your ring but bakshi makes him wear it and says its ok. He says apply rose water on your cheeks so that nobody can see fingerprints of slap on her face she says its matter between husband and wife don’t worry i’ll apply it and nobody will know what happened and says soon jalal will praise you and leaves. Sharif cunningly says i want throne not praise i married a widow so that can reach to throne you are just a mere way to throne.

Scene 2
bakshi comes to jodha and greets her. Jodha is happy seeing and ask any work she says is work required to meet you? Jodha says no. Bakshi shows her some jewelry which bakshi brought its design is of same of amer’s jewelry that bakshi espesially bought for her. Jodha is elated seeing it and her eyes sees the fingerprints on bakshi’s face and ask are you alright? Bakshi hides it through dupatta and says its nothing. She diverts the topic and says you are happy here? Jodha is silent bakshi says jalal is twisted things will take time. Jodha says you are right every wound heals with time . Time can heal anything. Jodha now gets up from her place sets her dupatta and gives some jewelry from her side.

Scene 3
jalal and ruks are in room asking riddle jalal gives right answer but ruks doesn’t guess so rahim comes and answers. Jalal says i promised him to spend time with him. Ruks made him sit on bed and ask what game you want to play. He says that i use to play with my father salima comes to take him away but jalal says its alright. Jalal ask what game khan baba used to play with you he says he use become a horse and i ride on his back. Jalal says the one who is running whole india you want to make him horse. Rahim says you promised. Jalal becomes the horse and rahim rides on him. Ruks become teary eyed jalal remembers his ride on khan baba says i am tired. Salima thanks him jalal says he just want to give him sweet memories of childhood. And it is nothing in front of what khan baba did for him.

Scene 4
salima says some couplet jodha comes and praises it. Salima remembers bairam khan who said that couplet for her. She says life was beautiful when bairam was there. There is nothing left now. Jodha says but rahim is with you salima says he is my step son. He was son of other wife of bairam. He is lucky that got teacher like jalal he became horse today for him. Jodha is stunned and remembers his punishment for that family. Salima informs that jalal didn’t give them punishment. He has the heart which can be seen when he is around rahim, today i saw ruks in tears jodha says ruksss?? Salima informs that ruks was just eight years old when they got married. They become used to each other. Ruks started to show rights on him and jalal use to accept her everything but ruks couldn’t give him happiness of life A child they are a happy couple but still a void of their own child. Jodha in contemplative mood and is intently listening(as if she is going to fulfill his wish lol).

Scene 5
hamida bano is with religious personality(baba), jodha comes and greets her and ask you called me she says yes sit. Now jalal comes in and ask hamida you called me hamida says i wanted the newly wedded couple to take blessing of baba. Both sit side by side baba gives them blessing and says their couple will be remembered in the history of mughals and soon mughals will get its heir jalal looks at jodha. She looks down. Hamida says i am happy with this news and will go on feet to ajmer sharif and will return on feet. Jalal interrupts and says you are taking it bit serious jodha agrees hamida says once said is said and has to be done. Jalal Jodha gets up and jalal comes down and about to leave but turns around and gives his hand to jodha, she has no option as everybody including hamida is looking and gives her hand to him to get down, Jalal smiles while jodha is embarrassed (BG plays).they share an eyelock and Jalal leaves.

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