Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 28 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 28 April 2020

Resham comes to hoshiyar and tell that child is not of jalal, hoshiyar is shocked and thinks how this can happen, she ask resham to shut up else her tongue will be cut, resham says its truth and i will say it without any fear, hoshiyar informs everybody in harem about jodha’s child, moti comes, all become silent, resham ask moti that whether child is of jalal?

Moti ask them shut up, they say jalal didnt spent night with jodha then whose child is this, moti says you people dont have shame, they keep asking moti leaves from there crying, jodha ask her what happened, moti says nothing, maham comes and says she cant tell you what she had listened, all are talking about you jodha in harem, jodha ask what? Maham says i will find him and will punish him, we dont share good raport but i cant bear the insult of jalal, his wife and his child but soon i will that culprit, jodha ask what are you saying, maham says people have a feeling that this is not of jalal but someone else, this rumor has spread in whole harem, jodha says its a lie, maham says i know its a lie.

maham says to jodha that i will find out who is behind this conspiracy because i have faith in you, jodha seems to believe her.. I just want to say that dont think about it, it will effect your health, you are going to give heir to mughal and i will fulfill my responsibility as jalal’s mother, maham turns and think that jodha will not tell the truth that whose child is this, amer mud is strong but i will find truth before jalal kills jodha, maham leaves, moti comes to jodha and says i am sure maham has spread all these crap, jodha says this talk was between me and jalal then how she can spread it, moti says i am sure she is behind it and she came to know something from you that she can use against you.

Jodha Akbar 28 April 2020

Scene 2
jalal outside sees the weight machine(balance). Jalal- jodha soul talk, jodha says i was hurt, jalal says i was also hurt, like justice had one way we also had to choose one path and our relation were away from one decision that can break it. Soul talk ends.
Jodha comes outside and says to jalal that i want justice not from king but from my husband, who pointed at my respect, my soul, you have brought our relation in weight machine and today i want justice from you, if you doubt my character then what should i do and i am not only wife but a rajvanshi queen, one side of weight machine contains anger,hatred and other side my character, like stand that balance two side, marriage is same but its not there anymore, she shows the ring which jalal gave her and says this ring created relation between us but if trust is not there then there is no meaning of this, she says to take decision fast, she leaves.
Jodha Akbar on Tuesday Update 28 April 2020

Scene 3
in court, jalal is lost and keep looking at ring while adka informs that they have defeated abul mali but he ran away, they chant jalal’s name for victory, adka ask jalal is he right? Jalal says yes and says to over court session, they all goes out, jalal orders servant to tell salima to meet him.
Here salima is feeling vomitting, she thinks that it may be due to wrong eating, servant informs that jalal want to meet you, she says ok.

Scene 4
gul badan begum comes tensed to hamida and informs about the rumor that jodha is not carrying jalal’s child but someone else.
Jalal thinks of jodha’s words that to give her justice, salima comes and why are you tensed, jalal says i cant talk to ruks, she will not understand and khan baba used to take suggestions from you, he tell her everything from that night till the news of pregnancy, jalal says doc. Is experienced, salima says when bairam khan’s 2nd wife was pregnant this doc said that she is not pregnant but after 3 month she confirmed that she was indead pregnant jalal ask so what? Salima says i know you are not lying but we cant doubt jodha’s character i can swear on her character.

Scene 5
maham comes and says that you cant stop people from gossiping about this hamida says i want to talk to you alone, She is horrified, Maham adds fuel to fire by telling her that she had over heard jalal asking jodha who was the father of her baby as he himself had not touched her

Scene 6
salima says maybe you both are right maybe you didnt touch her and she dont have relation with another man, jalal ask how this can happen either i am right or jodha, salima says sometime truth is entangled, jalal ask her to stop and says come with me.
Hameeda rushes to jodha’s room and as great queen of mughul sultanat, accuses her of betraying her, she ask whose child is this,jodha is shocked,hamida further says that She had fallen from grace by doing such acts of adultery .. Hameeda had treated her like a daughter and gone out of her way to keep her happy but she is giving back such things in return .. She is no more her daughter and she had no rights to live in the fort and Be her daughter nor daughter in law.

jalal comes to doc with soldiers, she greets him, jalal says i dont want your greeting, i respect your age otherwise i want to punish you here itself, doc ask him to calm down and ask what happened? Whats my mistake, jalal shout your mistake is that you said jodha is pregnant when i had made no relation with her, i doubted her character but what i saw in eyes cant be in characterless person,

the pain on her face was showing that she is right and all this happened because of you, doc says symptoms was of pregnancy but if they had no relation then maybe she had eaten something that shows these symptoms, doc says maybe someone made her banana leafes, i had this case earlier when mother in law made her daughter in law eat that leafes so that her husband can doubt her and throw her out of house, doc says if you remember ruks had miscarriage due to these remedies also.

Jalal ask for any solution, doc gives them one remedy and says it will confirm whether jodha is pregnant or not, we doctors can judge by symptoms only and after eating this remedy if she do vomitting of blue color after 4 hour then she is not pregnant, jalal says how i will make jodha eat it, salima says i will take care of it, jalal gives her the remedy and leaves.

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