Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 24 March 2020


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 24 March 2020

Jalal tells her to put up a facade as he had put in front of her parents- to make believe that Jodha is carrying his child, and asks her to make promise by putting her hand on his head. Jodha is hell shocked at what she listened.

jalal is very happy and tells minister to free the prisoners, distribute money among poors. Hoshiyar ask whether maham will fume listening to this news ruks says i don’t care bu hindu wife jodha will definitely fume. Here jodha listens this news and is very happy saying this is best news and now hamida will not have to go bare foot to ajmer. Moti says and you don’t have to lie to her also. Someone informs hamida about this and says your prayer are approved she says its God blessing that he listened to my prayers.

in harem, some wives ask hoshiyar whether ruks is pregnant he says yes she will give heir to mughals. They say its not must that it is going to be son it can be daughter also hoshiyar says it will son only i can write it on paper for you. Hamida is with jalal saying this is very big news we should celebrate there will ceremonies and all. Jalal says to maham to send invitations in all states she nods.

Hamida says seems jodha is very lucky for mughals. The day she entered in palace only good is happening she leaves saying need to offer prayer to thank God . Maham ask jalal do you agree with hamida on jodha being lucky. He says seems she like her very much more than me maham laughs.

Scene 3
according to jalal’s order invitations for ceremony is being sent in all states. In amer, bhagwan das reads invitation they all are happy at this news. Bharmal says i have to go to other state to fix sukanya’s marriage so can’t go to agra, masa is not so happy. Bharmal says das will go and ask masa to send gifts as our son in law is going to be father she nods. He leaves. Masa sits on couch sukanya ask what happened she says in mughals who ever gives heir to kingdom becomes big queen i am thinking about jodha her daughter in law pacifies her saying jodha knows how to lead her life.

jodha is going to ruks with gift moti is walking slowly jodha ask what happened she says i am worried for you is it right to congratulate her. Jodha says i am first daughter of amer then jalal’s wife, its my duty to wish her and maybe she will not like if i don’t go. Hoshiyar informs ruks jodha is coming ruks says got in senses so soon. Jodha comes and congratulates her ruks says you are here with some motive actually you want to show the world how big your heart is when i know you are here to lessen your jealousy jodha ask what jealousy when i don’t want any these wishes ruks says becuase you don’t know the power of mother of heir(maryam zamani) this designation comes after king and has all power. Jodha says whatever power you get mother is bigger than all i came to wish you here is the gift for you. Ruks says whatever you say i know whats in your heart. Jodha says mother is bigger than all this whatever you think of me i don’t care i just want to wish you and hopes a good life for you and your baby thats all. She puts the gift down on the table and leaves saying thanks for welcome like this ruks just looks on.

jodha happily comes to hamida’s room and greets her. Hamida ask her to sit. Jodha sits and says i was afraid when you talked about going barefoot. Hamida says daughters always care for mother. Jodha says but now problem is solved as ruks is going to be mother i am happy for her. Hamida says thats why you are different whenever any wife becomes mother in harem all wives become jealous but i can see happiness in your face because of this news i am very happy. Jodha says i will leave now. Hamida makes her eat sweets and says you are very lucky for mughals and hope God will bless you with same news as ruks jodha’s smiles faints away. She leaves but is in deep thoughts.

Scene 6
some gul badan phuppo(maternal aunt) comes to rukiya she is her father’s sister and gifts her some dress. Jalal comes and greets her. She leaves jalal says everybody is giving you gifts its like we are marrying again. He looks at table and says so these are gifts given by your aunt ruks says not this one pointing jodha’s gift. He takes her gift ruks sarcastically says its so big that came in your hand easily. He opens it and finds a small spoon ruks laughs seeing it he sees a note also in box, ruks says whether its her nagging letter jalal says i can’t read so ruks read its a small poem for the kid of rukaiya. Jalal smiles listening to it as its very sweet. In poem jodha wishes her for baby saying he/she will bring happiness and will be very lucky for all, he will be naughty etc. Jalal finds it very touching but Ruks negates the gesture.

At night, Jalal is unable to sleep, gets a FB of sword fight,aarti scene and recalls the note written by Jodha. Jalal thinks that though he does not want but he always gets reminded of Jodha’s small yet thoughtful gestures, every time he gets to know a new thing about her, she did not share his joy but feelings for his child, her thoughts touched him.

In morning, The maids are getting Jodha ready, Jodha is happy that her brothers are coming for the function, Moti is angry at Ruks behavior with Jodha when Jalal comes in and asks everyone to leave. He recites the poem which Jodha had written in that note and praises Jodha’s talent. He tells her to explain the spoon and poem meanings and Jodha starts explaining that i gave spoon with a wish that he eats with that spoons for first time time and for poem it means i conveyed well wishes for him, may he get all things in life , his future will be bright, he will be so generous that people will love him and he will excel in all fields and Jalal gets lost in her He praises her and she asks him to leave in a roundabout way saying I have to get ready, he is surprised at that too that you are throwing me out? she says i am just asking you to leave why you conduct your words without thinking he calls all the maids and tells them that he has sent some gifts for them too for the occasion as he is very happy.

bhagwan das and company comes to agra they are welcomed grandly. Das greets maham and sharif and gives them the gifts for ruks and jalal. Maham ask servant to taste the things first. Das comes to maan singh both greets each other and das says in peace after seeing you happy here. Maan says i have to be happy so that can make jodha bua happy here. Das meets other ministers. Sharif comes inside bakshi ask were they relatives of jodha sharif says yes they were same whom i captured and jalal ordered to leave bakshi looks on.

rukaiya takes the royal bath in pool and is very happy. Her aunt make her ready for ceremony she looks beautiful. Priest blesses and make her drink pious water her aunt kisses her forehead.

adham khan is coming inside when ministers gossip that he is back after playing politics in madhura whatever but he is a good soldier with twisted head. Adham sees moti and smirks. He lustly looks at her she sees him and goes away. Adham says to servant. i will come after meeting maham . Here in kitchen maham is distributing gifts among servants. Some servant informs that adham is back after defeating evils in madura he was successful there maham is happy.

Adham meets maham and greets her then loses his temper and starts talking gibberish as Moti that she is still not dead, Maham asks Resham to step out of the room. Maham drills some sense into Adham , tells him how Moti was freed and is no threat now. Adahm is still gloating when Maham gets angry and frustrated and tells Adham that the function is to celebrate the arrival of heir to Mughal throne and Ruks becoming Marium Zamani.

At the function hall, Hameeda enters followed by Jodha. Ruks also comes and sits and gives a pathetic glance to Jodha. Jalal comes and greets Jodha which Ruks notices, and then takes his place , Ruks sits besides him. Resham informs Maham that Adham is drunk and is creating havoc in his room. MA again goes to fix her erring and useless son. Maham tries to sort him but then Adham pours out everything which has been hurting him, Adham very sternly says you are worried for the function of jalal’s heir but i am so so sad i thought something bad will happen with jalal then i will get the throne but now his heir will get it. I kept serving him as a slave and now will serve his heir also. Do you know how i feel when you take jalal’s side in front of me but i thought you do that because of my future but i think in pretending to be his mother you have actually become his mother.

Maham along with adham enters the function where all are seated jalal says its double happiness as adham won madhura and ruks is going to give mughals its heir. He says every gift is important for me whether it is small or big looking at jodha says every gifts means a lot to me. Function starts hamida gives holy book to jalal and shawl to ruks. And says i am so happy. Then comes maham and gives her gifts. Then comes sharif and bakshi and put gift in her lap and says may you become mother soon.

Jodha gets up with bhagwan das jalal looks at her. She gifts her kesar came from kashmir she says your child will be healthy with it. Jalal ask this is a time so make her drink now maham gives milk to jodha , jodha is about to put kesar in it when jalal stops her and takes out the spoon which jodha gave. Jalal says i want everybody to know that this spoon is given by jodha to ruks as a gifts and says how much small this gift is but emotions behind it is true, and asks Jodha to use it. Jodha gives the milk+kesar to Ruks,Ruks thinks that Jodha has started behaving like slave from now, Jalal insists to have some more milk as the baby will be healthy.

The dance starts when Jalal gets up on spotting Rahim , Rahim says he wants to dance and Jalal starts dancing with him. Everyone is surprised and happy to see Jalal and Rahim swaying to the beats, Hameeda gets emotional too.

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