Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 23 June 2020


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 23 June 2020

Jalal sees something and runs toward it, he throw dagger at atgah, he falls on ground, all are stunned, the man standing at back of atgah was actually attacked by jalal as he attacked atgah. jalal comes to atgah and calls for hakim.

Jodha Akbar Monday Update 22 June 2020

hakim comes, in room, jalal says you have to take rest, atgah says i have to see jalal’s security, ruks says someone else will see your work, jalal ask maham to see his work, she agrees, jalal says who can attack him, atgah says i did investigation, he is employee in treasury section, he was doing corruption in money, he says you should have not killed him, jalal says no one is important then you, atgah says my life is to protect you, jalal says i lost alot i cant lose you, you dont know how much ipmortant you are for me, he leaves.
Jodha Akbar 23 June 2020

Scene 2
moti says to jodha are you going to mandir, she ask moti to go on her behalf, moti says okay. In mandir sujamal is waiting for jodha, he ask someone why so much people today? he says today is maaa’s puja, suja thinks that jodha will come today,

moti comes there, she says to pundit that jodha was not feeling so she asked me to come, pundit gives sacred flowers for jodha, puja starts, suja thinks to send message to jodha, he comes forward, he writes message on leaf, folds it and puts in moti’s plate. puja finishes. he prays that jodha get that message.
Jodha Akbar Update 23 June 2020
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Scene 3
in palace, maham orders that everyone should be checked before coming in palace as jalal and atgah was attacked, moti comes there, resham says let her come in, maham ask resham to check parsad, resham takes one leaf and sees laddo in it, she ask moti to eat it, she takes another leaf which has message, maham reads, it says that i am waiting for you in mandir, just me once, i know you are happy but i just want to me you before going, just came for the sake of memories we spent in amer, i will wait for you,

maham folds it and gives it back to moti, maham thinks what is the new game. moti comes to jodha, moti gives parsad and flower to jodha, jodha says to put it on kahna’s mandir, moti tells her about strict checking, jodah says nothing is right after benazir came, jodha sees leaf on ground, she reads it and says to moti what is this? what kind of problem is this, jodha shows her and says sujamal said that he will leave as he met me then what he is doing here. i have to meet him now, moti says he attacked jalal, jodha says he cant do anything, i will meet him in night, moti says if anybody sees you then it will be considered as betray.

jodha says he is my brother, i have to meet him, i cant think he is betrayer, moti says you are now jalal’s wife who thinks him as betrayer, jodha says he cant attack jalal, he promised me, i have to know the truth, i will go, jalal comes and says you dont have to go anywhere, jodha hides message. jalal says i myself came to meet you, leaf falls from jodha’s hand, jalal says something fell, he takes it, jodha is tensed, he puts it aside, he says i want to talk something ipmortant, moti goes out, jalal says i want to tell you that sujamal is in agra, we are finding him, i thought you might want to know about so told you, he leaves. moti says think once again, jodha says jalal thinks suja as attacker i have to go, she ask moti to see things in palace.


Scene 4
In court, maham says to jalal that i want to show you three employees, she shows, she says now they will serve you, they take jalal’s blessing, jalal says if badi ammi chose you then you must be competent, jalal ask sujamal, sharif says soon he will be caught,

jalal says i can be attacked because i am king but atgah was attacked because he was working against corruption, he ask maham to find more about it, maham is in thoughts of that message, jalal ask maham to find more about it, maham thinks that who can send message to jodha, i have to find.

In mandir, suja thinks that whether jodha got the message, soldier comes and ask why he is there, suja says i am a beggar, i just sit here idle. they say okay dont roam around. jodha is going, moti says jalal will be angry if he gets to know it, jodha says i have taken decision, you just handle in palace, moti gives her shawl, jodha comes to mandir, she thinks how will sujamal know thatt i came here, suja puts hand on her shoulder and says i am here, he says its not right to talk here, lets go on back side of mandir, they goes, jodha cries and hugs him. maham sees them. he ask jodha to not cry, jodha says one side is my husband and other side is my brother, all are thinking that you attacked jalal, tell me once that you didnt do it, he says lets go inside, theyy go in hut, maham is stunned.

sujamal says i didnt attack jalal, she takes sigh of relief, he says my 1st promise was given to you that i will protect your husband, jodha ask then why was you there in jashn? he says to fulfill my promise, he says someone planned to kill jalal, we get the flashback of attack, suja caughting him, he says it was my bad luck that they doubted me, jodha says we will talk with jalal, suja says he wil not beilieve, jodha remembers bitter words of jalal about suja, he says all are against me but i will always fulfill my promise to you, he says someone insider is against jalal, he says give me promise that you will not tell jalal that you met me, maham listens to their convo, jodha says i promise that i will not tell jalal that i came to meet my sujamal bhaisaa, maham says so he is suja, i will tell jalal, but then thinks no i should play a bigger game.

in morning, moti ask jodha will you tell jalal about suja, jodha says no as i promised suja, jalal comes there. he says you have peace on your face, she says its all your care, they sit, he says where were you last night? i came to meet you but you wasnt there, jodha says i went to mandir jalal says in night, jodha says yes as i couldnt go in day, he says okay, harem responsibilities are not small, you are emotional and you forget about people in your work, he ask to play chess with him, jodha says sorry i didnt rest last night thats why i cant play today, he says its okay, he leaves, jodha says i am sorry i cant tell you anything.

javeda comes to meet ruks, bandhi says she is sleeping, javeda says she is my close friend, tell her i came. bandhi says okay you are going on your own, javeda goes inside, ruks is sleeping, javeda tries to touch her hukka but ruks says that if you are fed up of life then touch it, javeda says you wake up, she says you played very well in choghan, please assist me in playing and you were looking beautiful in that dress, ruks says i am not free to help you, javeda says you left your position then you are free, ruks says i left it myself that doesnt mean i am free, just go, javeda says she is arrogant thats why position was taken from her, wish jodha knew this game.

maham comes to jalal, she says i want to talk in private, maham says i dont know how to tell you, i dont want to interfare, i know you and jodha are coming close, did you as her where she went last night? jalal says yes she told me she went to mandir to get peace, maham says she shouldnt have gone there late night when dangerous people are there, i am not doubting her purity, just for her safety i went before, jodha went there to meet some other man, jalal is shocked, maham says she is wife of shehenshah,

she can meet anyone anywhere, i am not doubting her character but i just want to know did she tell you that she went to meet some other man, jalal is silent, she says i am sorry to follow her but i had to collect proves, yesterday morning someone sent message to jodha on leaf, jalal remembers taking that leaf from ground, maham says message said that she should meet him in mandir and he talked about their memories in amer, she says its odd to talk about your wife like this but as chief minister i thought to inform, by seeing it seemed that they were close, maham thinks that jodha will jalal’s anger, jalal thanks her, maham says respect of women is involved in this matter so take extra care, jalal says dont worry, maham leaves.

Atgah is leaving, jiji comes and says you will not go anywhere, he says i am going to serve jalal, jiji says he asked you to take rest so sit here, she says i know you are worried fro him but he is intelligent and you should take care of yourself and me, he says sorry to not give you time but i have given my life to jalal, jiji says i love jalal too as i gave him my milk too, atgah says he was sad seeing me on bed, she says our son aziz also serve, atgah says my son is obedient, she says give your responsibility to him.
jalal thinks about jodha’s words then of maham’s. he thinks that i know jodha’s personilty there must be some reason that she went there she will tell me on right time but its not good for to go in night, i have to take care of her security.

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