Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 21 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 21 April 2020

its morning, jalal is rubbing jodha’s hand, she get consciousness and jerks her hand, she gets up and ask how i came here, jalal who else can do that if not me, she remembers how he picked her up last night, jalal leaves ordering moti to give her meds, jodha ask moti what happened yesterday and sees that there is no jewelry on her, moti says now i will tell you what happened yesterday, maham comes and says you became jalal’s yesterday, i am so happy, accept my gift, now jalal will have no interest in you. Jodha is shocked.

Outside adka ask that weather is good, when we will leave? Jodha comes outside, jalal says you should not come out your health is not good, jodha says come on side, jalal obliges. Jodha says what happened to me i can’t come out of shock, tell me what you did? Jalal says think it as it was time’s need, i had to do it, jodha is shocked and in tears., jodha says no reason can allow king to break his promise, what could’ve happened i would’ve died only, jalal says i know what a king should do and what a husband should do, i just fulfilled my responsibility,

jodha says fulfilling promise is also your responsibility, jodha says tell me you didnt do that which i didnt allowed, jalal says i am a king i dont need permission for anything, if need arises i will do it again, he leaves, jodha sits shattered in tears.

Scene 2
voiceover says that mughal’s caravan is going forward, and storm is running in mind of jodha, she want to remember what happened yesterday night but what happened yesterday is bygone.
Jodha looks at jalal from her box.
One messenger was sent from agra to jalal but he lost his way and didnt meet jalal.

Scene 3
jalal’s caravan reaches agra but priests stop him coming inside, jalal says when king come nobody stop his way like this, there must be some big reason behind it, priest says yes its big and valid also, we assumed that you will respect your religion, but you disrespected it by going to mandir with jodha, praying in their style, and bowing down your head in front of sculpture, one says i agree you are a king but that doesnt mean you can do anything, other says if king doesnt respect his then whats the need of him, you have no right to sit on throne now,

maham is tensed, hamida says history is witness that all mughal kings ruled within the limits of our religion, priest says but we cant ignore this mistake, god and people are angry with him and if he want to go to throne then he have to go through our dead-bodies, he has lost the right to sit on throne, maham says who can stop him? Priest says women have no right to talk,

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