Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 20 July 2021


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 20 July 2021

jalal is leaving, jodha thinks that i was angry with you as you pointed on my character so how could i come with you, it was insult for my character but i wanted to come with you, it feels like i lost my most precious thing. soul talks starts, jalal says that my life was in amer, i was moving forward but my heart was there, i tried many a times, i was roaming in dust just for forgiveness of yours, johda soul says that even i didnt went with you but when you left my heart was drowning, everything was finished, i had only tears in my eyes. jalal says but it was of need, the enemosity which turned in love was lost due to your ego, i had everything as king but all was lost for me, i was returning to amer just for sake of my nation but as a husband i lost.

hamida thinks what maham was doing in dark, is she plotting against jalal but then says thata maham loves jalal alot even more than adham, she cant do anything wrong with jalal. salima comes there, hamida says i want to discuss a weird thing with you, that day when we went to mandir, i saw a weird thing, maham was going in jungle, the way she was going there hiding i had doubts salima says if doubt is there in relations then we should talk with each other, talk with maham, hamida says what if she fells bad, salima says she is intellgent she will understand. maham is being called. maham says i served here for many days even then you are doubting me, maybe you gave birth to jalal but he drank my milk, i made him walk, i loved him more than my son, hamida says dont take it at heart, i am just worried for you so i am asking you what was you doing in jungle, maham says i went there as i am worried for jalal, he is not coming back so i was feeling scared, i go there to get peace, to pray. hamida says you have your room, you can pray on dargah so whats the need to go there, maham says if you are not believing then go and see that place yourself, hamida says okay i want to go, we will go there right now, maham is stunned. atgah says aatimad khan that it is weird that we trust maham alot and she brought a man here in disguise of eunuch, he says you and dilawar will stay here till maham comes, he says we need to protect you both as if maham gets to know about them then it will not be good, he thinks why maham allowed suja to come in palace.

maham and hamida are going to that secret place, hamida remembers the path, maham says there is jungle there if you are tired? hamida says no and you are with me so i have no fear, maham ask her to come and moves forward, maham suddenly disappears form scene, hamida calls out for her and says where she went, maham sneakingly comes from behind. hamida turns, maham says you should stay with me, they goes there, hamida says yes this is the place from where you diappeared, i want to come in your praying place, maham claps so man opens the door of the secret cave, they goes n, hamida says what place is this , maham says i discovered it somedays ago, maham says look around, now have you have any doubt? hamida says you can pray anywhere but why here? maham says everyone has different way of praying. they leaves the place, maham turns and smirks.

Scene 4
jalal’s caravan comes in agra palace, ruks gets to know it, she ask dasi is he with jodha or alone? she says no he is alone, ruks smirks.
hamida also gets to know that jodha didnt come with jalal, phuphi says have hope, jodha will come then ask every question from her. at gate of palce, jalal comes all are there to greet him, maham says after many days you returned, she says i cant see jodha, is her caravan behind? jalal says she didnt returned, maham says did you find her? jalal says its a long story i will tell you afterwards, maham says dont tell me that jodha will not come here, she is the sacred light of agra, atgah thinks why she is saying so sweet words for jodha, my doubt was right, much sweetness give rise to hatred. ruks hug jalal and says i am very happy that you returned, i have many things to talk about, come with me, jalal says i am very tired now let me go, ruks gets sad, jalal ask where is hamida, phuphi says her health is not good.

Scene 5
jalal comes to hamida, he says i promised you i will bring jodha with me, hamida says then why i am seeing your face alone, where is jodha answer me. hamida says to jalal answer me, after coming back from many days you have this answer to my promise to prayers. meena says jodha that you have only answer to every food that you dont wanna ea, you havnt eaten enything from 5 day, whats going on in your heart tell me.. do you wanna go to jalal back to agra, what you want, ego has limit to too it should not break people, i thought you are angry but he came here, mughal emperor came here, asked forgiveness many a times even though his mistake was not that that you are punishing him like ths. here hamida says you did a sin by doubting jodha, she even drank poison for you and you didnt take a minute to doubt here, i feel ashamed to call you a son, look a emperor promised me and is standing here without fulfilling it, she says answer me, jalal says i tried, i found her, i even asked forgiveness from her but she didnt come with me, jalal says i am shameful that i couldnt fulfill my promise. he leaves from there. meena says to jodha that why are you crying when you dont wanna go, jalal raomed here and there for you, he even got injured, he lost alot of blood for you but your heart didnt melt if there was any other wife he wouldnt have looked back at her, i never listened that a rajvanshi man goes to his in laws to make up with his wife but jalal came here for you, its your good fate, i accept that jalal did a mistae but when someone ask forgiveness then we should resect that, you were waiting fro him and when he came here you treated him like this, i will not force you to go there but as mother i advise you to not raise her ego that much that your heart voice doesnt reach out. she leaves. jodha looks on.

jodha is sitting, shehnax comes there, she starts laughing and says i m laughing on your foolishness, jodha says you are my friend, shehnaz says its my responsibility to make you realize what you, your love came all the way to get you but you denied, did the love fade away, jodha says no its even more now, shehnaz ask then why didnt go? jodha says i had seen good side of jalal, a soft and good heated, we had fights but jalal used to see things and then decide but this time he hurt e alot, he said bitter words without thinking, i cant bear it again so couldnt go, shehnaz says sometimes rose which gives good smell can hurt you by its pric, she shows her the handkerchief of jalal which he left there, she says maybe he left it for you so you can get his essence from it, she leaves.

Scene 2
jiji comes to atgah and ask him why is he tensed, he says i today feel like that i am not capable of this job, he tells her everything about maham, he says jalal is alread worried how can i tell him but if dont then its cheating to hide it from him. jiji says maham can go to any extend to achieve her mission, atgah says i believe that she cant hurt jalal but why is she doing it, jiji says she never liked jodha maybe she wanted what is happening now, she did their separation, atgah thinks.
atgah comes to jalal in night and says aatimad khan came with real dilawar khan and she told me some severe things about maham, he tells him everything and says this shows that maham knew that a man was entering in harem in diguise of dilawar maybe she knew it was sujamal, jalal gets angry and takes otu his sword, he says you are pointing at my bari ammi, atgah says if my news is wrong then you can kill me, jalal ask to bring maham in court.

maham comes to jalal, atgah si there too, maham ask why you called me in night, jalal ask atgah to go out, he goes, jalal looks at maham, he says mahamanga you are called as i have to do some investigation, maham says you never called me like that, jalal says today i am not your son but emperor, i want some answers, he ask did you know that it was sujamal inj disguise of dilawar, maham says no, jalal ask to bring dilawar, he ask maham do you know him? she first says no, but then says that i think i had seen him once, jalal says he is real dilawar and came to you to tell you that someone else is here as dilawar, i accept maybe you cant remember him but its your duty to keep check on eunuchs of harem, maham says yes but i dont investigate about every eunuch personally and now it is known that he was sujamal, jalal says is it like this that you knew he was suja and you allowed him to come in palace..jalal says we got news that sujamal left agra, maham says you remeber that person who gave us this news, jalal says i exactly remember him, he calls that man, maham recalls how she ordered that man to say whatever she says to him infront of jalal, FB ends. jalal ask that man to tell how muh truth is in this news that sujamal was seen outside of agra, he looks at maham, jalal puts sword on him and says have fear of me not maham, i will cut your head, he gets afraid, he says i never seen sujamal outside of agra, i said that all to you because someone said to me, jalal ask who said that to you? he looks at maham, maham nods no, man says cheif minister maham ask me to lie to you, jalal is pained, man leaves, jalal sits dejected and says i cant believe that the one who gave me biggest wound was my protection, my support, jalal shouts that you knew everything, you knew he was sujamal, you probed me to doubr on my wife, i believed on you but you what you did, mali gave me external wounds but you have heart my soul, why you did that, why you played with my feelings, why you plotted against jodha, you stoopd so low against jodha, i gave you everything then why you did that, maham says you never gave me anything, i gave you everything but you never appreciated me, she says you were child you know nothing, me and bairam khan made you everything what you are today, you have throne and everything just because you were born in shehenshah house, i couldnt be a queen and my work is to just greeet queens here, i served you alot, gave you love like a son, i taught you politics, war everything and what you gave, a name ammi jan, you only gave me chief ministry,

maham says to jalal i loved you and i always will but i will not tolerate that a lady that just came between us and take my powers from me. I won’t bear that a rajwanshi takes my place from me. Now only a few months have been past since she came in your life and you trust her so much now. Yes i plotted so many conspiracy to let jodha down in your eyes. I admit it today. I did this all to send her away from you and from this castle. Because you started speaking her language. You started giving her more attention then me. I gave you more attention then i gave to my own son adham khan. I can’t bear that you love her more than me. A heart has started beating in you which is not good for a soldier and a king. I will serve you till death but there are somethings that you should know jalal. You were a toddler when i saved you from world. bairum saved you even when He knew that people after you could kill him. What you gave him in return? That he couldn’t get water when he was dying. you could call him back but there’s one thing that i’ll not be like him. Specially for a rajwanshi lady for whom your heart started beating. You call me bari ammi. You said you love me more than anyone. Then tell my why i became bad in your eyes after this rajwanshi. Why does this happen. maham says only you can answer me that why son goes away from mother when wife comes, why he gives responsibility of his to his wife snatching from mother, why son pushes mother, why son cant see love of mother infront of wife, i dont want you ask me to go to makkah sharif in return of my long service to you, never. that is why i plotted, i tell you today that if you want to behead me than you but i still say that whatever i did i have no regret, jalal says i will not snatch your ministry from you neither i will kill you. jalal says i’d like to tell you that you lost the most precious thing you had. You’ve lost your son today.

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