Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 14 September 2021


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 14 September 2021

salim smiles seeing Anarkali dance, in her dance, she loses her ghongroos from her feet, Salim take the ghiingroos, Anarkali comes to Salim and says its mine, give it back to me, Salim says I am prince Salim and I like it so I wont give it to you, Anarkali says what you like, you will take it, my mother gifted this to me, Salim says you lost it and I gained it so its mine, Anarkali give other piece of pair to him

and says pairs should not break, take this ghoongroos too, take it as gift, Salim says how will you adance with ghongroos, Anarkali says noise cant come from only them, she brings plate and dances on it, plaet makes the noise, Anarkali says to Salim that take these ghoongroos, It will help you, Salim says how dare you talk like this to would be king, Anarkali says you are so small like finger of king, when you grow up and become king then come, you will get respect.
Jalal comes to have lunch with his whole family, all greets him, jalal sits and says to all to start eating, Salim is weeping, Murad says to Adham that Salim have some ghongroos as its making noise, jalal ask from where this noise is coming from, one kid says that Salim is hiding something, jalal ask Salim, Murad grabs ghongroos from Salim and says this is what Salim was hiding, Jalal ask from where did you find these ghongroos, Salim says I was playing so… he is afraid of jalal, jalal ask Salim to put these ghongroos on floor, Jalal takes out his sword and puts near ghongroos, jalal says to Salim that now you have to decide that you like king’s sword or these ghongroos, he then says that I think you like this sword only, Salim runs and goes to jalal, Jalal ask what happened, Salim says this sword is very heavy, jalal ask what you like? Salim says I like noise of ghongroos, I am afraid of sword, jalal says you don’t know anything about sword, I will make you learn sword fighting, all kids have to learn it, I will tell you guys that sword have more noise than ghongroos.

Salim is with jodha, he ask is jalal angry with him? jodha says he will be pacified, tell from where did you find these ghongroo, Salim says they are of that egoistic and disrespectful girl, she is younger than me but seems elder, she talks big, jodha says why did you bring her ghongroo, Salim says she was insulting me, Jodha says its wrong, you are king, you should gift people, Salim says I found them lying on floor, jodha says everything is not yours and what will you do with these, you should return back to her, Salim says this is mine and I wont give it and I wont give to that egoistic girl, jodha says you don’t like girls, Salim says yes I don’t like girls, they are egoistic, jodha says you will like them when you grow up, jodha says I am also women, Salim says you and Hamida are different, jodha ask what did you say to girl, Salim says I told her that I am would be king so she said that I am smaller than king’s finger and to come to her when I become king the she will give respect, jdha laughs, Jodha says always respect girls, if someone is more intelligent than you then you should accept it and be friend to them, when anyone knows that you are son of king and even then he/she teaches you right thing then he/she is your real friend, now you give back these ghongroos to her back, Salim agrees.

Scene 3
zil bahar scolds anarkali for bickering with prince Salim, Anarkali says I gave him second ghongroo too, he is king and was fighting for ghongroos, zil bahar says we are very small infront of them, you can talk to him like this, we are living here with jalal’s blessing, Anarkali says I want my ghongroos back.
jodha comes to jalal and says I know you are tensed for Salim, jalal says I know what to do, jodha says I trust you but remember he is very small, jalal says I know and I also like music, Salim is would be king so I want him to know importance of sword, jalal says Salim is my child and I will handle him politely, jalal says he has gone on you, jodha says atleast you accepted, jalal says you know when I saw you first time, I was laughing, jodha says you didn’t like me? jalal says you were very small, like a child, jodha says you always put off my mood, I am going, jalal holds jodha’s hand and says I like you a lot and that’s why I love Salim too, he hugs jodha.
Ruks is seeing dance of girls, After dances ruks praises girls and throws her jewelry at them, girls take the jewelry and leaves, ruks recalls how Salim had ghongroos with him, Ruks says now I know his interest, he doesn’t like sword but like ghongroos, this thing is in my favor. Salim along with other kids come in sword fighting area, there are many ghongroos and Swords, Murad says we are in this problem because of Salim, Jalal comes there, Salim is afraid, Hamida says I don’t know what jalal is upto, Ruks says jalal will decide everything rightly, Jalal ask Salim to stand in corner, he stands tansen comes there with girls, Rahim says to Salim that you have to keep your focus to jalal only, don’t look at the dancing girls, jalal wont like it, on one side, girls start dancing on noise of ghongroos, other side jalal starts his fight with soldiers, tansen is playing instrument, after he stops the instrument, jalal starts his fight and makes noise with sword, then he stops and girls makes noise with ghongroos, this cycle goes on, Salim keeps his focus to jalal only, doesn’t look at girls even once, jalal stops and goes to Salim, he looks at Salim.Jalal comes to Salim, Jalal says now think that sword has more rhythm than ghungroos, I am happy that you didn’t look at ghungroos, now listen you have to focus on sword in life, Salim agrees, jalal leaves. Hamida says to jodha that your husband and my son is unique, he finds weird ways to make other understand the thing.jodha smiles.
All kids are learning Urdu, Priest are teaching them, class ends. one kid says that jalal showed marvelous act, haidar (adham’s son) says I can do that too, Salim recalls how jodha ask him to give back ghungroos to owner. Salim goes to Solider and says I wanna go out of palace, soldier says I cant let you as jalal has not allowed us. Murad says to Salim that who can stop you, you are heir, tell me where you wanna go? Salim shows ghungroos and says I wanna return it to its owner as ammi asked me to do so, one kid says these soldiers wont let us go, I think we should it to someone, he will give to it to owner, Salim says I don’t know the name of the girl who is owner, haidar says if we cant go openly then we will go sneakily, Salim says no if jalal gets to know it then he will become angry, Murad says you are going for right thing, nobody would know that you have gone out, Salim says I cant go out alone, haidar says qutub and Danial will go with you, qutub says me, no jalal will not like it, haidar says nothing will happen. Salim ask how will I go out? haidar says I have one idea. He goes to workers busy in construction of palace, he sees children with them, he calls children and says Salim has called you all to gift you, all kids get glad and goes with haidar.

Haidar has tied all the children and has taken their common clothes, Salim wears the common cloth so to not get noticed by soldiers, Salim ask what I get caught, Murad says nobody would recognize you, he puts mud on Salim’s face, haidar says don’t worry, we will handle here, Salim goes with qutub and daniyal from there.

Scene 2
haidar and Murad are happy that now jalal will get angry on Salim, adham says salim will get 4 slaps, one from jodha, one from jalal, one from ruks and one again from jodha, they laugh.
Salim goes out of palace with working labours, he is afraid but has passed the gate of palace.
Jodha comes to jalal and says Salim is missing, jalal says he must be around, jodha says no he it not in palace, jalal says where can he go, he says I will call soldiers.
Jalal is with Rahim, Rahim calls murad and haidar, jalal ask them did you see Salim, haidar says no, we didn’t see him for a while, Jalal says ok and leaves.
Jalal ask soldiers on gate, soldier says no Salim didn’t pass the gate of palace, jalal says where can he go, I have to find everywhere.
Salim is in market with Qutub and daniyal, Salim says I know jodha must be tensed in palace for me but she has asked me to return it so we will return it.
Jalal is with maan and Rahim, jalal ask maan to find them as soon as possible.
in market, Qutub says I am tired, Salim says its little away, he comes to the place where he saw Anarkali, he says to qutub and dnaiyal that I will come after returning it, he goes in.

Scene 3
Salima says to Hamida that where kids can go, Hamida says have faith.
jodha prays to kahna and says protect my child, please make him return to me. Ruks comes there and says don’t worry, he must be fine and jalal has gone to find him.
Salim comes to dancing Centre and ask for girl, man says that girls have gone as class was over. Salim comes out and says she has gone, qutub stops one man and says do you know the girl who comes here to dance, man scolds them and says you are so small and stalking girls, daniyal says shut up, don’t you know the manners to talk to prince, man says prince? did you see your face? you seem beggars, he goes from there. Salim alongwith daniyal and qutub are finding the girl in market. Salim finally finds Anarkali buying bananas, he goes to talk to her. SAli comes to Anarkali and shows her ghungroos, Anarkali says you here? Salim says I have come to return it, Anarkali says I don’t take things back, Salim says my other has asked me to do so, I have come here with much difficulty, and ghungroos are not of my use, take it, Anarkali says I don’t need it anymore as they are old, its good you took it, my mother has bought me new one, now you keep it, Salim says you don’t have manners to talk, I am jalal’s son, she says you are his son but not king, when you become king only then come, I will give you respect only then, Salim puts ghungroos in her hands and says do whatever you want, I don’t wanna talk to you, Salim comes to qutub and dnaiyal, qutub says she was scolding you, Salim says she is mad girl, lets go from here, they leave.

Scene 4
Salim and other two comes outside palace, they hide behind bushes and sees soldiers going to find them, in palace jalal says kids have gone out of palace, I will go myself to find them.
outside qutub says I am hungry, Salim says I am worried that what abu will do. jalal comes outside palace and finds three kids standing there, jalal angrily looks at Salim, Salim starts crying.
jalal brings SAlim in his room, jalal sits with him, he is angry and says do you have any idea what you have done, you are heir, you will be king, you don’t know how many enemies I have, if they got to know that you are out of palace then anything could have happened, Salim says I went to return ghungroos, jalal says you wont go out from now on, without telling anyone, jodha comes there and says he doesn’t understand, how did he went out of palace without informing anyone, jalal says I have talked to him, jodha says its because of you jalal, your love have spoilt him, he should get punishment, jalal says he did mistake, I have forgiven him, he will not do from now on, jodha says no he would get punishment, what if anything could have happen, jalal says who can even look at king’s child, jodha says there are many enemies of yours, jalal says what kind of father I am who would not protect his child, jodha says you have made him stubborn, jalal says I was just making him understand, ask him, they see salim who has slept listening to their fight, jalal and jodha caresses his face, jalal says maybe he went on you but he has this habit of going out of palace in disguise, jodha says its good that nothing happened, I will give him punishment, jalal says you are caressing him and wants to give him punishment too, jodha says mothers are like that, she is in tears, jalal lovingly looks at jodha.

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