Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 11 August 2020


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 11 August 2020

Tuesday Jodha Akbar  Update 11 August 2020: mahaC says that jodha has become my enemy along that jalal too. her grave will be made along will jalal.

Jalal is with him men. Adham comes in jalal asks everyone alone. Adham says the place and respect you have given to these outsiders, i want that too. Man singh is a ranjwansh a kid you called him diamond of the empire.

Jodha Akbar Monday Update 10 August 2020

Adka khan, you made him the minister. Todar mal a hindu, yet you gave him ths much resect. Jalal says talk about yourself not others. Tell me what you want i will contemplate on it. Adham says i want a province where i can rule the way i want.jalal says we will talk about it when we reach agra.

baig says to mahac i am sorry i asked nigar again and again to kill jalal but he kept on wasting time and they found jalal. He gave pain to jalal for 30 hours and said its your order. She say yeah it was my order, Forget what happened. Think what to do next. i know that kabir will kill jalal all at once. I want you to use nigar. Baig says i don’t think nigar is of any use. MahaC says no you don’t know nigar is still so useful. Humayun left a saying fro nigar taht dheli will be ruled by nigar. Shehnaz comes there and listens to their conversation. She says you will keep nigar alive until i don’t get the money and power. Baig says we will get all that when we get chaand begum. MahaC says jalal can never do that. He has been taught to live with chastity. I said all that to nighar so she can hate jalal even more. Shehnaz says oh what i did i hated my brother because of her. MahaC sees her shehnaz wants to run, Baig sends his men after her. They surrond shehnaz and want to attack her with swords. Shehnaz kills them al runs in a horse. MahaC says get her, you are all useless. She ran away.

jalal comes out along with others. People welcome him. bakshi says to sharif that you said jalal will not come back but seem like your plans failed, sharif ask her ti shut up, jalal greets all and saays that i thank all people and my palace for this welcome, because of your prayers i came back, jodha touches her belly and gets happy. they go in palace.

jalal is discussing poiltics with atgah, jodha comes there and talks to moti that today i will tell jalal about my preganacy, moti says dont lose the chance, jodha goes to jalal, jalal says arent you taking rest? jodha says the time i reached agra, all my stree has gone, i want to spend time with you, jalal says my time is for you only, jodha says ok we will meet in court tonight, soldier informs jalal that nigaar has come to palace, jalal comes out to see, nigaar falls inj feet of jalal and says that i am your enemy, i did wrong with you and now you will give me punishement, look i have come here, she is about to fall on ground but jalal holds her.

in palace, jalal is looking at nigaar, atgah says that be careful, it can be her trick to trap you again, jalal says i know you care for me but this time situation is different, nigaar says that atgah is right jalal Bhai, i am not to be believed, the sin i did after that nobody should believe me, jodha ask her to lie down as her wounds are fresh, jalal sits beside nigaar and says that i know its not your mistake, it was mistake of situations, mistake is also mine that i couldn’t recognize you that you are my sister, i couldn’t find your mother, nigaar says sorry, i used to believe that you have kidnapped my mother, you have took my right on throne which humyun gave me,

i didn’t know that there were my enemy who fed all this in me, i fought with my brother, i thought they are mine but they were my enemy, jalal says i knew that your misunderstanding will be cleared, jodha says forget all this, hamida says its good that you returned back, you were our girl and you are still our relative, you will stay here, salima says that yes you should forget all this, nigaar says i was unlucky to not understand you people, jodha i am your culprit, you took care of me in mathura but i used you and then i tried to snatch your husband, forgive me jalal, jalal says no need for that, we will find your mother 1st you get fine, he leaves.
Jodha Akbar 11 August 2020

mirza comes in palace of mahaC, his sisters hugs him, mahaC says will you not meet your mother, he greets her, she says its good that you returned back, he ask how are you, mahaC says to mirza that i am right and i would be more right if my son, my blood would have fought for me in this war but nevertheless now you are here, mirza sasy you are wrong, i am here to tell you that come on right path before you loses everything, mahaC says shut up, mirza says that you can behead me but i wont be quiet, he ask all to leave,

she says to mirza that you are saying whata jalal has feed you, miraz says i am not here on saying of jalal but i thought you are my mother so you understand and remember next time your son wont be fighting but warrior mirza will be fighting against you in war, mahaC says good speech, soon agra and delhi will be mine, mirza says you are blinded by love power, he is about to leave but mahaC stops him and says you are my son, you still have time come on my side, mirza says i am a Mughal and i will be against Mughal betrayers always, he leaves, beg says seem like fool is off track, i think we should kill.. mahac grabs beg and pulls him to couch, she points knife at his neck and says you said this today but never think it again.
Jodha Akbar Update 11 August 2020

nigaar wakes up in her room in agra palace, moti comes there and says jodha has send these clothes for you, nigaar says she has a very big heart, where is she, i know what did, she will not come after that, jodha comes there and says why not naand(sister in law), she gives her parsad but nigaar says i will take it after bath, jodha says what should i call you appa like jalal? nigaar says call me with the name you used to call me earlier, jodha says ok shehnaz, jodha sits beside her and says we should see how these jewelry will look good on you, nigaar is silent and then says that how you can be so generous jodha,

what i did after that you are so good with me, jodha says to nigaar that past has gone, you should forget it, from now on i will not say anything about past from which you will get hurt, nigaar says how to forget that you are pregnant. jodha is stunned. i did sin by attacking you when you are having jalal’s heir in your belly, jodha ask how you know, nigaar sasy you were talking to Rahim when he was asleep, flashback shows that jodha saying to Rahim that soon his younger sibling will come in world, then you will not listen to my lullaby as you will sleep after playing with him, nigaar listens all this. fb ends,

nigaar says even after knowing that you are pregnant, i stooped so low to take my revenge, i attacked you, even devil have a soft corner for pregnant women but i, ruks is there too on door and listens that jodha is pregnant, she is shocked and leaves from there, jodha requests nigaar to not anyone about this news, nigaar ask why you didn’t tell jalal about it, he would be most happy person to listen this news, jodha says i know, i am just waiting fro right time, i will tell him.

ruks come to jalal and says that you call me special wife but you have no feelings for me, you have distanced me a lot, jalal ask what i did? ruks says you hided that jodha is pregnant, i know jodha hide it from me but i am your friend, you could have told me this good news, jalal is confused, ruks says what you thought i will be jealous, i know i don’t have cordial relations with jodha but i would be happy for this news, jodha is pregnant before this war but why did you hide such a great news from me, doesn’t you believe me that i will be happy about it.
jodha is going to meet jalal and thinks that waiting time is over, now i will see happiness on your face when you listen that i have your heir in my belly, jalal comes there, jodha says i want to talk to you, jalal sternly says that i want to talk to you too, he holds her hand and takes her in his room.

ruks is getting violent, she is throwing things around, hoshiyar ask her to be calm, ruks says go away other wise i will take your life, hoshiyar says kill me but be calm, tell me what happened, ruks says just go away from here, he leaves, ruks looks in mirror and says jodha you snatched everything from me jodha, 1st you became special wife then you snatched jalal and now you snatched the position of marium zamani, i wanted to be marium zamani, i have a shahi blood i should be marium zamani not a rajvanshi queen, not i cant let this happen, she then recalls nigaar’s words that even devil doesn’t attack pregnant, she looks in mirror and sees herself, she cant decide that is she worst than devil or what she would do, she throws mirror away.

jalal shouts on jodha that how could hide such a big thing from me, how you did that mistake, why you hided my happiness from me, why you took away hope from me, why you didn’t tell me that I am going to be father, you even fough with mali in this state, you knew how much this news is important to me, jalal says you knew that i lost my children earlier if this had happened this time i would have shattered completely, remember this that if you are mother then i am father to this child, you cant decide about this child alone, answer me, jodha is curtly looking at jalal.

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