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Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 1 June 2021


Jodha Akbar Tuesday Update 1 June 2021

Rukaiya is in her room and ask hoshiyar whether you asked jodha to meet me, he nods. Jodha comes in and ask you called me? Rukaiya says yes i want to talk with you, Rukaiya ask do you have feeling for jodha? jodha ask what? Rukaiya says do you feel bad that you are not going to mother of his child?, jalal was teary eyed and i saw you were looking at him continously and was feeling his pain, do you start loving him? as you both were together for many days, are you sad that jalal didnt do anything that night?. jodha says many questions are in your mind i am happy that he didnt break his promise, yes i was sad looking him teary eyed in court as i dont hate him now, he made sure that i didnt get insulted in front of all, but you have wrongly taken my soft corner for him as love, he is infact your best friend, Rukaiya good as i cant bear that jalal love somebody else then me. jodha says now i will ask you a question whether you love jalal? Rukaiya says thats why i am his wife jodha repeats again, Rukaiya says he is my best friend, jodha says i am asking this question to a girl not a friend,

uks ask her to stop, i dont have to give explanations whether i love him or not, just go. jodha says you called me here and now you are asking me to fo so i will but i want to say that there is adifference between getting something or loving something, Rukaiya says the diference that you and jalal have in your relation, Jodha leaves with her last query that she should ask herself whether she loved jalal as his lover or was she happy to be his wife .. Was she just happy with her position !! Ruks looks at her furiously .

Scene 2
Next morning Adham khan lures a young daughter of a baandi into his room with promise of jewellery ..
Moti bai notices this and informs Jo as they donthe tulasi puja .. That Ak had his kudrishti on that young girl .. Jo is thoughtful
They proceed with the puja
Elsewhere knphane khana is trying to fly kites bit is failing .. Jala comes and does it for him with expertise
Moti bai and jo who were feeding birds ..witness this and admire jala .. Discussing that the person who could control a kite would control the sultanat with ease
Jo then helps out rahim as he again looses control of the kite .. She is an expert too .. Jala notices this ..
jalal comes to jodha and says nice, you know about air, i know you love birds but why you came to me leaving them? whether you start loving me more than them or you want to talk with me? jodha says both assumtions are wrong, and i am your wife i dont need reason to talk with you, jalal ask her to talk, jodha takes bakshi’s name jalal says i dont want to talk about her, she got punishment from a king and brother and this topic is closed so leave it, jalal is leaving when rahim says that kite is coming down, jodha holds the thread again, jalal looks back at her, she looks at him. thay have an eyelock.

Javeda is praising herself that she is so beautiful, servant comes javeda ask how i am looking? servant priaises her, javeda says wish if my husband have fair complexion but he has gone on her ami jaan. Adham comes and gives a gift to that young servant, javeda ask her to take it, javeda says to adham that she is like your daughter and i am proud of you.

Scene 4
hamida says to all ladies that soon there will be birthday of jalal and i want celebration to be grand so that he forget all his worries, hamida ask Rukaiya to prepare for his bash like every year, All promise that jashn would be like every year .. Or even more it would be different from other yrs only by the fact that baxi will not be present MA agrees Baxi could not be forgiven

Scene 5
javeda comes to maham and says i am very happy today. She says adham is very generous and he like ids as he was looking lovingly at that servant, maham ask who? javeda says she is servant’s daughter, He gave her my necklace, maham is worried and ask does she look, javeda says she is very pretty just like me and adham had love for her, maham ask what? javeda says i think he wants child, maham ask her to go and yhinks why adham did that?

Scene 6
Sharif is in tent when soldier ask why he did that with jalal and jodha as he wouldnt get throne, sharif says you will never get why i did that, he remembers when he first saw jodha’s portrait and wished to get her but got to know that she is going to marry suryaban so i killed him and captured her brothers in priso. I was dreaming to get her but jalal married her and what i got was jalal’ widowed sister so i made this plan after returning from amer so that jalal and jodha would separate and i will get her, my plan was in last stage but it backfired, I didnt get jodha and also lost my minister-ship. soldier ask whether he will not go back?

jalal comes to address his soldiers and says that today there are many soldiers who have gone to war before but many will experience war 1st time so i want to ask one question, will you want to shed blood for me or want to win war? They chant that die for jalal. Jalal says wrong i dont want you to shed blood for me without any reason, you all are educated, have latest weapons, you are mughal soldiers so its your duty to win war as mughals dont lose. He says you have eliminate enemy but remember enemy’s children, oldies and ladies are not your enemy so dont kill them, he ask them to fight like that enemy will fear afterward by mughal name only. He leaves. Maham says your speech was very good, jalal says it was needed as today morning i saw rahim flying kite, i noticed that if you have kite’s thread but your eyes are not on target then your kite will be cut by enemy then people will see you with pity eyes same way i keep my eyes on my soldiers so that they dont lose, maham says i am proud of you, you have grown alot.

Scene 2
jodha comes to hamida and says i am feeling sad, because of jalal’s judgement relation are broken only, hamida says nothing can happen now as jalal have passed judgement, he broke his relation and he will follow it, he will not like bakshi’s presence in his birthday also. Jodha thinks that he gave that judgement as a king so people will not think negative about him but nobody knows what he is going through, he is suffering from pain and i can feel that, hamida says he took that decision as a king jodha says but he can forgive her as a brother. Hamida says dont put yourself in this, maybe relation will effect because of bakshi, lets time decide the fate, jodha thinks everything cant be put on time, jalal is human and he needs to see right path.

bakshi comes to jalal who has his back to her, jalal ask her to go away, she says i came to give you gift, jalal says you have already given that, you did the biggest sin, jodha comes from behind, bakshi puts the gift down and leaves, jalal sees it and it is sea shell, he takes them and grab in his fist, jodha has tears and says why dont you forgive her? Jalal says i gave you opportunity to punish her but you didnt, just go. Jalal is thinking about bakshi and shedding silent tears all alone on the terrace Jodha comes there and tries to share his pain by putting hand on his shoulder, He gets irritated and ask her to go away, Jodha explains that only the defaulter was to be punished and If others suffered pained then it only meant that the judgement was not proper . The punishment meted out was not proper and needed to be revised. Jodha says by breaking relation with bakshi you are angry with her, me, and whole world, i request you to forgive her, its a great thing to forgive someone, she cries and takes her hand back from his shoulder and leave. Jalal is thoughtful and thinks every year there is celebration on my birthday but this year will change my life.

Scene 4
adka informs hamida that all guests have reached for jashn. In kitchen, maham orders to prepare good food for jalal and says i will taste food first.Hamida comes to jalal and wishes him birthday, she ask him to gift poor people and free people who are in jail.Moti comes to jodha and says all are celebrating jalal’s bday. Jodha says he gifted me kanha’s bansuri and also took my side in front of all, i am thinking what should i give him, he has everything plus Rukaiya, maham and ministers will gift him, what should i give him?

Scene 5
jalal comes to Rukaiya, who hugs him and wishes him. Jalal says i came to you first, where is my gift? Ruks says first you have to guess my questions and it will be related to your close ones, you go to them they will give you next clue, rahim will give you last clue, 1st is ‘who gave you life has other question’ jalal says its hamida who gave me life, he goes to hamida.
Hameeda gives him the gift of a tabeez(sacred thread) .wishing him to be better human.
Salima gifts a necklace/ haar. Next clue is given by hameeda which leads him to maham, he comes to maham She blesses him he should be the greatest in the world, She then gives the next clue. Next he goes to meet Rahim who is playing, And he says next clue is neem ka ped( neem plant) Then he forgets and says tulsi ka ped( tulsi plant), He gives him a gift of a cute drawing.

Scene 6
jalal sees jodha near tulsi plant and thinks Rukaiya included jodha in this game also

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