Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 9 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 9 April 2020

In amer, celebration starts, voiceover says bharmal reached amer and he had sent invitations to all. Dadisa ask bharmal did you send invitation to pratap bharmal says they hate us, have enmity with us then how can i send invitation, dadisa says they are our relative, your choti mother had relation with them, bharmal argues, mena says dadi is right you should send.

Prevoius: Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 8 April 2020

Voicover says that after jalal-jodha marriage the space got widen between 2 families and womens were tring to sort it out, they wanted enmity to end from both side. Mena send invitation that says that we all are warriors, we have fought together, we fight with bravery but we have to remove this enmity between us and also when daughter marries, she make fresh relation, we also want to make fresh relation with you through this marriage. Pratap gets the invitation, and says i am confused, jalal is my enemy and bharmal shoke hands with him, he is as a traitor, so how can i go there, other side there is marriage of rajputs daughter, how i cant give blessing.

Pratap meets priest and he says that one side is your enmity and other side is responsibility, here responsibility is big, you are bharmal’s relative so you should go. Pratap ask guru again. Guru says that jalal is also coming marriage, he is your enemy, you should go and see in his eyes, pratap is not convinced, guru says if you want to win the fight, you should know your enemy’s weakness and this is best chance to know it. This was a political necessity for him .. Pratap gets thoughtful


Scene 2
jalal gets to know that pratap is also coming, he orders to prepare for amer, i am eager to meet my enemy. Here pratap decides to attend the marriage as well not to make cordial relations with jalal but to know my enemy. They both take out their sword, screen splits in two.

Scene 3
hamida says gifts should be good, she ask every gift is ready, they say everything is ready. Jodha comes to meet her and sees the expensive gifts. She gets emotional. Hameeda says jodha was just like her
daughter like her other daughters .And this was in keeping with royal traditions . Jodha has tears of happiness . Hameeda is emotional and loving towards Jodha.

Voiceover says that jalal’s family started their journey towards amer, here in amer all are seeing arrangements and discussing jalal’s security as he is the king of india, coming to attend the marriage. Bharmal says i want amer to decorated fully. Voiceover says that bharmal wanted to decorate whole amer while otherside enemies of jalal thought to take this opportunity to destroy jalal.

All rajputs along with pratap meets, all suggest that jalal is coming for marriage so soldiers will not be with him, we should attack him. Pratap objects and says you want to attack him from back, not want to fight like a worrier, he says their women will be with him also, it will not suit us to attack from back.

Scene 4
here javeda irritates maham saying if i die then who will give you grandchild, you will be playing with whom? She says if we put fire here then no animal will come.

Scene 5
jodha ask where is my tent, servant shows him, jodha says its jalal’s tent not mine, jalal comes out of his tent, adka informs that boat is ready for boating but you should not go alone, you should take soldiers, hamida comes and ask jodha do you like boating, servant answers that she use to go before marriage a lot, hamida says done jodha will go with him, both are preplexed but compiles anyway, jodha thinks he is weird, going to boat at night, jalal ask did you say anything. They comes to boat, jalal extends his hand and says dont think much i will not let slip, you cant come on your own, jodha gives her hand in his and slips, jalal catches her and has smile on his face(that flirty smile :p, ishq hai wo ehsas). They sit in boat, jalal looks at her and ask your servant was saying you like boating, jodha says it depend on company i am having, jalal says nobody can talk to you, jodha says you dont talk but fight only. She sees a wound in his hand , she dis-balances jalal holds her and says people will think i didnt catch you, jodha shows him the wound and put water on it, he winces and says do it slowly, jodha says do it yourself, she get up but dis balances again, her dupatta comes off her head, jalal says i saved you again remember it, she sits, jalal puts dupatta on her and says else people will i flirted with you, he says take your remedy always with you, who knows when i get wound, jodha smiles slightly. Jalal sees some attackers behind jodha, they throws arrows toward jalal. Soon a volley of arrows are
showered on Jodha and jalal , Jalal immediately dunks down and pulls down jodha along with him . While holding her down he assures her . Not to worry hum hain yahaan aap ke saath ( i am here with you jodha)


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