Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 30 April 2020


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 30 April 2020

jalal in court says that i gave her word that she will follow her religion and i cant force her to change religion, its her right to change or not and if i have to leave throne then i will give it to rahim after me, jodha says i asked decision from hamida malika azam, her decision will be final, hamida gets up and says decision is that my daughter in law will accept islam, all are shocked,


maham thinks what trick she played 1st won jodha’s trust and now saved jalal’s trone, priests are happy and start preparing for ritual, Sahikh Mubarak arrives at the court. He says that this ritual should be stopped by now. The priest asks why? Embracing Islam is a good deed. sahikh says indeed, but accepting Islam for reasons other than your love for it are against God and religion both. Sahikh Salim Chishti has sent a message for the king.

It says: Jalal, i heard some voices this morning. I looked at the sky. I realized looking at sparrows that how lucky they are. Independent of religion and near to God and when God hears their chirping, there is no difference of of kamla and mantra. I feel like should set up land like ajmer where love can flourish without the restrictions of religion and language. when you will understand that day you will get a gift from God. Your heir and, your son. Yes this is not a mere dream this is the message that nature gave me and i am telling because this message is fro the one that can change the world. God is to be loved not to be feared of.
Shaikh says that i don’t think after listening to this i guess you people have no problem in letting Jalal sit on the throne. The writer of this letter is the one who understands the religion so well. I believe that we are now no one to raise a question on king.

Priest says to Jodhaa that i don’t if it was our Allah or your bhagwaan that saved us from going against God without loving the religion accepting it is a sin. we can’t go against the judgement of Salim Chishti.
Hamida says to Jadhha that i knew Chishti sahab’s letter was coming thats why i went against you, so i could get some time and this problem can be solved.
Maham thinks, wow hamida begum you are cleverer than i thought why could i see this face of you before.

Scene 5
Jodhaa is sitting she says in front of her lord that i was so scared when ami
jaan said that i have to change my religion. I became angry on you that how could you not help your Jodhaa. But when Sahikh Chishtis letter came i realized that in any face you are always there to help your jodhaa. She thanks her God for that.

Scene 6
Jalal comes in. Jodhaa says you are here ? Jalal is about to say something but jodhaa interrupts him. She says you think like by not changing my religion you have fulfilled your promise and i will forgive you. No i won’t do that. Because you broke your one promise. In the tent what you did to me. she recalls the way she asked him that you have done something to last night? and jalal says that yes you can consider it the need of time or my responsibility i had to do this. Jodhaa says i have not forgotten that. Jalal says yes i remember it was so hard for me to find a black cloth that night. Jodhaa asks black cloth ? Jalal says yes and your body was so cold. jalal says to jodha doc said to make you consious you need heat and she gave that responsibility to me and i gave you tongue , so i thought of black cloth as it gives heat to body so i put you in black cloth, jodha says that means that night you didnt.. Jalal says to do something i dont need day or night, i gave you my tongue and i followed it, jodha ask why you didnt tell me before? Jalal says you gone such extent before i could tell you. Jodha ask then why now? Jalal says you were tensed and as king i gave you this answer as a gift , i am not that much creul to punish my wife like this. He leaves.

Scene 7
Jalal offers prayers, other side jodha sings bhajan and do aarti of lord,
ruks comes to jalal and says i sent massenger to inform you that priests here have gone against you, jalal says he didnt reach me, ruks says i got to know that one storm came and take you and jodha with it, jalal ask how do you know? Ruks says many were there, jalal says but nobody know about it, ruks says i know everything about you, jalal ask so you were spying me, ruks says i am your friend but a wife too, jalal says yes i spent night with jodha in same tent, ruks is jealous.

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