Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 28 May 2020


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 28 May 2020

Jodha comes to shivani who is thinking to run with her lover, jodha says all family is here, shivani is tensed as why they are here? Jodha says because of mirza’s marriage talks, he is going to marry a hindu, shivani says whats the matter you also married muslim and see how much happy you are, and also mirza is very good human, very sensible.jodha is happy and says you are selected to marry with him. Shivani thinks how to tell that i love someone else.

Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 27 May 2020


tej comes to agra and comes in shivani’s room, shivani is shocked to see her lover(tej), she ask why are you here? He says i promised you so i had to come, i love you, he ask her to say that she loves him, suddenly jodha comes calling out shivani, she gives necklace to shivani and says hamida gave it to me and now its you, you are going to be my davrani.

Jodha suspects that someone is watching them, she goes to check but doesnt find anyone, jalal calls her and she leaves. Shivani comes outside, tej ask tell me do you love me or not? Shivani says absolutely i love you, he gets happy and says that we will run and leaves.

jodha comes to jalal and ask you called me? He says i wanna talk about mirza shivani. He says i wanna know shivani’s thought, jodha says she is ready and father agreed so shivani will not say a no. Jalal says but we ask for bride’s decision before nikaah, i wanna whether she is ready for marriage, whether she like mirza, jodha says she must like him as he loves her alot, jalal says ok then we will do rituals as per our traditions,

jodha says marriage is here so ritual must be yours, jalal ask then why our marriage was done as per hindu rituals? Jodha is stunned and says i didnt want to marry you, i used to hate you, jalal says i also wasnt keen on marrying you, it was your father who made this relation, jodha says in our marriage situation was different and my groom was not good, and now the groom whom shivani is marrying is very good then you. She leaves.

shivani writes letter to tej that i love you and only running is the option left, you meet me at mandir and we will go away from amer and agra, whom i want to marry, this is what i will decide. When we get chance we will run from here- your shivani. Maham is going and sees her writing letter, she thinks to whom she is writing letter? Moti call shivani and leaves. Maham comes and reads letter and smirks saying now it will be fun.

maham is dancing happily when adham comes and she laughs, adham says it seems like i have become king, maham says no the reason is something else, she gives him letter, adham fumes saying its insult for mughals. Maham says yes and when we will show these letters to jalal he will be upset and this relation was made by jodha so jalal will be angry on her. Adham says she made me go to jail so it will be fun seeing jalal insulting amer people. They laugh.
In jail, sharif says i told jodha about danger on jalal but seems she doesnt trust me so i have to do something big like adham did and ruks herself made him free from this jail. He says i have to know what conspiracy mali and ask soldier to find the name of his man here.
Maham shows letter to jalal saying see these letters of love by shivani to a common worker, jodha is doing this only to bring her sister in mughals but i know you cant play with your brother.(jalal is not shown)

Scene 2
in hall all are waiting for jalal, maham comes there. Jalal comes and is little angry, he ask bharmal why do you want this marriage, bharmal says because jodha suggested this relation and i believe her decisions, mirza is a very nice person and we had on relation between mughals and rajvanshis and through this relation our bond will become strong, jalal says ok. He says now i want to know shivani’s opinion, shivani is tensed and says that i am ready for this marriage, jalal ask why? Shivani says because mirza is very good, polite and … Jalal smiles and says i thought you will say that he is like me, jodha smiles at this, he says i was just teasing you, i wanted to know whether you are also fearless like jodha, he announces that i accept this relation. All smiles. Adham ask maham whether she showed letters to jalal? Maham is planning something else. Jalal says announces about marriage in amer, maham has fbs where maham gives water to crying shivani, she says i could show your letters to jalal but he would have broken your relation with tej and also his relation with jodha as she suggested this marriage, i was playing with rahim and got to see these letter. What if bharmal knows about it, think if this news come out then storm will come, rajvanshis will be insulted but i will not show these letters to anyone, shivani ask what do you want? Maham says you are clever, straight to point, i want you to agree for this marriage, shivani says even after knowing this you want me to marry mirza, maham says yes you have to agree. Fb ends. Adham says you lost the chance, maham says we will get alot. Bharmal says you are satisfied with jodha. He says yes your daughter is very sensible, he looks at jodha and says she knows my likes and dislikes, he congrats jodha that you will get devrani from your family.

Scene 3
jodha meets mirza and ask are you happy you are getting to whom you like. Mirza says shevani must be happy too as likes me, jodha says how do you know she likes you? He says because i am like jalal and i am a mughal warrior like jalal and my bhabi(jodha) likes me. He ask jodha about shevani’s interests. She says shevani likes artists and artistry work on walls. Jalal comes and says i will tell you, he says you should always respect her. jalal says to mirza infront of jodha that rajvanshi women knows how to control anger and it bursts out any moment so beware, jodha tauntingly ask what else you know about shivani?

He says she likes colors, pigeons and etc, she hates hunting and can even take out bullets from your gun, so you have to be prepared, jodha fumes on his taunts.. And one more thing not to flirt with girl as she can be jealous also. Mirza says i know you are talking about jodha, your jodi is interesting, but trust me you are lucky to have jodha as she has pure heart, jalal says you are dever so saying this. Mirza says you also learnt how to taunt, you both taunt each other while i leave. He goes. Jodha says to jalal what he must be thinking. Jalal says i didnt say anything wrong, and these things will help him after marriage, i have more work so dont waste my time, he leaves. Jodha says i didnt stop him to talk, he taunted me.

Scene 4
all ministers and jalal are discussing political matters, jalal says mali is free and can do anything, i cant kill him but we have to catch him. He says mirza is most important to me so make sure nothing bad happens in this marriage, maham smirks.

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