Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 27 May 2021


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 27 May 2021

Jalal in ruk’s room and says takliya ,
Ruks says i want to know who is lying is it jodha or him ? She wants to know if he did it with her, Jalal says he did nothing .. He was joking with her ruks then exclaims that she was very hurt as she had the rights to know being his friend and she is getting the news from a third person, They are interrupted by messenger who informs that her bath is ready . jalal leaves an angry ruks alone and goes out

Jodha is sleeping and dreaming of her last birthday in amer that How she was woken up by a rose petal tickling her by dadisa, Flower garland by her lil sis, her mother and every one giving her gifts Then the celebrations and rejoicing, Jodha then wakes up . She sees that moti bai, salima, hamida , gulbadan were there greeting her, Jodha scolds moti for telling every one . Moti denies. hameda replies that jalal had informed every one and she adds that she would get the same treatment and same celebrations would be carried out here as she got at amer so that she does not miss her maika . All give her gifts, Hamida then tells her to get ready for tula daan rasam which would be done just like in amer. Jalal is getting ready in his room jodha reaches there and he utters takliya .. When alone he says saalgira mubarak ho jodha begum (happy b’day). Jodha accuses him of spying on her .. He laughs That he is not the spy . Jodha wants to know who it was who was leaking info she would punish him for spying on her … Soon rahim comes there and jalal points out to the cute spy , Jodha rahim sweet moments as he greets his choti ammi and gives a cute gift . They hug each other.

Scene 3
Jalal informs that there would be jashn in evening, jodha is apprehensive But jalal says she is the favourite of his ami jaan and could not refuse her request of having jashn of jodha begum.
At amer menawati. Dadisa, bharmal are missing jodha and weeping and plan to carry out the same celebrations as they did when she was present

Soon their message reaches jodha at agra .. Moti reads the letter as jodha sheds tears and feels nostalgic, Shivani has sent Jodha a garland
, Next sukanya’s message from her sasuraal arives with her message which Brings smile and tears on jodha’s face, She has sent jodha a box of green glass bangles, Jodha puts them on as the BG song ..”behen ka pyaar ..”
Jalal is waiting as jodha arrives … Kaazi blesses her with bunch of peacock feathers .. Then she sits on a huge weighing balance which has been decorated with flowers and she is being weighed in gold ..all come there and give gifts to jodha in gold .. Gold is falling short, Hamida comments that jodha is weighing heavy due to her happiness, Jalal comes there and adds a single gold ring which then tips the balance ..all exclaim subhaan allah subhaan allah !! Jalal orders that all this gold would be distributed amongst the country men. Moti comments that every one had gifted her something except jalal ..moti wonders what might have he planned for her, Jodha comments that he might give her some expensive jewel, Ruks is furious with jalal because jalal has arranged a jashn for jodha and that her position has been threatened and That jodha has become more important for him than ruks, Jalal lovingly hugs her and pacifies her saying She would always remein his begum E khaas. None could take that position she would always have all her wishes fulfilled at her slightest demand. He Gives her rose juice lovingly . At last ruks is pleased and satisfied ,happy, she Comments he did know how to pacify her,
She then asks jalal what gift had he planned for Jodha, Jalal is hesitant, She then offers him her shahi necklace . Jalal smiles at ruks n says that ruks never forgot her duties.

Jodha is with moti and talking about Ammijaan and tells her out of all gift she liked her gift the most , Jalal comes that time he tells Jo that sorry for delay in gift, jalal give gift to jodha and says you will like my gift, jodha says how you can say that, jalal says i know one thing that you see feelings of the person not the gift, he leaves. Moti ask her to check the gift but jodha says it will be some necklace, Moti opens the box and pleasantly surprised to see a bansoori in it , she shows it to Jodha she become very happy and thinks he proved her wrong once again.

Scene 2
Jodha ‘s b’day celebration starts Jodha is sitting next to Jalal ,Rajsthani folk dance is going ,Ruks is not happy she seem lil upset , Jalal asks Jodha how did she like his gift ? she says she can’t find words to convey her happiness this is something she will remember throughout out her life , Jalal says thank god atleast you liked something ,
Reshem comes with juice and offers it to Jodha she says she doesn’t feel like having it , she insist Jodha to have it , Jalal is watching this silently , Jodha accepts that juice and drinks it soon after that she faints down.

Scene 3
Jodha is been taken to her her room and is being checked by doctor, all are present there near her Jalal asks is she all right ? She says the what I am going to says that will bring happiness to all.she is pregnant ., Jalal and Jodha both are shocked , rest of them are pleasantly surprised, jalal thinks jodha cheated him cause he didnt touch her that night, ruks thinks that jalal lied that nothing happened between them, jodha is stunned, all congrats jalal and jodha, hamida is more than happy, jodha thinks jalal lied to me and now he is enjoying congratulations, they give tough looks to each other.

moti makes jodha sit, jodha says i was proud that my husband didnt go against my will but he lied, pleasantries sounds like nightmare, wife hope from husband that he should protect her pride but here he himself broke my pride, he made relation without my will, jodha says to moti ami jaan was happy, i was enjoying my celebrations but jalal broke my trust, he lied to me, he broke his promise, cheated me, today i know the difference between rajvanshi and mughals. She cries out loud.

Scene 5
jalal thinks how this can happen, she cheated me, who is he that did that.
here adham informs maham about the news and she goes to visit and didnt prayed for me but for jalal that he is becoming father, you always said that soon jalal will lose interest in jodha and will not see her but look she is becoming mariam zamani, she will rule agra, jalal’s kid will play here and we will be their servants, maham says if you think that you are servant than stay silent like him and let me think what to do next and one thing jalal is not your real brother so you will not get throne after him, only by planning and war you can get it, salima and rukiya can get it as they are from royal family, you should be calm and let me think and says i want to stay alone, adham says you only think but i know we will be servants, he leaves, maham thinks that now jodha is just not jalal’s toy, he has dreamt of sitting beside jalal’s throne and now she will, maham is tensed.

Scene 6
jalal is still thinking who it could be, ruks comes and ask him that you know i dont care when you spend night with other wives but it matters when you lie with me, as a king you can spend night with any wife but as special wife and your friend, its my right to know the truth, i wished to give you heir, you snatched that from me and also our friendship, ruks says jodha broke our friendship in one move, and there is dig created which cant be filled between us, jalal is furious and thinks you not only cheated me but destroyed my friendship with ruks, i cant forgive you jodha but question is who is he.

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