Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 27 August 2020


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 27 August 2020

Thursday Jodha Akbar  Update 27 August 2020: Jalal holds her. Some servants come and take her in.

Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 26 August 2020

atgah’s son aziz gets to know about his father’s death, he says I will not leave adhma and maham is responsible for all this, I wont leave her, his companion says that adham killed chief minister, who is most powerful after king so this means adham is strong and has planned things so we should takes steaps carefully, Aziz says I am loyal to jalal but I wont forgive adham and that maham, they leave for agra.

jodha in her room thinks that adham was criminal but how can jalal kill him,Jalal comes to jodha still covered with blood. he comes near her, jodha moves back, jalal ask are you fine? what happened to you? jodha looks away and cant see jalal’s face, she says no, jalal looks in mirror and sees blood on his face and body, he angrily leaves from there, jodha is in fear, she then thinks that I shouldn’t have reacted like this, its time to support jalal, he is infuriated and can take any step, she goes behind jalal.

Jodha Akbar Update 27 August 2020

jalal comes to shahi bath and cant see himself in blood, jodha follows him and sees hiding behind wall, jalal takes off his clothes, jalal jumps in pool and takes bath, he is trying to remove blood from his body, he doesn’t know what he did, what happened and keep rubbing his body, dasi comes and informs that preparations have been done for last ceremonies of atgah, jalal shouts atgah sahib and cries, jodha cries too.

atgah’s last ceremonies are being performed, his dead body is shown, his wife comes and cries, she says its all my fault, if I had taken you with me for rest then this wouldn’t have happened, she cries badly, jalal comes there, all looks at him, jalal recalls how atgah use to pamper jalal, how he used to protect jalal, how atgah said that he will fight with the person who tries to attack jalal, jalal extends his hand prays for atgah’s soul, jodha also says some lines for atgah’s soul. javeda comes to atgah’s dead body and says you cant go like this, why you left us so soon, I need you, on whom’s assurance I will life now? you cant do this to us, jalal finishes his prayers, he comes close to atgah, he touches atgah’s face and cries silently on his dead body, he keep looking at atgah’s body and weeps. hamida comes to jalal, they both cry.


maham is in room, she says nothing can happen to my adham, I will go and meet him, dasies stop her from going out, maham says hwo can you stop me, hamida comes there, maham says I am going to see adham, hamida says control yourself, jalal comes there too, maham says to hamida that I just wanna see adham, hamdia says It will be good if you don’t see him, maham says you are saying this as jalal doesn’t want it, I beg you, please let me see adham for once, all are saying here that adham is no more.. I cant believe this, nothing can happened to adham, he is mountain, nothing can happen to him, I just want to prove it, let me see him once, please request jalal.

maham comes to jalal and says I did mistake, punish me for life, I wont say anything but please accept my this request, I just wanna see adham for once, actually I saw blood on your face so I am getting wrong thoughts, I know adham is there, he is alive, please let me meet him, she sits in jalal’s feet and says I beg, I request you on part of god, you are king, I served you for years, please let me see adham for once, please just once, jalal with mixed emotions looks at maham, jodha puts hand on jalal’s shoulder, jalal allows maham to meet adham, she gets happy and thanks him profusely, she is about to go but ask where is adham, jalal shows her way, she goes to see adham ( seems like she lost her mental balance).


atgah’s son Aziz comes to agra palace with sword in his hand, he says I want adham, he says i wont leave maham today, maham is going to meet adham while aziz is coming, todar sees them both, he sees that Aziz is going to attack maham but todar stops him, he ask what are you doing? he says I am taking revenge of my father’s death, todar says revenge is taken, adham is being killed, Aziz says you are lying, todar says then see yourself, he sees adham’s dead body, maham also sees adham’s body, she becomes stoned, Aziz says now I wont kill maham as she is already dead, he goes to see atgah.

maham comes to adham’s body, javeda is crying, resham takes javeda away. maham looks at adham, maham sits beside him and recalls how she used to give her whole time to adham, all family members comes there, maham ask adham to get up, she says blood is coming out, she says why you are not wearing your war dress, you went to fight with jalal and atgah, you had everything, you were warrior, you had passion in you, you had me and you were brother of jalal but nothing came handy when you lost your life, I told you to not go against jalal, you used to say that you will kill jalal but if you were jalal’s loyal then you would have been minister of many states, she says adham nothing can happen to you, you are mountain, please get up and talk to me, you know you sleep like this when I sing lullaby for you, today I will sing lullaby for you, she kisses his hand and sings lullaby in choked voice, she has tears in her eyes, she cries and says adham is gone, he is gone, she shouts adham, my kid is gone, he si gone.


maham looks at adham’s face smeared with blood, she looks at jalal and says what kind of justice is this? the person lying in blood here, you raised from childhood by getting his quota of love from me, he is your half brother, how can you kill him brutally, he did crime then you could have put him in jail, which kind of justice is this, you have to answer me as I taught you justice so I have the right to take answer from you, my son did worst crime but why you didn’t take appropriate step? answer me did you call the court? did you asked adham why he did that? did you discussed matter with ministers, no you directly killed him, this is not justice in Mughals.

maham says answer me why you did this, why, this matter is finished yet, this will finish when justice will be provided and I will do the justice, the mother of adham, the chief minister of india, she says you decided the fate of mine and my my son, today I will choose the justice for me, I will do the justice by giving you curse, you will also mourn over death your children, maham says to jalal that your kids are in womb of your wife jodha, I give you curse that you also take their dead body in your hand, you also cry on their death, you also gets the pain like I got it, jodha and jalal are shocked., all cant believe what maham said, maham says your child will not be loyal to you, you will not get peace from your son, she says god, today is the day when I prayed for jalal from true heart and accept this prayer, she says now the justice is given to my adham, jalal shouts take her away, maham looks at adham and starts leaving from there, she cries looking at adham’s body and leaves, jalal angrily leaves from there. hamida takes jodha from there.

jalal comes to weight balance and recalls maham’s bitter words, jalal says adham killed my guider, the one who is next to my father and khan baba then how can maham curse me, one soldier comes to jalal but jalal shouts how can you disturb me, go from here, he goes to ruks and says jalal is very angry, ruks says I know his state, I will go to him. ruks comes to jalal, jalal says go from here, she says but.. jalal shouts go from here, ruks gets afraid, jalal becomes emotional.

ruks to comes to ladies, she says to jodha that I tried a lot but jalal is not accepting anything, I never saw him so much angry, hamida says we have to take out his frustration, jodha says I will talk to him, ruks says no don’t go to him, he is very angry, maybe he will get angry on you and hurt you, you are going to be mother and we cant take the risk, jodha stops going to jalal.
jalal is sitting in dark room, he recall how adham said that maham didn’t want to kill you but wanted to take throne, he recalls how abul mali wanted to take throne from him, jalal looks at throne and says its all happening because of you, you make me kill my own, you make my own stand against me, 1st you took khan bab from me then you snatched bari ammi and now you took my guider away from me, today I will destroy you, I will destroy this throne, jalal takes fire stick and burns his throne, jodha who is passing by there, stops and comes to jalal, she says what are you doing jalal? this is bad omen for Mughal saltanat, don’t burn down your throne,

jodha brings mud to dose off fire, jalal says no, let it burn, it will also know fire in my heart, all think this is my strength but this throne is my weakness, my all family members went against me because of this throne, my khan baba who gave me this throne went against me just because of this throne, my brother in law mali went against me because of this throne and now he even snatched my atgah from me, I will finish this throne, I will end this saltanat who ate my all relations, its the root cause of all problems so lets finish it.. my half mother, cursed my child today because of this throne, my half brother got killed because of this throne, how can anything happen to my chidren,

jodha says nothing like this, nothing will happen to your children, me and you, maham didn’t curse you but she just said that in anger, she cant curse you, jalal says no, everything is finished, this throne took away all my relations from me, you will also leave me, jodha says no, look at me, he looks at her, jodha says we didn’t made relation because of this throne, our relation is strong and I wont leave you ever even if you don’t remain powerful, even if your lose your throne, I don’t wanna go away from you even if death comes to me, I want to die with you, jodha was with you and will be always with you, jalal hugs her and cries, jalal sleeps in jodha’s lap, jodha prays to maa to give jalal strength to fight with all odds.

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