Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 25 June 2020


Jodha Akbar Thursday Update 25 June 2020

Jodha says i didnt want to hurt you, jalal says i am accepting your resignatio, i said to you that ruks is better, he ask anyone want to stand against ruks so come forward toherwise i will make ruks harem owner agaian, ruks says i will not take this duty, i came to know to that i lost many things for harem, jodha will do this duty, jalal says sometime back all wanted to take this duty but now, he says its my request to you, ruks says i cant bear you requesting me, i am ready.

Jodha Akbar Wednesday Update 24 June 2020

jalal announces that harem is under ruks from now on. he leaves. maham says to ruks that jodha accepted her defeat, ruks says i said to you that i will get harem and jalal and see today i became greqat in jalal’s eyes.
ruks comes to jodha and says i think you are fed up of harem or you became afraid but dont worry i will not take revenge from you in any problem, she leaves.

jodha is going back, salima comes and says i am happy you accepted my suggestion and left harem, you are talented but this work is not for you, you have to do other works, jodha says you are right, this is not for me, i have to deal with other things, salima ask why you are tensed? jodha says just stressed out because of harem, salima thinks there is some other problem bothering jodha.

minister says to adham that jalal will happy knowing you defeated baaj bahadur in malwa, adham says thanks for your support, he says its joint effort so you tell jalal, he says we will do jashn tonight, adham thinks malwa was under me but now this minister is ordering me.
adham comes out and fumes that he was showing his supremacy over me but he is not aware of me, minister comes out, adham says lets go out for hunting, he says i have work, other man says give your one day to adham, he says okay, adham thinks i will do hunting but not of animal.

jalal is listening gazal and recalls jodha meeting man secretly, he thinks why i am thinking about her lie, jodha comes there and says i want to to talk to you, he says i started drowning in music but anyway, he ask all to go, he ask what you want to talk, jodha sits, he says i didnt ask you to sit, jodha gets up, he says i was joking, sit, jodha says something is wrong between us as you didnt ask me once why i left hare, what was the reason. jalal says whats the need, how will not tell truth, jodha says you asked me to take harem’s duty. jalal says i didnt, jodha says you insipred me to take this responsibility but now i think everything is right in harem. jalal says you left harem by lying, you are saying everything is right in harem, jodha ask what, he says leave it you only do what you think is right, he says i wish you had said truth to me, i would have understood.

adham is in jungle, he meets his soldier, adham says i need you to work, you have to show your talent, someone is ordering me, a common minister, i want you to silent him forever, he says tomorrow i will be with minister peer mohammad, you have to do your work, he says okay.
jalal is seeing knife, he cuts his finger, he says for what you are punishing me, i thought i got partner for life but ammi was right a king is left alone in end, the begum i thought be very close, whom i thought as my friend is hiding something from me. maham comes there, she says i will not ask you what are you thinking, i know you are thinking about that matter, did you ask jodha, this thing is eating you up, i am also saying jodha is pure, she cant do anything wrong, but as a husband you have to talk to her,

jalal says i did, maham ask ehat did she say nothing, jalal says i doubted her before but was proved wrong everytime i dont want this time, maham says if she is not wrong then why is she hiding, i am worried that she is in some problem, maybe someone is threatening her, jalal says maybe he was sujamal, maham says why will she hide, jalal says maybe she thought i will take it as sin, i will be angry on her so she didnt tell me, maham says hiding betrayer is a sin and also that man said suja left agra, jalal says jodha cant be wrong, maham says i know this btu you have to know who is the man who meet her at night, if you dont ask her then it will become doubt in you mind which will sabotage your relation, as chief minister its my responsibility to guide you, decision will be yours, she thinks the spark of doubt has generated in jalal’s heart.

jalal comes to jodha’s room thinking she might be in her room tonight, moti says she is not here, jalal thinks i know where is she, he says dont tell her that i came here. he comes out and think why is she lying to me, i am worried for her, doesnt she trust me, today also she was out, maybe she went to meet him. he sees someone.

jodha makes rahim sleep, salima says he seem like your son, jodha says thats why he calls me choti ammi, jalal comes there, rahim murmurs what happened to shehenshah then in story? salima says i will take to to room, jalal comes to jodha and says you must have went to manidr, jodha says no i didnt go because i was making rahim sleep, jalal ask what story you were telling him? jodha says yes it was about you how good warior you are, and how must be accurate in doing things, he asked who is shehenshah, jodha says i told him that he is well wisher of people, jalal says you didnt tell him about his wife being the rule setter, she came and changed the rule, jodha says it was because of your support, jalal says but when wife goes away from him, when she si not with him, when she lies to him then shehenshah is left alone, he doesnt think about anyone and do what he thinks is rigth, he becomes like alone tiger to whom nobody can reach, jodha says but i didnt lie to you.. jalal leaves from there, jodha thinks why he is going away from me?


Scene 2
adham is with minister in jungle, minister says you did good arrangements, some soldier says we should disperse in two groups as hunting probability will be high then, he says good idea, adhma says i will be with minister, soldiers and they go in opposite direction, attacker is sitting on tree, adham says i thinks there is dear in this direction, he says take your knife only, some slodiers attack adham and minister both, adham says they must be baaj bahudur’s soldiers, adham says to minister to go from here, he sends soldier behind him.

ruks comes to bakshi, hamida is already there, hamida says please set one servant for bakshi, ruks says jodha did stupid thing by freeing servants, hamida says no it was great act. now whoever will work here will do it by her heart, ruks says it was rigt but she should have appointed new servants before freeing slave servants.

Scene 3
minister is going, he comes to river, adham’s soldiers grab him and puts him in water, adham comes there, minister ask for his help, adham comes in water and says you ordered, he holds him by neck and keep putting him water, he kills him. some soldier of minister grabs adham’s solder, adham comes there and thinks if he will open his mouth then i will be in danger, he kills his soldier, soldier says minister is dead.

in market, sujamal is going, there some soldier are recruiting for harem’s new servants. they say we are taking this job on own will.

Scene 4
jalal calls everyone in court to decide about mazhar’s case, mazhar comes there, jalal says i told you that i am giving you one mouth to decide, mazhar says i dont it now, he says i have decided that now i will not marry aziza, jalal says its not a joke, mazhar says she is not with me, jalal says you said that you love her, he says love stands believe and truth, she hide many things from which i should have known , she goes to meet someone, she was about to marry him before me and in these days she kept meeting him, jalal remembers jodha going in mandir, meeting man, lying to him,

mazhar says if she would have loved me then why would she lie to me? tell me what should i do,he says i did a mistake leaving my old friend ruksana, maybe this is punishment, maham thinks wow God this case came at right time, jalal says to aziza that you did wrong with him, you broke his trust, she says i still love him, i hide things from him because i thought he will be angry with me, i was afraid but i dont have crap in heart, jalal says even then i will say you did wrong breakig his trust, jalal says that lie is biggest mistake, i cant give you punishment because you are already bearing it, as you lover is against you today, jalal says my decision is that mazhar can marry anyone he wants, jodha is stunned. ruks says to jodha that i said to you that childhood friendship is great then this temporary love, now you are losing every thing..

jala is going, jodha calls him but he doesnt listen, she calls him again, he ask what you want? she says i want to talk, jalal says you always talk but doesnt tell anything, jodha says i want to talk about today’s case, you did not take good decision as everyone have their past but how can you decide their future on basis of past.

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